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Faq (Frequently Asked Questions); Specifications & System Requirements; Hardware - RCA Lyra RD2840 User Manual

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What is mp3?
mp3 is an abbreviation for MPEG-1, Layer 3 Audio (MPEG = Motion Picture Experts
Group). This is a digital sound encoding and compression process that was developed by
the Fraunhofer Institut fur Integrierte Schaltungen and Thomson. mp3 is an international
standard and is well suited for the transfer of high quality audio files over telephone or
ISDN lines, and over the internet.
Specifications & System Requirements


Dimensions: 1.0" D, 3.1" W, 4.5" H
Unit Weight: 11.0 Ounces
RD2825 : 20 Giga Byte Storage
RD2840 : 40 Giga Byte Storage
Stereo Headphone Jack
Mini USB Connection Jack
Stereo Line Out Jack
External 5V DC Jack
Battery Operated: Up to 12 hours of playback with internal rechargeable lithium
polymer battery.
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