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Chrysler RER Owner's Manual

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Safety Guidelines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
▫ Warnings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
▫ Safety References . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
▫ Intended Use . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12
▫ System Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13
Software Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13
Connections . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13
Touch Screen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
CD/DVD Drive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
GPS Navigation Antenna . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14
Satellite Radio Antenna . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
Other Electronic Devices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
General Handling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
▫ User Interface Elements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
Soft-Keys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
Hard-Keys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16



  Summary of Contents for Chrysler RER

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    NAVIGATION CONTENTS Safety Guidelines ......11 Touch Screen ......14 CD/DVD Drive .
  • Page 2 2 NAVIGATION ▫ Steering Wheel Mounted Controls Set Default State ..... . .26 – If Equipped ......18 Enter Home Address .
  • Page 3 NAVIGATION 3 Sirius Satellite Radio Program Types ..32 Removing a Disc ..... .37 ▫...
  • Page 4 4 NAVIGATION DVD Menu Controls ....42 Fast Forward Track .....52 DVD Playback Controls .
  • Page 5 NAVIGATION 5 Previous Track ......63 Sending Audio/Video and Controlling the VES .77 Fast Forward Track .....63 VES Lock .
  • Page 6 6 NAVIGATION Main Menu ......91 Bluetooth ......99 Radio Menu .
  • Page 7 NAVIGATION 7 Delete/Erase All Phonebook Entries ..107 Call Continuation ..... 110 List All Phonebook Names ....107 Emergency Assistance .
  • Page 8 8 NAVIGATION List All Paired Cellular Phone Names ..116 Navigation Database ....122 Select Another Cellular Phone ... . 116 System Limitations .
  • Page 9 NAVIGATION 9 POI in Map Area ..... 138 Repeat Navigation Announcement ..150 Destination Input by Point on Map .
  • Page 10 10 NAVIGATION ▫ Map Viewer ......162 Entering/Editing/Deleting an Address ..175 Map Zoom Level .
  • Page 11: Safety Guidelines

    NAVIGATION 11 • Glance at the screen only when necessary and safe to SAFETY GUIDELINES Ensure that all persons read this manual carefully before do so. If prolonged viewing of the screen is necessary using the navigation system. It contains instructions on pull over at a safe location.
  • Page 12: Introduction

    RER radio navigation system. When using this product, be aware of state-specific norms and guidelines. INTRODUCTION Visit for updates, ad-...
  • Page 13: System Care

    Both navigation data and Gracenote data are software use your radio. updatable. Visit or contact your DaimlerChrysler Dealership for the latest NOTE: Many features of this radio are speed depen- available software.
  • Page 14: Touch Screen

    14 NAVIGATION Any attached cable should be routed so that it will not CD/DVD Drive apply any pressure to the connection. Do not insert any damaged, warped, scratched or dirty CD’s or DVD’s into the CD/DVD player. Do not use a USB device which will interfere with the operation of opening the display.
  • Page 15: Satellite Radio Antenna

    NAVIGATION 15 within the line of sight of the antenna will decrease GENERAL HANDLING performance. Do not place items directly on or above the User Interface Elements antenna. Satellite Radio Antenna The antenna for the satellite radio is mounted on the roof of most vehicles and on the Sports bar for Wrangler vehicles.
  • Page 16: Soft-Keys

    16 NAVIGATION (4) ON/OFF VOLUME (1) OPEN/CLOSE It is also possible to set the unit in standby mode during To open or close the display, press the OPEN CLOSE driving, by pressing the ON/OFF VOLUME rotary knob hard-key (1). (4). After opening the display, it takes a few seconds to eject NOTE: If the ignition is switched off with the radio in a CD/DVD, if one was in the slot.
  • Page 17: Electronic Vehicle Information Center (Evic)

    NAVIGATION 17 (3) RADIO/MEDIA (8) NAV Press the RADIO/MEDIA hard-key (3) to toggle between Press the NAV hard-key (8) either to switch to the RADIO and MEDIA mode. navigation mode or to toggle between the navigation menu and the map viewer menu. (5) VR Press the VR hard-key (5) and wait for the confirmation (9) USB Connector...
  • Page 18: Steering Wheel Mounted Controls - If Equipped

    18 NAVIGATION It can display radio station preset frequencies, CD disc navigation mode, push and hold the switch. To leave the number, satellite radio channel, and navigation system navigation mode, push the switch momentarily. information. 3. The FUNCTION SELECT switch advances the naviga- tion radio to the next preset, changes the current disc Steering Wheel Mounted Controls –...
  • Page 19: Hdd/Disc/Jukebox Operation

    NAVIGATION 19 HDD/Disc/Jukebox Operation Audio Control Menu Pressing the top of the switch will go to the next track on Press the MENU hard-key (7) on the right side of the the disc, and pressing the bottom of the switch will go to radio.
  • Page 20: Getting Started

    20 NAVIGATION GETTING STARTED NOTE: The ignition switch must be in the ON or ACC position to operate the navigation radio. If the unit is off, switch it on using the ON/OFF Volume rotary knob. Disclaimer for Navigation Radio Use either the arrow soft-keys or the sliders on the screen to adjust BASS, MID, and/or TREBLE.
  • Page 21: Change The Language

    NAVIGATION 21 Before using the navigation radio read and accept the 2. Then press the System Setup soft-key to get to the disclaimer. The disclaimer will be activated after the System Setup menu. ignition is turned on. Change the Language The navigation radio will conform to the vehicle lan- guage set in the ELECTRONIC VEHICLE INFORMA- TION CENTER (EVIC), if equipped.
  • Page 22: Set The Time

    22 NAVIGATION 3. Press the Daylight Savings soft-key to switch Daylight Set the Time Saving on or off. 1. Press the time soft-key in the lower left corner of the screen. It is possible to set up your own time (ahead or behind actual GPS time), by pressing the USER CLOCK soft-key.
  • Page 23: Connect Bluetooth Phone - If Equipped

    NAVIGATION 23 2. Select the radio band by touching either the AM, FM You can use the FULLSCREEN soft-key to toggle or SAT soft-key. between full- and split screen mode. Long preset names are displayed in fullscreen mode. 3. Either press the SEEK up/down hard-keys, or touch the SCAN soft-key, DIRECT TUNE soft-key, or the left You can use the BACK soft-key to switch to the and right arrows to change the currently playing station.
  • Page 24 24 NAVIGATION 3. Touch the Phone Pairing soft-key to access the Blue- This menu lists all paired bluetooth devices. tooth Devices menu. 4. Press the PAIR soft-key to start a new pairing.
  • Page 25: Set Default Country

    NAVIGATION 25 5. Enter any 4 digit security PIN and touch the PAIR 6. The pairing procedure starts. Refer to the user’s soft-key again. manual of your phone to complete the procedure. 7. You will then be asked to set a priority for the paired phone.
  • Page 26: Set Default State

    26 NAVIGATION Set Default State 1. Press the NAV hard-key on the right side of the radio. If the radio does not display the NAV - Main Menu, press the NAV hard-key again. 2. Touch the NAV Settings soft-key. 3. Touch the Set Default Country soft-key to select your default country.
  • Page 27: Enter Home Address

    NAVIGATION 27 Enter Home Address If no home address has been set, touch YES to access the Enter Home Address menu. 1. Press the NAV hard-key on the right side of the radio. If the radio does not display the NAV - Main Menu, press 3.
  • Page 28: Speech Dialogue System Tutorial - If Equipped

    28 NAVIGATION NOTE: Read more about destination input and the 6. Enter the house number into the next screen. If more predictive speller in the Navigation section of this than one city has this address, you will then need to manual.
  • Page 29: Uconnect™ Tutorial - If Equipped

    Overview parking garages or tunnels. The RER navigation radio is equipped with 3 different tuners: • FM 87.7 MHz - 107.9 MHz (RDBS capable) • AM 530 kHz - 1710 kHz...
  • Page 30: Station Presets

    30 NAVIGATION Change a Channel or Frequency Press the SEEK up or the SEEK down hard-key to play the next available station or channel. Select DIRECT TUNE to enter a frequency or a channel number, and confirm your selection by pressing the GO soft-key.
  • Page 31: Rbds (Radio Broadcasting Data System)

    NAVIGATION 31 RBDS (Radio Broadcasting Data System) Music Type (Program Type Filter) This radio navigation system is capable of receiving RBDS signals in the FM band. RBDS is a technology used for transmitting textual information about the music type, song and artist for FM band music. This informa- tion is shown on the display.
  • Page 32: Rbds (Fm) Program Types

    32 NAVIGATION RBDS (FM) Program Types Radio Settings Adult Hits, Classic Rock, Classical, College, Country, AM / FM Menu Information, Jazz, Language, News, Nostalgia, Oldies, There are no specific settings for this mode. Personality, Public, Religious Music, Religious Talk, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Soft, Soft Rhythm and Blues, SAT Menu Soft Rock, Sports, Talk, Top 40, Weather.
  • Page 33: Channel Vs. Preset List Selection

    NAVIGATION 33 Channel vs. Preset List Selection Select this feature to allow regular presets as supposed to Sirius Satellite Radio channel list. Re-Subscribe to Sirius Satellite Radio New vehicle purchasers or lessees will receive a free one-year subscription to Sirius Satellite Radio and Traffic Services with your navigation radio.
  • Page 34: Screen-Saver

    34 NAVIGATION Select the Auto Color soft-key to switch to automatic daytime/ nighttime mode and to control the brightness of the display using the light switch of the vehicle. Touch the DONE soft-key to save your settings and to return to the AM/FM/SAT Menu. Screen-saver To activate the screen-saver press the MENU hard-key and touch the screen saver soft-key.
  • Page 35: Media

    NAVIGATION 35 Touch the Picture View soft-key to enable the picture MEDIA view mode, where a pictures can be displayed on the Disc Mode right half of the radio screen. Refer to the Hard Disk Drive section for a detailed example. Overview The navigation radio is equipped with a CD/DVD Touch the Map View soft-key to enable the map view...
  • Page 36: Disc Requirements

    DVD MPEG-4 are not supported. A complete list of supported CD/DVD formats is avail- This disc player will accept 4 3/4 inch (12 cm) disc able at only. The use of other sized discs may damage the disc player mechanism.
  • Page 37: Removing A Disc

    NAVIGATION 37 NOTE: A faulty CD is NOT automatically ejected. Use Removing a Disc only standard size discs. Discs that have been modified 1. Press the OPEN/CLOSE hard-key. with an adhesive label should not be used in the CD/ DVD player. 2.
  • Page 38: Scan Search

    38 NAVIGATION Scan Search Fast Forward Track Touch the SCAN soft-key. Touch the fast forward soft-key. The audio will be heard at a reduced level while going through the track in this The individual tracks of the disc will be played in mode.
  • Page 39: Disc Info

    For more information visit Select CLOSE INFO to close the information. NOTE: Visit for up- Gracenote Music Recognition Technology date information. Copy Disc to Hard-Drive Read about copying discs in the Hard Disk Drive section of this manual.
  • Page 40: Playing A Mp3/Wma Disc

    40 NAVIGATION Playing a MP3/WMA Disc 1. Press the OPEN/CLOSE hard-key once. 2. With the printed side upwards, insert the disc into the disc slot of the radio. The radio pulls the disc automati- cally and closes the flip screen. The radio selects the appropriate mode after the disc is recognized, and starts playing the first track.
  • Page 41: Playing A Video Dvd

    Touch the LIST soft-key to display a list of available Playing a Video DVD chapters or tracks. Touch a chapter or track soft-key in To view a DVD video on the RER radio screen, the the list to start playback from the selected section. vehicle must be stopped.
  • Page 42: Dvd Menu Controls

    42 NAVIGATION Touch the VIEW VIDEO soft-key to view the video on the Touch the cursor arrows soft-keys to select the title you screen. want to view, then touch the ENTER soft-key to start playback. DVD Menu Controls If you insert a DVD video disc that contains a top menu, Touch the move soft-key to move the controls to the right a menu may appear.
  • Page 43: Dvd Playback Controls

    NAVIGATION 43 DVD Playback Controls Touch the soft-key during playback to fast reverse play- In video playback mode touch anywhere on the screen to back. show the DVD playback controls. Touch the soft-key during playback to fast forward playback. Touch the NEXT soft-key to locate succeeding chapters or tracks.
  • Page 44: Dvd Video Menu

    44 NAVIGATION DVD Video Menu While in disc mode with inserted video DVD, press the MENU hard-key to access the DVD Video Menu. In the DVD Setup menu you may select Menu Language, Audio Language, Subtitle, Camera Angle, Aspect Ratio, and Brightness settings by pressing the corresponding soft-key.
  • Page 45: Disc Skipping

    NAVIGATION 45 Disc Skipping Selecting Jukebox Mode (JB) Skipping is typically caused by a damaged (scratched) Press the RADIO/MEDIA hard-key repeatedly until the disc. This will result in a 10 second jump forward until Jukebox tab is shown on the screen. Touch the JB soft-key the damaged area is passed.
  • Page 46: Fill A Jukebox Album From Audio Disc

    46 NAVIGATION Fill a Jukebox Album from Audio Disc 1. Touch the SHOW DISC soft-key to display a list of available albums. NOTE: You cannot fill a Jukebox Album using a disc with MP3 and WMA files. To do this you must first copy the files to the HDD.
  • Page 47 NAVIGATION 47 NOTE: Refer to the Edit Jukebox Album section in this 6. Touch the OK soft-key to confirm the copy process. manual in order to remove an album from the jukebox slot. You may now switch to the DISC mode by touching the DISC soft-key tab to see the copy progress bar.
  • Page 48: Fill A Jukebox Album From Hdd Playlist

    48 NAVIGATION You may touch the JB soft-key tab after the first track is completed. The jukebox is able to start playing the copied tracks. The album soft-keys of unfinished tracks will be disabled until the track copy is complete. You may remove the disc after all tracks are copied.
  • Page 49: Clear A Jukebox Album Slot

    NAVIGATION 49 NOTE: Refer to the Edit Jukebox Album section in this The selected album starts playing. manual in order to remove an album from the jukebox Clear a Jukebox Album Slot slot. 1. Touch the JB soft-key tab to select the Jukebox mode. 2.
  • Page 50: Selecting A Jukebox Album (Playlist)

    50 NAVIGATION Selecting a Jukebox Album (Playlist) Touch the SHOW DISC soft-key to display a list of available albums. 4. Touch the CLEAR soft-key of the album you would like to remove. NOTE: Clearing an album slot does not remove the Touch the album soft-key to select and play the desired playlist from the hard disk drive.
  • Page 51: Selecting A Track

    NAVIGATION 51 Touch the HIDE DISC soft-key to hide the album list. Touch the soft-key with the desired song name to select and play the track. Touch the LIST soft-key to display a list of songs in the currently playing album. Touch the HIDE LIST soft-key to hide the track list.
  • Page 52: Fast Forward Track

    52 NAVIGATION NOTE: By pressing and holding the SEEK button, the Jukebox Menu track counter advances until the button is released. While in JB mode press the MENU hard-key to access the Juke Box Menu. Fast Forward Track Touch the fast forward soft-key. The audio will be heard Random Playback at a reduced level while going through the track in this The random play function plays random tracks from the...
  • Page 53: Edit Jukebox

    NAVIGATION 53 Edit Jukebox 1. While in JB mode press the MENU hard-key to access the Juke Box Menu. NOTE: The CLEAR soft-key in the Edit JukeBox menu does not delete the playlist from the hard disk drive. Hard Disk Drive Mode (HDD) The HDD mode gives you access to the audio files on the 2.
  • Page 54: Copy Audio Disc To Hard-Drive

    54 NAVIGATION Before using the HDD mode, you will need to copy tracks 2. Touch the Copy soft-key to copy music tracks of the to the internal hard drive. inserted disc to the hard disk drive. The files will be stored on the internal hard disk drive During the copy process, the disc player cannot play and can be used in the HDD mode, or for Jukebox audio.
  • Page 55: Copy Wma/Mp3 Files To Hard-Drive

    NAVIGATION 55 NOTE: When copying CD-Audio to HDD, audio files Example: are converted from CD Audio to WMA. DVD-Audio cannot be copied to the HDD. Copy WMA/MP3 Files to Hard-Drive You can copy MP3, and WMA formatted compressed audio files from a disc or via USB (e.g., USB stick). It is recommended to sort music files into folders.
  • Page 56: Copying Complete Disc

    56 NAVIGATION • 03 Song.mp3 (Third song in playlist 2) Songs located in the root level (top level) of the disc or USB device are saved in a playlist named Root_Level- Copying Complete Disc _Songs. 1. Insert a disc with MP3, WMA files. Once the songs are copied, the playlist will be named by the originating folder name.
  • Page 57: Selective Song Copying From Disc

    NAVIGATION 57 During the copy process, the disc player cannot play Selective Song Copying from Disc audio. You can select specific songs on a WMA/MP3 disc using the following procedure: The copy progress is shown in the display. It is possible to listen radio modes during this process.
  • Page 58 58 NAVIGATION 1. While in the DISC mode press the MENU hard-key to access the settings menu. 3. Select My Music. 2. Touch the My Files soft-key.
  • Page 59 NAVIGATION 59 4. Touch the Import Music Files soft-key. 6. Select the folders or titles you would like to copy. 5. Touch the From DISC soft-key in the next screen. A red check-mark indicates the selected songs and/or folders. Touch the ALL soft-key to select all files and folders at once.
  • Page 60: Copying From Usb

    60 NAVIGATION If you unplug or eject the media before the copying process is finished, the process will be interrupted. You may restart the copying process by repeating the steps above. Copying from USB 1. Insert a USB device. 3. Touch the Import Music Files soft-key. 2.
  • Page 61: Playing Audio Files From The Hard Disk Drive

    NAVIGATION 61 4. Touch the From USB soft-key in the next screen. Playing Audio Files from the Hard Disk Drive You can play songs directly from the internal hard disk drive. 5. Select the folders or titles you would like to copy. A red check-mark indicates the selected songs and/or 1.
  • Page 62 62 NAVIGATION The navigation radio can sort the files by playlist, by song name, by artist, by genre, by album, or by year. 3. Touch a soft-key with the desired playlist name to play a playlist. 2. Touch for this example the Playlists soft-key or the Touch the PLAY ALL PLAYLISTS soft-key to play all desired category soft-key.
  • Page 63: Next Track

    NAVIGATION 63 Next Track Fast Forward Track Press the SEEK up hard-key. The next track of the current Touch the fast foward soft-key. The audio will be heard at album is played. Once the last track has been reached in a reduced level while going through the track in this the forward direction, the unit will loop back to the first mode.
  • Page 64: Random Playback

    64 NAVIGATION Random Playback Editing Playlists on the Hard Disk Drive The random play function plays random tracks from the hard disk drive. Touch the Random soft-key to switch the random play function on or off. A red check-mark indicates the random play function is active.
  • Page 65 NAVIGATION 65 2. Touch the My Files soft-key. 3. Select My Music.
  • Page 66 66 NAVIGATION 4. Touch the My Playlists soft-key. 5. Touch the EDIT soft-key (example: DISC_Root_Level- _Songs) of the playlist you would like to edit. You can rename the selected playlist, delete songs from the selected playlist, or delete the selected playlist.
  • Page 67 NAVIGATION 67 6. Touch the Rename This Playlist soft-key. 7. Type in a new name for the playlist. NOTE: If you touch the Delete This Playlist soft-key, the 8. Touch the SAVE soft-key to confirm the name. playlist and all songs contained in it, will be permanently deleted.
  • Page 68 68 NAVIGATION The playlist now has the new name. 10. Select the titles you would like to delete. 9. Touch the Delete Songs From This Playlist soft-key. A red check-mark indicates the selected songs. NOTE: If you touch the Delete This Playlist soft-key, the 11.
  • Page 69: Deleting All Playlists From The Hard Disk Drive

    NAVIGATION 69 12. Touch the DONE soft-key, when you are done editing the playlist. Deleting All Playlists from the Hard Disk Drive 1. Press the MENU hard-key on the right side of the radio. 2. Touch the System Setup soft-key to access the System Setup menu.
  • Page 70: Importing Pictures

    70 NAVIGATION Importing Pictures It is possible to import display pictures to the internal hard disk drive. The pictures can be displayed on the right half of the radio screen. WARNING! It is not possible to copy files of a USB device while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Page 71 NAVIGATION 71 NOTE: USB devices (e.g., camera memory USB adap- tors, etc.) must comply with the MSD (Mass Storage Device) standard. This USB terminal can provide power to the inserted device. The devices current limitation must be less or equal to 500mA. 2.
  • Page 72 72 NAVIGATION The navigation radio can store 8 user pictures. 5. Select the type of media inserted. 3. Press one of the Add Picture soft-keys. 4. Insert either a CD or a USB Stick containing your pictures.
  • Page 73 NAVIGATION 73 6. Use the PAGE soft-keys to page through a list of 7. Confirm your selection by touching the YES soft-key. pictures and press the picture you would like to import. NOTE: Files must be in the root directory (top level) of the disc or USB device to be recognized.
  • Page 74 74 NAVIGATION The imported picture is now available in the Manage My 9. Select this picture by pressing the Picture View soft- Pictures screen. key. A check-mark indicates the currently used picture. 8. In order to display the imported picture in the radio screen, touch the desired picture soft-key.
  • Page 75 NAVIGATION 75 Use the PREV or NEXT soft-key to step through the list of The picture is now displayed on the right half of the available pictures. screen. Touch the DELETE soft-key to delete the picture from the hard disk drive. 10.
  • Page 76: Remote Devices

    76 NAVIGATION REMOTE DEVICES Vehicle Entertainment System™ (VES) – If Equipped The navigation radio can remotely control the VES. Refer to the VES user’s manual for more information. Receiving Audio/Video from the VES You can play audio from the VES through the vehicles speaker system.
  • Page 77: Sending Audio/Video And Controlling The Ves

    NAVIGATION 77 DVD Player is not available if there is no DVD player in the VES or there is no DVD in the player. A device must be plugged in to the AUX jack of the VES to be available. A disabled soft-key indicates an unavailable source.
  • Page 78 78 NAVIGATION To access the rear VES press the MENU hard-key on the right side of the radio. The Rear VES Controls are displayed in the right half of the screen. Touch the Rear VES soft-key to display the Rear VES Press the HIDE LIST soft-key, and/or the NOTE: Controls.
  • Page 79 NAVIGATION 79 The upper row of tabs controls the headset audio chan- nels 1, or 2. The third tab controls the VES on/off button. A VES headset can listen to either audio channel 1 or audio channel 2. Touch the soft-key-tab 1 to select channel 1. In this example channel one plays the FM RA- DIO tuner audio.
  • Page 80 80 NAVIGATION Touch the 2 soft-key-tab to set the desired Touch the LIST soft-key to display the selected source audio source for the second VES audio chan- details. nel. In this example channel two plays ME- DIA from the HDD. In this case the songs within the selected playlist are displayed.
  • Page 81 NAVIGATION 81 The VES soft-key controls the DVD Player, Rear AUX 1, and Rear AUX 2 of the VES system. Touch the on/off soft-key-tab to show the VES ON/OFF display. You may turn the VES sys- tem on or off. The RADIO soft-key controls the AM/FM tuner, and the SAT tuner of the navigation radio.
  • Page 82: Ves Lock

    82 NAVIGATION Touch the Turn Rear VES ON soft-key to turn the VES on. VES Lock Press the LOCK soft-key to disable the controls on the VES remote control unit. Once the VES is locked, it is not possible to use the VES controls or the VES remote control.
  • Page 83 NAVIGATION 83 3. Touch the Rear VES soft-key to display the Rear VES 5. Touch the MEDIA soft-key to select the media mode. Controls. 6. Touch the DISC soft-key to select the disc player. Touch the 1 soft-key-tab to select audio channel 1.
  • Page 84: Usb Connector

    NOTE: USB devices (e.g., camera memory USB adap- Please see your DaimlerChrysler Dealership or visit tors, etc.) must comply with the MSD (Mass Storage for supported de- Device) standard. This USB terminal can provide power vices. to the inserted device. The devices current limitation NOTE: Some MP3 Player do not allow songs to be must be less or equal to 500mA.
  • Page 85: How To Open The Cover

    NAVIGATION 85 How to Open the Cover 2. Pull forward. 1. Place finger under the pull arrow. NOTE: The flap is attached and should not be removed! Do not pull off of the frame. Do not use a tool (e.g. screw driver, nail file, etc.) to open the flap, as this could cause damage to the face of the radio.
  • Page 86: How To Close The Cover

    86 NAVIGATION How to Close the Cover 2. Hook the top hooks (1) into the frame first. 1. Using your thumb and index finger, grasp the flap. Notice the hooks (1), which must first be inserted into the frame.
  • Page 87 NAVIGATION 87 3. Then push on the bottom of the flap, to secure in place. CAUTION! Never force any connector into the ports of your radio. Make sure your connectors are the identical shape and size before you connect.
  • Page 88: Aux Mode

    88 NAVIGATION Connect a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack cable as shown above AUX Mode The AUX connector allows you to connect the headset (not provided with the radio) to the AUX connector on output of an audio device (e.g., MP3 player) to the the navigation radio and to the earphone connector of navigation radio.
  • Page 89: Speech Dialogue System - If Equipped

    NAVIGATION 89 NOTE: Inserting of a mono jack will result in improper When you press the VR hard-key, you will hear a beep. audio playback. The beep is your signal to give a command. NOTE: If you do not say a command within a few SPEECH DIALOGUE SYSTEM –...
  • Page 90: Display Menu

    90 NAVIGATION These commands are universal and can be used from any Display Menu menu or screen. For other universal commands, refer to In addition to audible help, the navigation radio is able to the command section in this manual. display the most important available commands on the screen.
  • Page 91: Commands

    NAVIGATION 91 Commands In this mode you can say the following commands: The Voice Recognition understands two types of com- • RADIO (to switch to the radio mode) mands. Global commands are available at all times. Local • HARD DRIVE (to switch to the HDD mode) commands are available if the supported radio mode is active.
  • Page 92: Radio Am

    92 NAVIGATION • RADIO FM (to switch to the FM band) In this mode you may say the following commands: • SATELLITE RADIO (to switch to the satellite radio) • FREQUENCY NUMBER i.e. 93.1 FM (to change the frequency) Radio AM •...
  • Page 93: Disc

    NAVIGATION 93 • LIST STATIONS (to hear a list of available stations) In this mode you may say the following commands: • SELECT NAME (to say the name of a station) • TRACK (1-250) (to change the track) • RADIO MENU (to switch to the radio menu) •...
  • Page 94: Navigation

    94 NAVIGATION • DELETE ALL (to delete all memos) During the recording you may press the VR hard-key to stop recording. You continue by saying one of the NOTE: Keep in mind that you have to press the VR following commands: hard-key first and wait for the beep, before speaking the −...
  • Page 96: System Setup

    96 NAVIGATION − NEW ENTRY − ON − NAVIGATE TO A NAME − OFF • TUTORIAL − DELETE − ERASE ALL Voice Training For users experiencing difficulty with the system recog- System Setup nizing their voice commands or numbers, the UConnect To switch to the system setup say SETUP.
  • Page 97 NAVIGATION 97 This procedure may be repeated with a new user. The system will adapt to the last trained voice only. If the system does not understand the words VOICE TRAINING: 1. Press the MENU hard-key. 2. Press System Setup. 3.
  • Page 98: Hands Free Cellular Telephone - If Equipped

    In a convertible vehicle, the system performance may be compromised with roof top down. Compatible Phones See the UConnect™ site on The Rear view mirror top should be at least 1/2 inch mygig/ for a current list of compatible cellular phones below the overhead console.
  • Page 99: Bluetooth

    NAVIGATION 99 The radio display will be used for visual prompts from WARNING! the UConnect™ system such as “Incoming Call”, dura- tion of the call, or caller ID. Any voice commanded system should only be used in safe driving conditions and your attention should UConnect™...
  • Page 100: Uconnect™ Microphone

    100 NAVIGATION turned on and has been paired to the vehicle’s UCon- If the system does not recognize one of your commands, nect™ system. The UConnect™ system allows up to you will be prompted to repeat it. seven cellular phones to be linked to the system. Only If you have trouble with recognition, you should press one linked (or paired) cellular phone can be used with the the VR hard-key, then say Voice Training.
  • Page 101: Uconnect™ Hard-Key

    NAVIGATION 101 UConnect™ Hard-Key Pressing the VR hard-key while the system is speaking is When you press the UConnect™ hard-key you will hear known as “barging-in”. Barging-in must be done with the the word UConnect™ followed by a BEEP. The beep is VR hard-key.
  • Page 102: Pair (Link) To A Cellular Phone

    2. Wait for the beep. that you have: 3. Say PHONE PAIRING. 4. When prompted, after the beep, say PAIR A PHONE Phone pairing can either be done using the touch screen and follow the audible prompts.
  • Page 103: Dial By Saying A Number

    NAVIGATION 103 6. The UConnect™ system will then prompt you to begin For example, if priority 3 and priority 5 phones are the cellular phone pairing process on your cellular present in the vehicle, the UConnect™ system will use phone. Before attempting to pair phone, please see your the priority 3 cellular phone when you make a call.
  • Page 104: Call By Saying A Name

    104 NAVIGATION Call by Saying a Name Phone Book Accessing the phone book can either be done using the 1. Press the UConnect™ hard-key to begin. touch screen (see Address Book section in this manual) or 2. Wait for the beep. using voice commands.
  • Page 105: Voice Tags

    NAVIGATION 105 Use of long names helps the voice recognition and is Voice Tags recommended. For example, say “Robert Smith” or “Rob- In step 4 of the Add Names to Phonebook section, the ert” instead of “Bob.” navigation radio is recording your voice. The recording is called Voice Tag.
  • Page 106: Delete Phonebook Entry

    106 NAVIGATION 5. You will then be asked for the name of the phonebook Delete Phonebook Entry entry that you wish to edit. 1. Press the UConnect™ hard-key to begin. 6. Next, choose the number designation (home, work, 2. Wait for the beep. mobile, or pager) that you wish to edit.
  • Page 107: Delete/Erase All Phonebook Entries

    NAVIGATION 107 After you enter the name, the UConnect™ system will List All Phonebook Names ask you which designation you wish to delete: home, 1. Press the UConnect™ hard-key to begin. work, mobile, pager or all. 2. Wait for the beep. 7.
  • Page 108: Phone Call Features

    108 NAVIGATION Phone Call Features Answer or Reject an Incoming Call When Another The following features can be accessed through the Call in Progress UConnect™ system if the feature(s) are available on your If a call is currently in progress and you have another cellular service plan.
  • Page 109: Place / Retreive A Call From Hold

    NAVIGATION 109 2. Say DIAL followed by the phone number or CALL indicating that the active and hold status of the two calls followed by a phonebook entry you wish to call. have switched. Only one call can be placed on hold at one time.
  • Page 110: Call Termination

    110 NAVIGATION 4. The UConnect™ system will call the last number that Call Termination was dialed on your cellular phone. 1. To end a call in progress, momentarily press the UConnect™ button. NOTE: This may not be the last number dialed from the UConnect™...
  • Page 111: Emergency Assistance

    NAVIGATION 111 2. After ignition key is switched to off, a call can continue 5. Say EMERGENCY. on the UConnect™ system for certain duration, after The UConnect™ system will instruct the paired cellular which the call is automatically transferred from the phone to call the emergency number.
  • Page 112: Towing Assistance

    112 NAVIGATION NOTE: The Towing Assistance number dialed is based WARNING! on the Country where the vehicle is purchased (800-528- 2069 for USA, 877-213-4525 for Canada, 55-14-3454 for Your phone must be turned on and paired to the Mexico city and 800-712-3040 for outside Mexico city in UConnect™...
  • Page 113: Working With Automated Systems

    NAVIGATION 113 Working with Automated Systems 1. Press the VR button This method is designed to be used in instances where 2. Say SEND 3 7 4 6 # one generally has to press numbers on the cellular phone keypad while navigating through an automated tele- For example, if your pin number is stored in the address phony system.
  • Page 114: Phone And Network Status Indicators

    114 NAVIGATION 2. Wait for the beep. Dial Using the Cellular Phone Keypad You can dial a phone number with your cellular phone 3. Say UCONNECT SETUP. keypad and still use the UConnect™ system (while 4. After the “Ready” prompt and the following beep, say dialing via the cell phone keypad, the user must exercise CONFIRMATION PROMPTS.
  • Page 115: Mute/Un-Mute (Mute Off)

    NAVIGATION 115 Mute/Un-Mute (Mute Off) Advanced Phone Connectivity When you mute the UConnect™ system, you will still be Transfer Call to Cellular Phone able to hear the conversation coming from the other The UConnect™ system allows ongoing calls to be trans- party, but the other party will not be able to hear you.
  • Page 116: Automatic Transfer Call To Uconnect™ System

    116 NAVIGATION 1. Press the UConnect™ hard-key. 6. The UConnect™ system will play the phone names of all paired cellular phones in order from the highest to the The navigation radio transfers the call immediately, and lowest priority. you can continue your call on the cellphone. To “select”...
  • Page 117: Delete Uconnect™ Paired Cellular Phones

    NAVIGATION 117 3. Say UCONNECT SETUP. Delete UConnect™ Paired Cellular Phones You may delete phones via touch screen in the Paired 4. After the following beep, say SELECT PHONE. Devices menu. (Refer to the Getting Started section in this The phone names along with priority numbers will be manual for more details).
  • Page 118: Things You Should Know About Voice Recognition (Vr)

    118 NAVIGATION 5. When prompted say the priority number of the cellu- − low-to-medium blower setting lar phone you wish to delete. − low-to-medium vehicle speed 6. You can also press the VR hard-key anytime while the − low road noise list is being played.
  • Page 119: Far End Audio Performance

    NAVIGATION 119 • UConnect™ phonebook name tag recognition rate is − dry weather condition. optimized for the person who stored the name in the − operation from driver seat. phonebook. • Performance, such as, audio clarity, echo. and loud- • You may say “O” (letter “O”) for “0” (zero). “800” may ness to a large degree, rely on the phone and network, be spoken EIGHT ZERO ZERO.
  • Page 120: Voice Tree - Main Menu

    120 NAVIGATION • PHONE BOOK Voice Tree - Main Menu To initiate UConnect™, press the UConnect™ hard-key. − NEW ENTRY In this menu you may say the following commands: − EDIT ENTRY • CALL − LIST NAMES − NAME − DELETE −...
  • Page 121: Voice Tree - Setup Menu

    NAVIGATION 121 Voice Tree - Setup Menu NAVIGATION To initiate UConnect™, press UConnect™ Phone hard- General Notes key. After the system beep, say UCONNECT SETUP. System Overview In this menu you may say the following commands: Your navigation system receives GPS signals from up to •...
  • Page 122: Navigation Software

    Software Updates System Limitations Visit website or con- The map data that is included with your system is the tact your DaimlerChrysler Dealership for the latest avail- most recent available at the time of production. Because able software.
  • Page 123: Navigation Main Menu

    NAVIGATION 123 • Destination Entry Navigation Main Menu Selecting NAV Main Menu Touch this soft-key when you want to program a destination. (See the Destination Input section for 1. If not already done, press the ACCEPT soft-key to details.) agree to the Navigation Disclaimer. •...
  • Page 124 124 NAVIGATION • Where Am I Now? • Record New Trail Touch this soft-key when you want to find out where Touch this soft-key when you want to record a trail in you are, and when you need to search for available an area where no map is available.
  • Page 125: Inputting Information

    NAVIGATION 125 Inputting Information not selectable. If the desired street name is shown com- Names (e.g., city names or street names) are entered with pletely touch the CONTINUE soft-key to proceed. If a smart speller. there are only a few choices left, you may touch the LIST soft-key to display a list of street names.
  • Page 126: Destination Input

    126 NAVIGATION WARNING! For your own safety and the safety of others, it is not possible to use the speller while the vehicle is in motion. Destination Input Press the NAV hard-key to access the NAV -Main Menu. Touch the Destination Entry soft-key to get to the Desti- nation Entry screen.
  • Page 127: Overview Destination Entry Screen

    NAVIGATION 127 Overview Destination Entry Screen Intersection allows you to enter two street names. Point of Interest allows you to select a destination from a list of locations and public places, or point of interest (POI). Search by place name, by phone number, by category or place type.
  • Page 128: Destination Input By Street Address

    128 NAVIGATION Use Address Book and Saved Locations are previously saved addresses or locations. Review the Address Book section in this manual to learn more about the address book. Destination Input by Street Address For this example we will continue by entering the follow- ing address 2101 CONSTITUTION AVE NW, WASHING- TON D.C., DC 20037, U.S.A.
  • Page 129 NAVIGATION 129 You can change the state/province and/or country tem- porarily for the current destination input by touching the STATE, PROVINCE, or COUNTRY soft-key in this menu. NOTE: It is recommended to change the default state and/or default country, if you plan to enter more than 1 destination in the destination area (e.g.
  • Page 130 130 NAVIGATION soft-key in the first row of the Street Address screen. This 4. Touch the LIST soft-key to display a list of possible will allow you to input the street name in Washington street names. Select CONSTITUTION AVE NW from the D.C.
  • Page 131: Destination Input By Intersection

    NAVIGATION 131 5. In this example we have entered 2101 as the house In the Confirm Route screen the navigation radio dis- number. Touch the CONTINUE soft-key to get to the plays the complete address, a map of the destination Confirm Route screen.
  • Page 132 132 NAVIGATION 1. From the Destination Entry menu touch the Intersec- 2. For this example touch the Within KENTUCKY soft- tion soft-key to get to the Find Intersection menu. key. NOTE: If Kentucky is not your default state refer to the 3.
  • Page 133 NAVIGATION 133 5. Touch the Enter Name of Street 2 soft-key to enter the 6. Select “Bridwell Dr” for this example. second street. The navigation radio will display a list of possible cross streets of the initially entered street.
  • Page 134: Destination By Point Of Interest

    134 NAVIGATION 7. Touch CONTINUE to confirm the intersection and touch GO in the Confirm Route To screen to start the route guidance. Destination by Point of Interest A point of interest (POI) can be found in different ways. Close to the current vehicle position (POI Local Area), close to the currently active destination (Nearby Destina- tion), within the map database (POI in Map Area), by POI name, by phone number, and within a city.
  • Page 135: Poi Local Area

    NAVIGATION 135 POI Local Area 2. Touch the NEARBY POI soft-key. For this example we will continue by entering a Gas Station close to the vehicle location. Select a POI category. For this example select Gasoline. 1. While you are in the NAV - Main Menu touch the Where AM I Now? soft-key.
  • Page 136: Poi Nearby Destination

    136 NAVIGATION NOTE: Some categories maybe disabled while the ve- 3. Select one of the Gas Stations from the list and confirm hicle is in motion. your route by touching the GO soft-key in the confirma- tion screen. POI Nearby Destination For this example we will continue by entering a gas station close to the currently entered destination.
  • Page 137 NAVIGATION 137 1. While the system is in guidance mode, touch the OPTIONS soft-key. 3. Touch the Find POI Near destination soft-key and select a category, pick a gas station from the list and confirm the destination. This is the same process as 2.
  • Page 138: Poi In Map Area

    138 NAVIGATION POI in Map Area Destination Input by Point on Map To select a POI from anywhere on the navigation data- This feature allows quick and easy selection of a destina- base map area, select Point of Interest in the Destination tion directly from the map screen.
  • Page 139: Destination Input By Geo Coordinate

    NAVIGATION 139 After touching the map on the screen, a set of arrows appears. 2. Use the arrows to navigate the center of the cross over the desired destination. 3. Either touch the SELECT soft-key to select the desti- nation, or touch the POI’S soft-key to see a list of POI’s in the selected area.
  • Page 140: Destination Input By Recent Destinations

    140 NAVIGATION Touch the EDIT LIST soft-key to delete either all or single Destination Input by Recent Destinations Touch the Recent Destinations soft-key in the NAV - Main entries off the recent destination list. To exit the Edit Menu. Recent Destinations menu touch the DONE soft-key. To go back to the Main Menu touch the back soft-key in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Page 141: Destination Input By Saved Locations

    NAVIGATION 141 Select a folder or touch SEARCH to search for the desired The Saved Locations soft-key is disabled if the saved contact to enter the destination (see the Address Book locations memory is empty. To fill the saved destinations section in this manual for more information).
  • Page 142: Destination Input By Voice - If Equipped

    142 NAVIGATION 1. Press the voice recognition hard-key (VR). Wait for the beep and say NAVIGATION. The navigation radio will respond, saying: “Navigation.” The navigation radio has switched to the navigation mode and is now ready to receive navigation-related voice commands. For this example, the default country is set to the US and the default state is set to Michigan.
  • Page 143: Guide Me Home

    NAVIGATION 143 The radio will respond: “Line one. Now, do you want to While you drive towards the destination, you may press enter a city?” the VR hard-key, wait for the beep and say TRAVEL INFO. 5. Wait for the beep and say YES. The radio will respond with your estimated time of The radio will respond: “For Lolly Pop Street.
  • Page 144: Emergency Info

    144 NAVIGATION Touch the SAVE LOCATION soft-key to save the current Emergency Info location in the Saved Locations memory. Use this function to locate Emergency Points of Interest, e.g. Hospitals/Medical Facilities, Police Stations, Fire Departments, or Dealerships. 1. Touch the Emergency Information soft-key in the NAV - Main Menu.
  • Page 145: Record New Trail

    NAVIGATION 145 Record New Trail WARNING! The trail function is a feature that allows you to log and save routes in non-digitized areas. The distances displayed in the Emergency facility lists are air distances (as the crow flies). In some cases the road distance to the facility may vary.
  • Page 146 146 NAVIGATION The system will switch to the map and the trail appears 3. Touch the Stop/Save Trail soft-key. on the map screen as you drive along a route. 2. Touch the MAIN MENU soft-key to switch back to the NAV - Main Menu.
  • Page 147 NAVIGATION 147 • Touch Discard Current Trail to discard the trail and The trail will be named with time and date of the stop the recording. recording. • Touch Continue Recording Trail to continue the 5. Touch the Change Name soft-key to edit the trail recording.
  • Page 148: Route Guidance

    148 NAVIGATION The trail recording is now saved in the Saved Locations Navigation View Settings Memory. The Saved Locations Memory, is accessible in Press the MENU hard-key to select the NAV Menu. the Destination Entry menu. Route Guidance After starting route guidance, the system calculates the route and announces: “Follow the arrows on the display.”...
  • Page 149: Map Items

    NAVIGATION 149 • Touch the Map Buttons soft-key to show or hide the Touch the Turn List soft-key to display a list of upcoming turns on the right half of the screen. Zoom, Map Heading, and the 2D/3D View soft-key. •...
  • Page 150: Poi Icons On The Map

    150 NAVIGATION POI Icons on the Map Repeat Navigation Announcement The navigation radio is able to display available point of interests on the map. Touch the Select POI Icons soft-key to show a list of point of interest icons. Touch the RPT soft-key in the upper right corner of the navigation screen to hear the current navigation an- nouncement.
  • Page 151: Route Options

    NAVIGATION 151 Route Options In the left half of the screen, the current position and the After pressing the OPTIONS soft-key in the Route Guid- current routing method are displayed. ance Menu, the following information is displayed: The Change Method soft-key will allow you to change the routing method.
  • Page 152: Canceling Route Guidance

    152 NAVIGATION Canceling Route Guidance Unverified Navigation Database Area The current route guidance can be aborted at any time by Unverified areas are roads that are included in the pressing the STOP ROUTING soft-key in the NAV -Main database but have not been verified. Menu.
  • Page 153 NAVIGATION 153 WARNING! Danger of Accident! DO NOT IGNORE TRAFFIC LAWS. If a driving recommendation contradicts the traffic laws, the laws ALWAYS take precedence! “Make a U-turn if possible.” - You are driving in the wrong direction and should turn around at the earliest legal opportunity.
  • Page 154 154 NAVIGATION “Follow the road.” - You should continue driving on the “Take the second exit to the right.” - This means to pass current road for the distance shown. the first exit after this announcement is given. “Prepare to take a left” or “Keep left in one mile.” - Keep “Take the second turn on the right.”...
  • Page 155: Navigation Options

    NAVIGATION 155 Navigation Options Options Before Activating the Route Guidance Before confirming the route with the GO soft-key, it is possible to select options different from the default route settings. Touch the OPTIONS soft-key in the Confirm Route screen to get to the NAV options screen. “Keep right in half a mile.”...
  • Page 156 156 NAVIGATION Press Simulate Route to simulate the route. View Turn List to see a list of turns on the route. Touch the Avoid This Road soft-key to avoid the selected turn in the list. The route will be re-calculated, if an alternate route is possible.
  • Page 157 NAVIGATION 157 Touch the Destination Info soft-key in the NAV Options menu to find a map of the destination area, the complete address or coordinate of your destination. The turn will be displayed in the center of the map. Touch the NEXT TURN soft-key to show a map of the area close to the next turn in the turn list, touch the PREV TURN soft-key to show a map of the area close to the previous...
  • Page 158: Options During Route Guidance

    158 NAVIGATION Touch the Change Method soft-key in the NAV Options NOTE: Since toll roads, tunnels and ferries are built for menu to change the default routing method. the purpose of shortening travel distances, avoiding these road types may increase distance and travel time. Options During Route Guidance During active route guidance the Simulate Route soft-key is replaced by the Take Detour soft-key.
  • Page 159 NAVIGATION 159 Touch the Take Detour soft-key to access the Detour From Select a distance and touch the GO soft-key to confirm. Route menu. The navigation will avoid the roads in the turn list for the selected distance and calculate an alternate route.
  • Page 160: Navigation Default Settings

    160 NAVIGATION From the Navigation Main Menu touch NAV Settings Navigation Default Settings Touch the NAV Settings soft-key in the Navigation Main and then select either mi/ft or km/m. Menu to select the preferred measurement, set default Set Default Routing Method routing method, view GPS information, and adjust guid- ance prompt volume.
  • Page 161: Gps Information

    NAVIGATION 161 NOTE: Avoiding freeways, toll roads, tunnels or ferries DECIMAL soft-key to switch to Decimal degrees), num- may result in very long routes. ber of used satellites, a map of the calculated position, and elevation. GPS Information Press the NAV hard-key to exit to the NAV Main Menu. Guidance Prompts The GPS Information menu displays Current Location, Coordinates in degrees, minutes and seconds (touch the...
  • Page 162: Map Viewer

    162 NAVIGATION Touch the SAMPLE VOL soft-key to listen to the current volume setting. Once satisfied with the volume, touch the SAVE soft-key to save the settings. Touch the CANCEL soft-key to exit the menu without saving the settings. Map Viewer Press the NAV hard-key to switch to the navigation MAIN MENU.
  • Page 163: Map Zoom Level

    NAVIGATION 163 Map Zoom Level Map Orientation Press the Zoom soft-key to change the zoom level. Touch the soft-key with the compass arrow to toggle between a map oriented to the North, or oriented parallel to the vehicle heading. 3D Map Viewer Touch the soft-key with the 2D/3D symbol to toggle between 2D or 3D map views.
  • Page 164: Stop Over

    164 NAVIGATION Touch the ADD soft-key to confirm the stop over desti- Stop Over nation. NOTE: Once you reach a destination, the system will automatically guide you to the next destination on the list. To review the destination list, touch the OPTIONS soft- key in the Route Guidance screen and touch the VIEW DESTINATIONS soft-key.
  • Page 165: Trip Planner

    NAVIGATION 165 Trip Planner If you are traveling to multiple destinations, the My Trip function will allow you to calculate and save the route to each destination. 1. Touch the My Trips soft-key in the NAV - Main Menu. 3. Name the trip and touch the SAVE soft-key. 2.
  • Page 166 166 NAVIGATION 4. Touch ADD DESTINATION. In the Confirm Destination screen 5. Enter a destination (see section Destination Input in 6. Touch the SAVE soft-key to add the destination to the this manual). list.
  • Page 167 NAVIGATION 167 NOTE: You can add up to 9 destinations to a trip. The 8. You may now either PLAN NEW TRIP, DELETE ALL display shows the Itinerary is FULL message in the status your trips, or select your trip by touching the soft-key line, if all 9 destinations are used.
  • Page 168 168 NAVIGATION NOTE: You may add up to 12 trips to the list. The 10. Touch the GO soft-key to confirm the first destination display shows the My Trips is FULL message in the status of the trip. line, if all 12 trips are used. You may touch the EDIT TRIP soft-key to edit the trip.
  • Page 169 NAVIGATION 169 You may now Change Name or Change Address. Touch the yellow up and down arrow soft-keys to move the entry in the list. Touch the SAVE soft-key when you Touch the DONE soft-key to confirm your changes. are done. Touch the Modify Input Order soft-key in the Edit Address Info menu to rearrange the order of the destina- tions in the trip.
  • Page 170: Tmc By Sirius Satellite Radio

    170 NAVIGATION TMC by Sirius Satellite Radio The Traffic Message Channel (TMC), provided by Sirius Satellite Radio, is a specific application of the radio receiver used for broadcasting real-time traffic and weather information. The navigation radio receives traffic messages with the satellite radio receiver.
  • Page 171 NAVIGATION 171 3. Touch one of the soft-keys with a message to view details. Touch Map to see the location of a message on a map. Touch PREVIOUS or NEXT to step through the list of available messages. The traffic message screen displays traffic messages in a list form.
  • Page 172 172 NAVIGATION Touch the back soft-key in the upper left corner of the Touch the TMC soft-key to switch TMC on or off. Touch screen to exit the Traffic Message Detail screen. Warning Prompts soft-key to enable warning prompts. Once you change settings, touch the SAVE soft-key to Touch setup to access the setup menu.
  • Page 173: Tmc Legend

    NAVIGATION 173 TMC Legend The navigation radio can display icons on the map when the TMC function is active. NOTE: It can take between 15 and 30 minutes for a message to reach the system. Touch the LEGEND soft-key in the Traffic/TMC Setup menu to review possible icons and their meaning.
  • Page 174: Address Book

    174 NAVIGATION You may route to this address by touching the Guide Address Book Me Home soft-key in the NAV Main Menu. Overview • The In-Motion Folder contains links to entries in the The address book provides a way to organize and store frequently used addresses.
  • Page 175: Add A Folder

    NAVIGATION 175 Add a Folder Touch the +Folder soft-key to add a personalized folder. After the new folder is named, the folder will be available in the address book. Entering/Editing/Deleting an Address 1. Touch MENU to access one of the menus. 3.
  • Page 176 176 NAVIGATION The Address Book screen appears. 5. Touch the ADD soft-key to add a new contact. Touch CLEAR ALL to delete all contacts in this folder, touch 4. To select an address from the Default folder, touch the DONE to go back to the Address Book menu, or touch a Default Folder soft-key.
  • Page 177 NAVIGATION 177 You may now create a new contact or copy a contact from 7. Enter a name for your new contact. another folder. 8. Press the SAVE soft-key to display the Contact Infor- 6. Touch Create New Contact to go to the next screen. mation menu.
  • Page 178 178 NAVIGATION You may now edit the contact information. Add a voice In this example, we need to add an address to the contact. tag for the voice recognition or touch the Edit Contact 9. Press Add Address and enter a destination (refer to soft-key to add more information to the entry.
  • Page 179 NAVIGATION 179 10. Once the destination is entered touch the SAVE In addition, you may enter a phone number by pressing soft-key to confirm the address. the Add Phone # soft-key. 11. Touch the DONE soft-key after all available informa- tion has been entered.
  • Page 180: Search A Contact In The Address Book

    180 NAVIGATION Search a Contact in the Address Book 1. Touch the SEARCH soft-key in the Address Book menu. 4. Touch the Jim Smith soft-key from the results list to select the contact. 2. Enter a contact name. 3. Touch either LIST or CONTINUE.
  • Page 181: System Information

    NAVIGATION 181 SYSTEM INFORMATION Press the MENU hard-key on the right side of the radio, and touch the System Setup soft-key to access the System Setup menu. Touch the System Information soft-key to access the system information. 5. Once the contact information is displayed, touch the Route To soft-key to start route guidance to the contacts address, or touch Call Contact, if a valid phone was entered, and a telephone is connected to the navigation...
  • Page 182: User Data Backup

    182 NAVIGATION User Data Backup TROUBLESHOOTING Visit for information Radio on how to backup or transfer your user data, such as Q.: I cannot find my favorite radio station that I was address book entries, music files, etc., before returning or always able to receive before.
  • Page 183: Navigation

    NAVIGATION 183 Navigation UConnect™ Q.: I entered the wrong home address. How can I change Q.: I am in a gas station and my cellphone is ringing, I try to answer the call, but I do not hear anything. How do I get the call? A.: Go to Destination Input, then Saved Locations.
  • Page 184: Glossary Of Terms

    184 NAVIGATION GLOSSARY OF TERMS Hands-Free Module Autostore Multifunction soft-key Compact Disc Multi Functional Steering Wheel Compact Disc Changer MP3 MPEG-1 Compression scheme used to Audio Layer-3. transfer audio files via the Internet CDDB A technology company founded in and store in portable players and 1995 as CDDB, Inc.
  • Page 185 NAVIGATION 185 Program type (radio) RDBS Radio Data Broadcasting System Satellite Radio Speech Dialog System Traffic Message Channel Universal Coordinated Time Vehicle Entertainment System Windows Media Audio Format Vehicle Entertainment System...
  • Page 186 NOTES...
  • Page 187 NOTES...
  • Page 188 NOTES...
  • Page 189 NOTES...
  • Page 190 NOTES...
  • Page 191 NOTES...
  • Page 192 NOTES...