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Lenovo IBM Storwize V5000 Product Manual Page 13

Highly flexible, easy to use virtualized storage system.
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Note: Storwize V5000 functional capabilities that are described in this product guide are based on the
Spectrum Virtualize Software for Storwize V5000 version 7.8.
The following functions are included with every Storwize V5000:
RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10
Provides the flexibility to choose the level of data protection that is required.
Distributed RAID 5 and 6 for internal storage
Helps improve performance and availability with significantly faster rebuild time by allowing data to
be distributed across more physical drives that are used simultaneously.
Dual-system clustering
Storwize V5000 systems can be clustered to help deliver greater performance, bandwidth, and
scalability. A Storwize V5000 clustered system can contain two Storwize V5000 systems and up to
960 drives.
HyperSwap for Spectrum Virtualize
Provides dual-site, active-active access to a volume for high availability and disaster recovery
configurations. With active-active relationships between the volume copies at each site, HyperSwap
configurations can be used to maintain access to data on the system when site-wide failures or
outages occur, using a flexible choice of host multipathing drivers.
Note: HyperSwap feature requires a Remote Mirroring license and a third site to host an FC- or IP-
based quorum device for an automatic tie-break in the event of a potential link failure between the
two main sites.
Virtualization of internal storage
Enables rapid, flexible provisioning and simple configuration changes.
Thin provisioning
Optimizes efficiency by allocating drive storage space in a flexible manner among multiple
applications that is based on the minimum space that is required by each application at any time.
With thin provisioning, applications use only the space they are actually using (not the total space
that was allocated to them) which allows clients to purchase storage they need today and add
storage as application requirements grow.
One-way data migration
Enables easy and nondisruptive moves of volumes from another storage system onto the Storwize
V5000 Storage System by using FC or SAS connectivity.
Embedded GUI
Intuitive, web-based next-generation GUI for easy system set up and management.
The Storwize V5000 storage capabilities can be expanded with optional licensed functions. Each optional
Storwize V5000 software license is required for each control enclosure, expansion enclosure, and
externally virtualized enclosures.
The following optional licensed functions are available:
Easy Tier
Easy Tier provides a mechanism to seamlessly migrate frequently accessed data between three tiers
of storage (Flash drives, SAS, NL SAS). This migration can be to different tiers of internal drives or to
external storage systems that are virtualized by Storwize V5000.
Enables creation of copies of data for backup, parallel processing, testing, and development and
have the copies available almost immediately. Storwize V5000 supports up to 2,048 FlashCopy
targets per system and up to 4,096 FlashCopy targets per cluster.
IBM Storwize V5000 for Lenovo


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