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Additional Information; Tips And Troubleshooting - RCA Lyra RD2840 User Manual

Personal jukebox
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Additional Information

Tips and Troubleshooting

Problem: Audio distorted at high volume.
Select another DSP setting.
Turn down the volume.
Problem: The audio tracks on my Lyra keep skipping or popping.
You'll need to re-record the audio track – make sure you close all other applications
on your PC when you record.
Try recording with Error Correction setting turned on.
Problem: Player turns itself off.
Your Lyra Personal Jukebox turns itself off if you leave it in pause mode for an
inordinate amount of time.
Problem: Songs aren't listed in any of the sort modes (Album, Genre, Title,
Audio Files).
The contents of the Lyra Personal Jukebox haven't been profiled (sorted) since the
last file transfer. Select the Profile Device Contents... menu item from the Lyra
Personal Jukebox profiler system tray application on your PC to profile (sort) the
contents of the device. The icon in the system tray looks like this
Problem: Bad or missing file error message displayed on the Lyra Jukebox.
The Lyra Jukebox system files are corrupted or missing. Select the Update System
Files... menu item from the Lyra Jukebox profiler system tray application on your PC
to update the necessary system files.
Problem: Lyra Jukebox Profiler application icon – . – doesn't appear in the
system tray.
You can restart Windows to auto-launch the application, or you can double-click or
run the Lyra Jukebox Profiler executable file that's in the Profiler sub-folder of the
installation directory that was specified during the setup process – (Example
Directory: C:\Program Files\Thomson multimedia\Lyra MP3
If the problem persists, you might need to reinstall the Lyra Personal Jukebox
Problem: Lyra Personal Jukebox does not respond.
When this happens, you can recover the unit by inserting a sharp object (e.g. paper
clip) into the Reset hole, located on the left-hand-side of the unit.



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