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Installing The Projector; Assembly Of The Mounting Unit For Table Projection - NEC NP01TK Installation And Adjustment Manual

Mounting unit for table projection
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Installing the Projector

Before installing
1. Study the installation location of the screen and decide the installation location of the mounting unit for table projec-
tion. (refer page ENG-4)
• The projector cannot be installed for slanting projection and sideways projection.
2. Check that the position of installation meets the conditions in "Please heed the following" on page ENG-2 of these in-
• Because the elevation angle of the projector's optical axis is large, small shifts in the projection distance will change the size and position of
the projected image significantly. Also, if the direction in which the projector is facing is off, the distortion of the image increases.
1. Get ready a handheld Phillips screwdriver (magnetized type).
2. Remove the projector's cable cover. For instructions, see the respective operating instructions.

■ Assembly of the mounting unit for table projection

1. Attach the slide arm to the
U-shaped bracket.
(1) The legs (4 locations) of the U-shaped bracket should
face downwards. Align the screw holes of the slide arm to
the screw holes of the U-shaped bracket and then plug in
the slide arm.
(2) Tighten the M4 × 15 screws (2 units).
(3) Tighten the front with the M4 × 15 screws (2 units).
2. Attach the projector to the
projector mounting adapter.
Align the screw holes of the projector mounting adaptor to
the screw holes at the bottom of the projector and use the
four enclosed M4 × 10 screws to securely tighten the projec-
• Lay a thick and soft piece of cloth on the floor so that the
projector does not get scratched.
• Be careful not to touch the projector's projection window
when mounting the projector.
• Mounting the projector using screws other than
the included ones could damage the projector or
result in it falling and causing injury. Be sure to
use the included screws.
• The projector mounting adapter will be pulled
upwards by the force of the leaf spring. It is
designed to be balanced by the weight of the
projector. Be careful not to let your fingers get
caught when moving the adapter before mount-
Slide arm
U-shaped bracket
Legs (4 locations)
Insert the screws into the
holes at these two locations
to mount the projector.
Projector mounting adapter


Table of Contents

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