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Check For Updates; Portable Hard Drive Capability - RCA Lyra RD2840 User Manual

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Portable Hard Drive Capability

Since Lyra Personal Jukebox has a hard drive (RD2840 : 40-gigabyte / RD2825 : 20-
gigabyte), you can use it to transport files - any files, not just music files. Some possible
uses for this feature are as follows:
Create back-ups/archive files.
Connect to other computers - at work, for example.
Transport digital photo albums.
Transport files from one computer to another computer. For example, instead of
putting files at work on a zip or accessing them on your home computer via e-mail
or remote access, you can put the files on your Lyra Personal Jukebox.
Capture internet downloads.
Share information.

Check for Updates

Visit for the latest news and firmware
upgrades for our Lyra Personal Jukebox. You must update your system after new
downloads have been made in order for the new applications to be executed (Refer to
page 20).
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