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Maytag CME9010CAB Manual

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The Quick Cook Feature
The Quick Cook feature is a short-cut method to
To Quick Cook your food or beverage:
set time for 1-5 minutes.
Touch a number pad (from 1 to 5) for 1 to 5 minutes
of cooking at Power Level 10. For example, touch the
_1-] _
_3-] _-]
2 pad for 2 minutes of cooking time. No need to touch
START, the oven will start immediately.
_6-] _]
_9-] _0-_
The oven will signal and tum off automatically
when finished.
How to Use Auto Start
The Auto Start feature allows you to program your
Step 2: Enter the time you want the oven to start.
oven to begin cooking at a preset time of day--up
(Be sure your microwave oven clock shows the
to a 12-hour delay,
correct time of day.)
Step 1: Touch AUTO START pad.
Step 3: Enter your desired cooking program.
Step 4: Touch START pad. The oven will
automatically start at the desired time. The display
will show the time you entered. The time of day may
be displayed by touching the CLOCK pad.
+ 30 Seconds
The + 30 Seconds feature provides a convenient way
This pad may also be used as a quick cook for 30
to extend cooking time by 30 seconds while the oven
seconds of cooking. No need to touch START, the
timer is counting down. It will add 30 seconds to the
oven will start immediately.
time shown each time the pad is touched.
Step 1: Remove the outer wrapper from the
NOTE: Do NOT use the metal shelf with the
microwave popcorn.
Popcorn program.
Step 2: Open oven door and place package of
popcorn in the center of the oven floor as directed by
The Popcorn feature is designed to be used only with
the package instructions. Close oven door.
prepackaged microwave popcorn weighing 3.0 to
Step 3: Touch POPCORN pad. No need to touch
3.5 ounces.
START, the oven will start immediately.
How to Adjust the Popcorn Program to Provide a Shorter or Longer Cook Time
If your favorite popcorn is not completely popped,
If your favorite popcorn is overcooked, there is a
there is a simple adjustment you can make.
simple adjustment you can make.
Touch the POPCORN
Touch the POPCORN
pad. (The oven will start I
immediately.) Then touch I
pad. (The oven will
startimmediately.) Then touch
number pad 9. A plus sign [
wilt appear on the disp!ay
beside the word POP .
display beside the word
The plus sign indicates 20 seconds more cooking time
"POP". The minus sign indicates 20 seconds less
is being provided,
cooking time is being provided.



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