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Step-By-Step Example - RCA Lyra RD2840 User Manual

Personal jukebox
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Lyra • jukebox

Step-by-Step Example

The following example illustrates (with more detail than the previous information) how
you find the song you want to play.
These instructions presume you've already done the following:
• Installed the MusicMatch Jukebox software and the Lyra Personal Jukebox
profiler application (go to page 11 for detailed instructions).
• Transferred music from your computer to the Lyra Personal Jukebox (page 15
has detailed instructions) and profiled the contents of the Lyra Jukebox through
MusicMatch Jukebox or the Profiler software.
Note: The music you're transferring could be from a CD you put in your
computer, the internet, or music you already had loaded onto your computer.
If you haven't already unplugged the Lyra Personal Jukebox from your computer,
disconnect the USB cable from the Lyra Personal Jukebox.
Note: If you're running Windows 2000, you must stop the device before
unplugging it. Click the
system tray and select the USB Mass Storage device for the drive letter associated
with the Lyra Jukebox, and click STOP. See the Windows Help for details about
the Unplug or Eject Hardware topic.
If you've fully charged the battery (the Lyra Personal Jukebox needs to be plugged in
for about 4 hours before the battery is fully charged), disconnect the AC adapter
from the outlet and then from your Lyra Personal Jukebox.
Note: If the battery isn't fully charged, keep the Lyra Personal Jukebox plugged in
while you listen to the music you've transferred from your computer.
icon (the Unplug or Eject hardware icon) from the



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