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Transfer Files Via Musicmatch Jukebox - RCA Lyra RD2840 User Manual

Personal jukebox
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Getting Started: Software Setup

Transfer Files via MusicMatch Jukebox

Drag and drop desired tracks from the Music Library to the Playlist display.
USB 2.0
Hi-speed capable
Do not unplug
From the menu area, select Files/Send to Portable
Device to display the Portable Device Manager
screen. Under the Attached Portable Devices
item, select Lyra Personal Audio Player.
Select the playlist item and drag it to the Lyra
Personal Audio Player. The songs in the playlist
will now be automatically transferred to your
Lyra Personal Jukebox.
Note: If your Lyra Personal Jukebox doesn't
appear in the Portable Device Manager area,
click the REFRESH button.
During transfer a progress indicator appears in
the Portable Device Manager screen, and "Do
not unplug" flashes in the Lyra Personal
Jukebox's LCD.
When the transfer is finished, the Lyra Personal
Jukebox Profiler application automatically runs so it
can sort/profile the newly transferred files.
Caution: Make sure all data are transferred
to the Lyra Personal Jukebox before
unplugging the USB cable.
If you're running Windows 2000 you must
stop the device before unplugging it. Click
icon (the Unplug or Eject hardware
icon) from the system tray and select the USB
Mass Storage device for the drive letter
associated with the Lyra Personal Jukebox,
and click STOP. See the Windows Help for
details about the Unplug or Eject Hardware



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