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Honeywell TURBO FORCE HT-900 Series Owner's Manual page 3

High velocity circulators
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• Be sure the fan is in the OFF position.
• Place your fan on a dry, level surface.
• Plug the power cord into a polarized 120 volt AC wall outlet.
• To operate, turn the control knob to the desired fan speed: HIGH (III),
MEDIUM (II) or LOW (I) (Fig. 4).
• Adjust the fan to the desired angular air output direction.
• To move the fan, turn the fan OFF and pick it up by the concealed handle
that is located on the outside rim of the fan (Fig. 5).
(HT-900 Series Only)
• Locate and mark the position on the wall where the fan will be mounted (preferably at a wall stud).
• Insert two screws into the wall stud. (Screws are not included and can be purchased at a
hardware store)
• Use #8, 1" length screws, leave 3/8" below screw head (bolt) exposed from the wall.
• Line up the openings on the base of the fan with the screws (bolts) and hang the fan on the wall.
NOTE: HF-910 Series and HT-908 Series cannot be wall-mounted
Unplug the fan before cleaning.
Fig. 4
• Use only a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe the fan clean.
• DO NOT immerse the fan in water and never allow water to drip into
the motor housing.
• DO NOT use gasoline, paint thinner or other chemicals to clean the fan.
Fig. 5
DO NOT remove the fan grille unless the power is turned off and
the power cord is unplugged.
• Gently lay the fan face down on a table (Fig. 6).
• Screws are located in the holes around the back grille of the fan (Fig. 7).
• After the screws in each hole are located, insert a standard Phillips Head
screw driver
NOTE: Screwdriver head should fit comfortably in the hole without being
too tight or leaving too much room. A screwdriver with a head that is
too small will have trouble engaging the screw.
• Each screw should be engaged and loosened by unscrewing each head
to the left.
• Once all screws have been loosened, slowly lift the fan up off the surface
using the back carrying handle, and separate the front grille along the seam
where the screws were located (Fig. 8).
NOTE: Screws will sometimes fall out of the back of the unit
once loosened, so be sure not to stand the fan up or tip it
over too quickly.
• To reassemble the fan, collect all of the screws and lay the fan on its back
(Fig. 9).
• Place the front grille onto the unit, lining up the notch in the grille,
with the notch along the bottom of the fan (Fig. 10).
• Once the grille is aligned with the body of the fan, and each screw hole
matches up, flip the unit to lay it face down on a flat surface.
• Insert each screw into a hole and gently tighten each screw. Ensure that
the front grille and the bottom of the fan are tightly secured together.
• For storage, clean the fan carefully as instructed. Store the fan in the
original packaging or cover the product to protect it from dust.
into one of the screw holes.
Fig. 6
Fig. 7
Fig. 8
Fig. 9
Fig. 10



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