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Miele AWD 10 Operating Instructions Manual page 5

Automatic detergent dispensing unit
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Unauthorised repairs could result in
unforeseen dangers for the user, for
which Miele cannot accept liability.
Repairs should only be undertaken by a
Miele approved service technician,
otherwise any subsequent damage will
not be covered by the guarantee.
If the electrical connection cable is
faulty it must only be replaced by a
Miele approved service technician to
protect the user from danger.
In the event of a fault or for cleaning
purposes, the detergent dispenser unit
is only completely isolated from the
electricity supply when:
– the connection cable with plug
connector has been disconnected
from the rear of the washing
The Miele "Water protection system"
protects from water damage provided
the following conditions have been met:
– the washing machine is correctly
plumbed in and connected to the
electricity supply.
Do not make any alterations to the
detergent dispensing unit, unless
authorised to do so by Miele.
Warning and Safety instructions
Correct use
Do not install the detergent
dispensing unit in a room where there is
a risk of frost occurring. Frozen hoses
can tear or burst.
If detergent comes into contact with
the eyes, rinse them thoroughly with
lukewarm water immediately. If
swallowed, seek medical assistance
immediately and retain the packaging
or label for reference. Those with skin
problems or sensitive skin should avoid
their skin coming into contact with
Accessory parts may only be fitted
when expressly approved by Miele. If
other parts are used, guarantee,
performance and product liability
claims will be invalidated.
Miele cannot be held liable for
damage caused by non-compliance
with these Warning and Safety

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