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Summary of Contents for RCA Lyra RD2760

  • Page 1 Lyra Micro Jukebox User’s Guide Changing Entertainment. Again. RD2760...
  • Page 2: Important Information

    AC charger to rain or moisture. Technical Specification Product: Lyra Micro Jukebox Brand: RCA Model: RD2760 Electrical Consumption Main unit: Power Supply: 5V DC 1A Power Consumption: 5W AC/DC adaptor Power supply: 100V - 240V AC 50/60 Hz IMPORTER Comercializadora Thomson de México, S.A.
  • Page 3: Important Information

    FCC Regulations state that unauthorized changes or modifications to this equipment may void the user’s authority to operate it. FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMIS- SION INFORMATION This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of FCC Rules.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Important Information ... i Warning ... ii Important Information ... iii Before You Begin ... 6 Unpacking Your Unit ... 6 Things to consider before you get started..7 Computer System Requirements ... 7 Warning ... 7 Caution ... 7 Caution While Driving ...
  • Page 5 Table of Contents Additional Features ... 32 Program Play ... 32 User Playlist ... 33 Favourite List ... 34 Delete List ... 34 View Playlists ... 35 Pre-defined Playlists ... 36 All Files ... 36 Additional Menu ... 37 Settings ... 37 Shuffle ...
  • Page 6: Before You Begin

    Before You Begin Unpacking Your Unit Your Lyra Micro Jukebox came with everything you need to make music portable — all of the items shown below should have been packed in the box with your Lyra Micro Jukebox. Lyra Micro Jukebox stop play Music Management CD...
  • Page 7: Things To Consider Before You Get Started

    Things to consider before you get started... Computer System Requirements • Pentium 233MHz or higher (Pentium II 300 MHz or higher recommended) Macintosh iMac G3 or higher • Windows ® 98SE, Me, 2000, or XP Mac OS X Version 10.1.5 or higher •...
  • Page 8: Back Up Your Data

    Before You Begin Back up your data As with any device that has a hard drive or rotating magnetic media, you should back up the drive regularly. RCA and Thomson are not responsible for lost data. Important Battery Information •...
  • Page 9: Insert The Included Cd-Rom Into The Cd-Rom Drive

    Getting Started: Software Setup The Music Management CD that came with your Lyra Micro Jukebox contains all of the necessary software components you need to make your Lyra Micro Jukebox work properly. These components do the following: • install USB driver for Windows 98SE/Me users (Refer to pg 10) •...
  • Page 10: Installing Software Components

    Getting Started: Software Setup Installing Software Components Install the USB Driver and System Applications (Windows 98SE and Me Only) For Windows 98SE and Me systems, you need to install a USB driver before your com- puter can recognize your Lyra Micro Jukebox. Select your Lyra model (RD2760 (Lyra Micro Jukebox)) on the startup screen and click Install to access installation programs corresponding to...
  • Page 11: Install System Applications (Windows 2000 Or Xp)

    Getting Started: Software Setup Install System Applications (Windows 2000 or XP) Install MusicMatch Jukebox MusicMatch Jukebox is a music management software used to organize and manage digital audio files and transfer the music to your Lyra Micro Jukebox. Click Install System Application to install applications that will help you better manage your Lyra Micro Jukebox.
  • Page 12 Getting Started: Software Setup The Welcome Screen appears, click Next to continue and show the License Agreement. After you’ve read the license agreement, click Yes to accept (to continue, you must click Yes), or No to decline. If you click Yes, the User Registration Information screen appears.
  • Page 13: Install Musicmatch Plug-In

    If this is necessary, a dialog box will appear on the computer screen. Note: As with any device that has a hard drive, you must back up the drive. RCA and Thomson are not responsible for lost data. For more information on MusicMatch Jukebox, click Tutorials on the CD or go to
  • Page 14: Launch The Musicmatch Software

    Install Additional Services Click on Install ID3man by Auditude, Get 100 Free mp3 Tracks from eMusic or Try Rhapsody Music services for additional digital music services provided by RCA and Thomson partners. The MusicMatch software converts audio files to the mp3, mp3PRO and WMA format so you can play them on your Lyra Jukebox.
  • Page 15: Connecting Lyra Micro Jukebox To The Computer

    Getting Started: Software Setup Connecting Lyra Micro Jukebox to the Computer Connect the Lyra Micro Jukebox to your computer with the mini USB cable provided. Battery charging will commence as soon as the screen below appears. Turn on the unit by pressing the ON/PLAY button.
  • Page 16: Transfer Files Via Musicmatch Jukebox

    Getting Started: Software Setup Transfer Files via MusicMatch Jukebox Drag and drop desired tracks from the Music Library to the Playlist display. Connected To PC To Play Audio, Hold Down PLAY Key From the menu area, select Files/Send to Portable Device to display the Portable Device Manager screen.
  • Page 17: Create Pre-Defined Playlists And Transferring Them To The Jukebox

    Getting Started: Software Setup Transfer Files via Windows Explorer (Drag and Drop) If your Lyra Micro Jukebox isn’t already connected to your computer, connect the Lyra Micro Jukebox to the computer using the provided USB cable. Create Pre-defined Playlists and Transferring them to the Jukebox Pre-defined playlists are created on your PC using MusicMatch Jukebox.
  • Page 18: Disconnecting Your Lyra From The Computer (Windows 2000 Or Xp)

    Getting Started: Software Setup Disconnecting Your Lyra from the Computer (Windows 2000 or XP) From the System Tray, left click on the select Unplug or eject hardware. The Unplug or Eject Hardware screen appears. Select the drive corre- sponding to your Lyra Micro player and click Stop. The Stop a Hardware device screen appears.
  • Page 19: System Tray Applications

    Getting Started: Software Setup System Tray Applications Profile New files that are transferred to your Lyra Micro Jukebox using Windows Explore (drag and drop) will not appear in the Navigation Menus until you profile the contents. If MusicMatch Jukebox was used to transfer files, profiling will be done automatically. Connect your Lyra Micro Jukebox to the computer using the provided USB cable if it is not already connected.
  • Page 20: Updating System File

    You can upgrade your Lyra Micro Jukebox or repair system files on your device if it becomes damaged by downloading the latest firmware from After you have downloaded the latest firmware, follow the steps below to update your system files.
  • Page 21: Lyrasync

    Getting Started: Software Setup LyraSync Files and folders can be synchronized between your PC and your Lyra Micro Jukebox. Connect your Lyra Micro Jukebox to the computer using the provided USB cable if it is not already connected. Right click on the Lyra icon tray (bottom right hand corner of the computer screen and select LyraSync.
  • Page 22 Getting Started: Software Setup Click Insert to select the paths of files and folders to synchronize between your PC and the Device. Click OK. Select the desired LyraSync direction. • PC overwrites Device • Device overwrites PC • Synchronize PC and Device Click Synchronize to start.
  • Page 23: Overview Of General Controls

    Overview of General Controls LOCK STOP - Stop playback / press and hold to turn unit off . Skip backward- Skip back to last track. Press and hold to search backward within the same track. Skip forward - Skip to next track. Press and hold to search forward within the same tracks.
  • Page 24: Display Overview

    Lyra Micro jukebox Display Overview Song title. The lock icon is displayed when the key lock function is activated. This can be activated by pressing and holding the Lock button until the lock icon is displayed. To unlock, press and hold again until the lock icon is turned off. The battery indicator shows battery level.
  • Page 25: Menu Navigation

    Basic Operation The information in this section presumes you’ve successfully transferred files to your Lyra Jukebox, and you’re ready to play some music. If you need specific set-up information (downloading music, transferring files, installing software), go to page 15. If you want more detailed information about the Lyra Jukebox’s features, go to page 32. Understanding how to navigate through the Lyra Jukebox’s menu system, combine with how the buttons operate, will give you information you need for basic functionality.
  • Page 26: Playback Operation

    Lyra Micro jukebox Playback Operation stop play • To scan forward in the track that is playing, press and hold the Next • To go to the next track, press and release the Next • To go to the previous track, press and release the Previous •...
  • Page 27: User Playlist

    (“Default name”), or input a playlist name yourself. After choosing a playlist name, press the ENTER button again to confirm. * Please check for updates on this feature. Lyra Micro jukebox...
  • Page 28: Step-By-Step Example

    Lyra Micro jukebox Step-by-Step Example The following example illustrates (with more detail than the previous information) how you find the song you want to play. These instructions presume you’ve already done the following: • Installed the MusicMatch Jukebox software and the Lyra mp3/Micro Jukebox profiler application (go to page 9 for detailed instructions).
  • Page 29 Connect the clip phones to your Lyra Micro Jukebox (insert the end of the clip phones connector into the phones jack on the side of the Lyra). How to Use Your Clip Phones (The e.clipz) CLICK Lyra Micro jukebox The right ear clip phone is labeled R while the left ear clip phone is labeled L.
  • Page 30: Navigation Menu

    Lyra Micro jukebox Navigation Menu The following example illustrates steps to select and play songs in the Artist/Album category. TOP MENU Artist Album Title Genre Year ARTIST Artist 1 Artist 2 Artist 3 Artist 4 ARTIST 1 Album1 Album 2 Album 3 Album 4 ALBUM 1...
  • Page 31 ALBUM 1 Song 1 Song 2 Song 3 Song 4 ARTIST 1 All songs... Album1 Album 2 Album 3 AC/DC Ain’t No Fun Back in Black Rock 1980 128k 0001/0037 01:33 =Rock Lyra Micro jukebox Highlight the desired song. • To play the song, press the Play/Pause button.
  • Page 32: Additional Features

    Lyra Micro jukebox Additional Features Lyra Micro Jukebox has five System Playlist selections: Program play, Favourites list and User playlist.. Program Play You can play all the tagged items in the sequence of tagging. TOP MENU Artist Album Title Genre Year ARTIST Artist 1...
  • Page 33: User Playlist

    User Playlist * You can create a User PlayList using the Lyra Micro Jukebox. TOP MENU Artist Album Title Genre Year Lyra Micro jukebox In navigation mode, move the cursor to highlight the item to be selected. • To scroll up and down the display, scroll the ENTER buttom.
  • Page 34: Favourite List

    Lyra Micro jukebox Favourite List During playback, you can select and place songs you like into the Favourite playlist. These songs are played more frequently during Shuffle mode (Refer to page 37 for Shuffle details). • To add song to the Favourite List, press and hold the ENTER button to bring up the Smart Tagging Menu, scroll the ENTER button to highlight “Save to User Playlist”, then press the...
  • Page 35: View Playlists

    View Playlists TOP MENU Playlists Audio Files All Files Setting Profiler Lyra Micro jukebox Scroll the ENTER button to highlight Playlists on the TOP MENU screen. Press the ENTER button to show all the predefined system playlists. Scroll the ENTER button to select the desired playlist to be viewed.
  • Page 36: Pre-Defined Playlists

    Lyra Micro jukebox Pre-defined Playlists Pre-defined playlists are those playlists created on the PC and transferred to the Lyra Micro Jukebox. Refer to page transferring them to your Lyra Micro Jukebox. All Files * Your Lyra Micro Jukebox is a USB mass storage device that can be used to store any files. To see all of the files that are stored on your Lyra Micro Jukebox: TOP MENU Playlists...
  • Page 37: Additional Menu

    Additional Menu Settings TOP MENU Playlists Audio Files All Files Setting Profiler SETTING MENU Shuffle Repeat Flat Contrast Backlight 10sec Shuffle When Shuffle is On, songs are played in random order. If shuffle is activated, the songs in the folder where playback begins are played randomly.
  • Page 38 Lyra Micro jukebox TOP MENU Playlists Audio Files All Files Setting Profiler Shuffle Mode Press the MENU button to return to the main menu. Scroll the ENTER button to select the folder where you want shuffle playback to begin. Press Play/Pause All songs/folders in the folder where playback begins will be played randomly.
  • Page 39: Repeat

    Repeat Three repeat options are available on the Lyra Micro Jukebox. • Repeat Off - No repeat option selected. Repeat On - Plays songs in the current group/folder repeatedly. The repeat icon • will show on the display. • Repeat One - Plays the current song repeatedly. The repeat one icon on the display.
  • Page 40: Adjusting Dsp Settings

    Lyra Micro jukebox Adjusting DSP Settings DSP Settings (Digital Signal Processor settings) adjust the various levels of the audio output for different types of songs. For example, the DSP setting for BASS makes the bass sounds more prominent. You can also personalize the levels via the default DSP setting for your Lyra Micro Jukebox is FLAT.
  • Page 41: Personalizing Dsp Output

    Personalizing DSP Output (EQ menu item) Graphic EQ: enables you to personalize audio output settings. SETTING MENU Shuffle Repeat Flat Contrast Backlight 10sec DSP Settings Classical Raggae Hip-hop Funk Graphic EQ GRAPHIC EQ. Freq=60Hz +5dB Instant On InstantOn allows the player to be instantly powered up while retaining the information of the last played track.
  • Page 42: Audio Clips

    Lyra Micro jukebox Audio Clips You can quickly navigate the audio contents of a file when activating Audio Clips function (only in STOP mode). Settings PowerSave SleepTimer AudioClips SmartEQ InstantOn AUDIO CLIPS OFFSET 0sec DURATION 5sec AUDIO CLIPS OFFSET 0sec 5sec 10sec 20sec...
  • Page 43: System Settings

    System Settings You can personalize the display settings. TOP MENU Playlists Audio Files All Files Setting Profiler Contrast Adj. Backlight Adj. 5 seconds 10 seconds 15 seconds 20 seconds PowerSave Adj. Disabled 1 minute 2 minutes 3 minutes 5 minutes Sleep Timer Disabled 30 minutes...
  • Page 44: Profiler

    Lyra Micro jukebox Profiler The application will profile and sort supported audio files on your Lyra Micro Jukebox so you can sort and play them properly. TOP MENU Playlists Audio Files All Files Setting Profiler Note: It is best to profile your contents on your PC after each transfer of music files.
  • Page 45: Check For Updates

    • Share information. Check for Updates Visit for the latest news and firmware upgrades for our Lyra Micro Jukebox. You must update your system after new downloads have been made in order for the new applications to be executed.
  • Page 46: Tips And Troubleshooting

    Additional Information Tips and Troubleshooting Problem: Player repeats same tracks or all tracks. • Repeat play is turned on. Press the MENU button to change the play mode. Problem: Audio distorted at high volume. • In DSP mode, reduce the BASS gain. •...
  • Page 47: Faq (Frequently Asked Questions)

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Question: What is mp3? mp3 is an abbreviation for MPEG-1, Layer 3 Audio (MPEG = Motion Picture Experts Group). This is a digital sound encoding and compression process that was developed by the Fraunhofer Institut fur Integrierte Schaltungen and Thomson. mp3 is an international standard and is well suited for the transfer of high quality audio files over telephone or ISDN lines, and over the internet.
  • Page 48: Hard Disc

    Additional Information Hard Disc • External Hard Disc Drive: When connected to a computer via USB, the Lyra Micro Jukebox is capable of storing any file type allowing the user a fast, convenient method of storing, retrieving, and transferring files. Including word processing files, presentations, spreadsheets and any other computer files.
  • Page 49: Pc Hardware Requirements

    PC Hardware Requirements – 233MHz or higher (Pentium II 300 MHz or higher recommended) – Windows® 98SE, Me, XP or 2000 – Internet Explorer 4.0 or better with Internet access – 32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended) – Free hard disk space (4 MB for the software plus 1 MB for every minute of CD quality audio that will be stored on the PC).
  • Page 50: Limited Warranty

    How you get service: • Contact us on the Internet at and have your unit’s date of purchase and model/serial number ready. The model/serial number information is on your unit. •...
  • Page 51: Additional Information

    • Write the SR number on the outside of the carton used to return the unit. Make sure you insure your shipment in case of damage or loss. • Carefully pack the unit using the original box and packing material if possible. Please retain all non-defective accessories that were included with your unit such as the headphones.
  • Page 53 Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. Thomson Inc. P.O. Box 1976 Indianapolis, IN 46206-1976 ©2003 Thomson Inc.

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