RCA Lyra RD2800 User Manual
RCA Lyra RD2800 User Manual

RCA Lyra RD2800 User Manual

Lyra jukebox
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Lyra Jukebox
User's Guide
Changing Entertainment. Again.
6th Review • 5/10/2002


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for RCA Lyra RD2800

  • Page 1 Lyra Jukebox User’s Guide Changing Entertainment. Again. RD2800/RD2820 6th Review • 5/10/2002...
  • Page 2: Important Information

    Important Information WARNING To reduce the risk of electric CAUTION shock, do not remove cover (or To reduce the risk RISK OF ELECTRIC back). No user serviceable parts of fire or electric SHOCK DO NOT OPEN inside. Refer servicing to qualified shock, do not service personnel.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Chapter 1: Getting Started Things to consider before you get started..........4 Computer System Requirements ............. 4 Warning .................... 4 Caution ....................4 Caution While Driving ..............4 Back up your data ................4 What you want to know & where to go ............ 5 Unpack the box and check your parts ............
  • Page 4 Table of Contents Chapter 2: Lyra Jukebox Menus and Features Using the Play Modes ................. 34 How to access the play modes ............35 Repeat A-B ....................35 Adjusting DSP Settings ................36 Personalizing DSP Output (GRAPHIC EQ menu item) ....37 Setting LCD Preferences (SYSTEM SETTINGS menu) ........
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Chapter 1 Getting Started Chapter Overview: • Things to consider before you get started • What’s where — what you want to know and where to go • Parts checklist • Overview of Lyra Jukebox buttons • Basic operation (how to play music on your Lyra Jukebox) •...
  • Page 6: Things To Consider Before You Get Started

    Stop operation of the unit if you find it disruptive or distracting while driving. Back up your data As with any device that has a hard drive, you must back up the drive. RCA and Thomson multimedia are not responsible for lost data. Chapter 1...
  • Page 7: What You Want To Know & Where To Go

    Getting Started What you want to know Go to page ... Parts checklist — everything that was in the Lyra box Buttons — where they are and what they do Operation — the details If the information on the printed QuickStart guide wasn’t enough, this section gives you a little more detail about the basics of sorting and playing music on your Lyra Jukebox.
  • Page 8: Unpack The Box And Check Your Parts

    Getting Started Unpack the box and check your parts Your Lyra Jukebox came with everything you need to make music portable — all of the items shown below should have been packed in the box with your Lyra Jukebox. stop mode select Lyra Jukebox...
  • Page 9: Overview Of Buttons And The Display

    Getting Started Overview of buttons and the display The following pages explain what each button does — some of the buttons have more than one function depending upon whether you’re playing music or not. stop save select select Volume up – Increases the volume level. SELECT–...
  • Page 10 Getting Started SORT BY Artist stop Album Title save select select Genre User Playlists Audio Files HELP MORE soft key 2 soft key 4 soft key 1 soft key 3 Left arrow button – When you’re playing music, press and release to skip back to the previous song (to scan backwards in the song that’s playing, press and hold).
  • Page 11 Getting Started DC IN POWER RESET CHARGE dc in reset power charge Back view POWER indicator – Lights when the Lyra Jukebox is on (receiving power from the DC IN jack). CHARGE indicator – Lights when the battery is charging and when the Lyra Jukebox is receiving power from the DC IN jack.
  • Page 12: Basic Operation

    Getting Started Basic Operation The information in this section presumes you’ve successfully transferred files to your Lyra Jukebox, and you’re ready to play some music. If you need specific set-up information (downloading music, transferring files, installing software), go to page 22. If you want more detailed information about the Lyra Jukebox’s features, go to page 34.
  • Page 13: Playback Operation

    Getting Started USER PLAYLIST 1 My favorite song stop Simon and Caroline The Two of Us save Classic Rock 00:00:42 select select 0001/0012 128K FLAT BACK INFO Playback operation • To scan backwards in the track that’s playing, press and hold (the left arrow button).
  • Page 14: Operation: Step-By-Step Examples

    Lyra). If your Lyra Jukebox isn’t already on, turn it on (press and hold the button for two seconds). The RCA Lyra logo flashes on the screen, and then the main menu appears the SORT BY menu. Chapter 1...
  • Page 15: Sort By Artist

    Getting Started Sort by Artist SORT BY Artist Album Highlight Artist (press the up or down arrow Title button). Genre User Playlists Audio Files Note: You can also highlight items on the HELP MORE screen by pressing the soft keys when they have arrows above them.
  • Page 16: Sort By Album

    Getting Started Highlight the desired song. ANOTHER RECORD 01 A Song for You 02 Be Yourself • To play the song, press (the play/pause 08 Assume the Worst button). 09 Do Your Best 10 Another Song • To go to the previous menu, press soft key 1 INFO BACK (BACK).
  • Page 17: Sort By Title

    Getting Started To see the songs for the album highlighted, HAPPY MUSIC II press SELECT (the songs on that album 01 A Song For You 02 Do Your Best appear). 03 Be Yourself 04 Integrity Song The SELECT button may be used alternately 05 Freedom to select and de-select titles that you want to INFO...
  • Page 18: Sort By Genre

    Getting Started • To see the titles from R - Z, press soft key 4. TITLE A Song For You Anytime You Want t... • To return to the SORT BY menu, press soft Be Yourself key 1 (labeled MAIN). Details of Today Do Your Best •...
  • Page 19 Getting Started To see a list of artists for the genre you’ve DISCO Cool Caroline’s... highlighted, press SELECT (a list of artists for Disco King Simon that genre appears). To jump to the complete Disco Madness Band Disco Queen Artist listing, press soft key 4 (ARTST). Disco Sanity Gold Disco Band MAIN...
  • Page 20: Sort By User Playlists

    Getting Started Sort by User Playlists SORT BY Artistt Highlight User Playlists (press the up or down Album Title arrow button, or soft key 1 or soft key 2). Genre User Playlists Audio Files HELP MORE Soft key 1 Soft key 2 Press SELECT (a list of User Playlists you’ve USER PLAYLISTS Playlist1.m3u...
  • Page 21: Sort By Audio Files

    Getting Started • Delete a song from the playlist by DEL (delete) PLAYLIST1.M3U All About Yout — soft key 3 — (a screen appears asking you Ego Waltz to confirm that you want to delete this item). Global Gone Mad Losing Faith Lucky Me Audio...
  • Page 22: Sort By All Files

    Getting Started • To get more info about the song, press soft key 4 (INFO). Note: The information provided in the INFO screen depends upon the ID3 tags that have been set up for the song. Sort by All Files SORT BY Album Title...
  • Page 23: Lcd Screen During Playback

    Getting Started LCD Screen During Playback PLAYLIST 1 My favorite song Simon and Caroline The Two of Us Classic Rock 00:00:42 0005/0012 128K FLAT BACK INFO This picture illustrates what you’ll see on your Lyra Jukebox LCD screen when you’re playing music. LCD Screen during Playback Playlist name, or path of file Song title or file name –...
  • Page 24: Setup Information - The Details

    Getting Started Setup Information – the details Install software in your computer The Music Management CD that came with your Lyra Jukebox contains all of the necessary software components you need to make your Lyra Jukebox work properly. These components do the following: •...
  • Page 25 Getting Started Note: This book only discusses the • The System Profiler Application component MusicMatch features that directly apply to must be installed in order for the Lyra Jukebox your Lyra Jukebox. For additional to function properly. This application allows you information about MusicMatch Jukebox to sort and profile the music that you’ve features such as MusicMatch radio MX,...
  • Page 26 17. Some computers might request that you reboot your computer (a dialog box will appear on the computer screen if this is necessary). Note: As with any device that has a hard drive, you must back up the drive. RCA and Thomson are not responsible for lost data.
  • Page 27: Step 2: Launch The Musicmatch Software

    USB Mass Storage device for the that has a hard drive, you drive letter associated with the Lyra Jukebox, must back up the drive. RCA and click STOP. See the Windows Help for and Thomson are not details about the Unplug or Eject Hardware responsible for lost data.
  • Page 28: Set Up The Recorder Settings

    Getting Started The first time you launch MusicMatch, a Getting Started screen appears providing information about MusicMatch and the software. Detailed information, Getting Started tips, and troubleshooting are available through the Help menu and the MusicMatch internet site (accessed from the Help and Site menus). We recommend you familiarize yourself with the MusicMatch Welcome Tips and view the On-line FAQs before using and recording files.
  • Page 29 Getting Started Select the Recording Quality level – CD Quality MP3 (128Kbps) is recommended • MP3 audio is MPEG Layer-3 Audio available at various encoding bit rates. The highest bit rate has the best quality sound, but uses the most disk space.
  • Page 30: Save Cd Tracks To Play On Your Pc Or In Your Lyra Jukebox

    Getting Started Save CD tracks to play on your PC or in your Lyra Jukebox Insert a CD into your CD-ROM drive. If you are connected to the internet, MusicMatch Jukebox will retrieve information about the CD in the CD-ROM drive. Note: If you are on a LAN system and the titling feature does not work, contact your administrator.
  • Page 31: Download Music From The Internet

    Getting Started Main player Playlist area area MUSIC GUIDE tab (window) ADD button Music Library window Download music from the Internet Make sure you’re connected to the internet. Click MUSIC GUIDE to connect to the MusicMatch download site. Note: You can also select Show MusicMatch Guide from View in the Options menu to display this window.
  • Page 32: Creating Personalized Playlists

    Getting Started Creating Personalized Playlists To create a playlist, you can drag and drop files from your Music Library or you can open an existing playlist. To manually add tracks to the playlist, double click on the track or drag and drop the track from the Music Library into the playlist display (the song automatically starts playing if no other song is playing).
  • Page 33: Step 3: Transfer Files To Your Lyra Jukebox

    Getting Started Step 3: Transfer audio files to your Lyra Jukebox Once you’ve created the current playlist that contains all of the songs you want to transfer to your Lyra Jukebox, follow the steps below: If your Lyra Jukebox isn’t already connected to your computer, use the mini-USB cable that came with your LyraJukebox to connect the LyraJukebox to the computer.
  • Page 34 Getting Started This is the Refresh button Portable Delete button Device Memory Device connected to area your computer’s USB port (in this example, your Lyra Jukebox) Files to Download Files stored on your area Lyra Jukebox’s hard drive Progress indicator Download button After you have selected all of the music you want to transfer to your Lyra Jukebox, click the Download button on the bottom of the screen.
  • Page 35: Chapter Overview

    Chapter 2 Features & Menus Chapter Overview: • Play modes (Repeat, A-B Repeat, Shuffle, etc.) • Adjusting DSP settings (flat, rock, jazz, etc.) • Setting LCD preferences (contrast, backlight, etc) • Connecting your Lyra Jukebox to your car stereo • Connecting your Lyra Jukebox to your stereo system •...
  • Page 36: Using The Play Modes

    Features & Menus Using the Play Modes Once you have music transferred to your Lyra Jukebox you can use the MODE button to access different play modes that are used in other audio equipment: Shuffle, Repeat 1, Repeat, Repeat All, Repeat Shuffle. Note: The REPEAT A-B play mode can only be accessed when you’re playing music, go to page 35 for more information.
  • Page 37: How To Access The Play Modes

    Features & Menus How to access the play modes During navigation mode (you’ve turned on your Lyra Jukebox, but you are using the menu system and not playing music) Press the MODE button (the MODE SETTINGS menu appears). Press the arrow down button (or soft key 2) or the arrow up button (soft key 3) until the play mode you want to use is highlighted.
  • Page 38: Adjusting Dsp Settings

    Features & Menus Adjusting DSP Settings DSP Settings (Digital Signal Processor settings) adjust the the various levels of the audio output for different types of songs. For example, the DSP setting for BASS makes the bass sounds more prominent. You can also personalize the levels via the GRAPHIC EQ menu item.
  • Page 39: Personalizing Dsp Output (Graphic Eq Menu Item)

    Features & Menus Personalizing DSP Output (GRAPHIC SORT BY Artist EQ menu item) Album Title Genre During navigation, press soft key 1 (DSP). User Playlists Audio Files INFO HELP Soft key 1 Press soft key 2 (arrow down) until GRAPHIC DSP SETTINGS FLAT EQ is highlighted (the GRAPHIC EQ submenu...
  • Page 40: Setting Lcd Preferences (System Settings Menu)

    Features & Menus Setting LCD Preferences (SYSTEM SETTINGS menu) You can personalize the setting of your LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). From the SORT BY menu (the main menu), press SORT BY Artist soft key 4 (MORE). Four new menu items Album appear at the bottom of the LCD screen.
  • Page 41 Features & Menus SYSTEM SETTINGS • Backlight Timeout: you can adjust the amount Backlight Timeout of time that the backlight stays on by LCD Contrast highlighting Backlight Timeout. Press (the right arrow button on your Lyra Jukebox) to increase the amount of time. Press (the left BACK HELP...
  • Page 42 Features & Menus Playing Your Lyra Jukebox in your car stereo The cassette adapter lets you listen to the Lyra in an automobile or RV safely without having to wear headphones. The car kit is included with your Lyra Jukebox. This accessory kit includes a car cord adapter (#54095) and a cassette adapter (#54097).
  • Page 43 Features & Menus Playing Your Lyra Jukebox on your stereo system Your Lyra Jukebox came with a Line Out Cable that you can use to connect your Lyra to your audio system. Make sure your Lyra Jukebox is off. Connect the black end of the cable to the LINE OUT jack on your Lyra Jukebox player.
  • Page 44: Portable Hard Drive Capability

    Features & Menus Portable Hard Drive Capability Thus far, this User’s Guide has discussed your RD 2800 Lyra Jukebox player’s music functions. However, this is the first Lyra model that has a hard drive (other models required a compact flash card). Since it has a 10-gigabyte hard drive, you can use it to transport files —...
  • Page 45: Chapter 3: Additional Information

    Chapter 3 Additional Information Chapter Overview: • Tips & Troubleshooting • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) • Specifications & System Requirements • Limited Warranty • Index Changing Entertainment. Again.
  • Page 46: Tips And Troubleshooting

    Additional Information Tips and Troubleshooting Problem: Player repeats same tracks or all tracks. • Repeat play is turned on. Press the MODE button to change the play mode. Problem: Audio distorted at high volume. • In DSP mode, reduce the BASS gain. •...
  • Page 47: Faq (Frequently Asked Questions)

    ISDN lines, and over the internet. Specifications & System Requirements Hardware • Dimensions: 1.1" D, 5.1" W, 3.0" H • Unit Weight: 11.0 Ounces 10 Giga Byte Storage (RD2800) / 20 Giga Byte Storage (RD2820) • • Stereo Headphone Jack • Adaptive Navigation Softkeys •...
  • Page 48 Disc player is capable of storing any file type allowing the user a fast, convenient method of storing, retrieving, and transferring files. Including word processing files, presentations, spreadsheets and any other computer files. Capacity: 10GB (RD2800) / 20GB (RD2820) • •...
  • Page 49 Additional Information PC Hardware Requirements – 233MHz or higher (Pentium II 300 MHz or higher recommended) – Windows® 98SE, Me, XP or 2000 – Internet Explorer 4.0 or better with Internet access – 32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended) – Free hard disk space (4 MB for the software plus 1 MB for every minute of CD quality audio that will be stored on the PC).
  • Page 50: Limited Warranty

    Additional Information Limited Warranty What your warranty covers: • Defects in materials or workmanship. For how long after your purchase: • 90 days from date of purchase - Unit repair or exchange, which includes parts and labor. • 91 days to 1 year from date of purchase - Unit repair or exchange, which includes parts only;...
  • Page 51 Additional Information • Write the SR number on the outside of the carton used to return the unit. Make sure you insure your shipment in case of damage or loss. • Carefully pack the unit using the original box and packing material if possible. Please retain all non-defective accessories that were included with your unit such as the headphones.
  • Page 53: Index

    Additional Information Index STOP/power 8 up arrow 8 A-B Repeat 35 volume down 7, 11 AC/DC adapter charger 6 volume up 7, 11 Adapter AC/DC 6 car 6, 40 Cables ADD button 29 line out 6, 9 Album menu 14 USB 6 All Files menu 20 Analog setting 27...
  • Page 54 Line out cable 41 unplug 12 LINE OUT jack 9 ID3 tags 15 LOCK switch 9 Important information 2 Logo, RCA 12 Installing software 22 Loss of data 4 Instruction book 23 Lyra Jukebox profiler application icon Instructions setup 22...
  • Page 55 User Playlists 18 menu 25 Mini USB cable 6, 24 Missing file message 44 MODE button 7, 11 RCA Lyra logo 12 MP3 27 Rearranging the order of the songs 19 Music Guide 29 Recorder settings 26 Music Library 29...
  • Page 56 Additional Information SAVE button 7 Unplug icon 12 SELECT button 7 Up arrow button 8 Settings menu 26 Update Lyra MP3/Personal Jukebox System menu Setup instructions 22 Soft keys 8 USB 23 Software 22 USB cable 6, 24 SORT BY menu 10 USB port 9 Sorting User Playlists 30...
  • Page 57 (This page intentionally left blank.)
  • Page 58 Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. Thomson multimedia Inc. P.O. Box 1976 Indianapolis, IN 46206-1976 ©2002 Thomson multimedia Inc.

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