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Mitsubishi Electric MAC-568 User Manual

Wi-fi controler.
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   Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric MAC-568

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    13. Support 14. Supported Hardware / Software 15. Safety Precautions 16. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 17. MAC-568 Troubleshooting 18. Terms & Conditions, Privacy Please Note: All the information in this manual is only relevant to version 3.0+ of the Wi-Fi Control App and the Wi-Fi Control website:

  • Page 3: Introducing Wi-fi Heat Pump Control

    Multiple Units, One App use your traditional heat pump remote. Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control gives you the ability to The Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control service has been designed control the heating and cooling needs of multiple units not...

  • Page 4: The Wi-fi Connection Set Up

    Wireless Internet access will be needed at the location where You will need a PC, tablet, smartphone or other internet the Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump system is to be installed. enabled device to be able to connect to Wi-Fi Heat Pump Please also check that your broadband package does not Control.

  • Page 5

    Does your router have WPS functionality? Temperature Rules this will only work correctly if the system MAC-568: The MAC-568 does not require a router with WPS is able to communicate with the Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control functionality, but can be activated by WPS Push Pairing if server when the system next reconnects.

  • Page 6: Reset Button

    Control service. The unauthorised use and redistribution of the firmware of the Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Interface The Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Interface has a reset button if is strictly prohibited. Use of a Wi-Fi Interface is therefore you wish to reset the device and make a new connection deemed as confirmation that the user has accepted this to your router.

  • Page 7: How To Access

    Just search for “Mitsubishi Wi-Fi Control” or follow the direct If accessing the Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control service via a links on your local Mitsubishi Electric website to download: PC you will not need to download or install the Wi-Fi Heat...

  • Page 8: How To Register

    4. HOW TO REGISTER WI-FI HEAT PUMP CONTROL Register Account Please select “Register” to begin the user registration process. 1. Email/Password User Registration Step 1 is where you will need to provide personal and security information required to be able to use the service.

  • Page 9: Wi-fi Set Up Quick Reference Guide

    Wi-Fi Interface and is available to download from the Wi-Fi Control App under ‘Support’, or follow the ‘How to Setup’ GUIDE instructions from the Wi-Fi Control App under ‘Support’. Instructions for MAC-568 only. Please see Installation Guide for MAC-558/559 Wi-Fi Interface Setup. Set up (every second)

  • Page 10: Adding Aheat Pump

    Adding a Unit To add a system on the Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control service you will need to have a compatible Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Interface connected to your Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump system and be connected to the Internet via a router.

  • Page 11: Controlling Your Heat Pump

    The Room Temperature is the return air temperature* and may include temperature offset settings. Airflow Direction *When connected to a Mitsubishi Electric Ducted System (Only if unit supports this function) and PAC-ZC Zone Controller the Room temperature is the...

  • Page 12

    Group Control (Only available when controlling multiple units) Group Control allows users to send a one-off command to Select building name. every unit within a group/building once a group/building has been set up (for more see Section 10). Group Control can be accessed in two ways: 1.

  • Page 13: Editing Your Heat Pump

    8. EDITING YOUR HEAT PUMP Edit a Unit The Edit Unit functions allow you to change specific unit information; change the name of unit, select which rule set you wish to apply to the unit, move the unit to a different building (if multiple buildings are set up and applicable), select the unit type and model, or even delete this unit from your account.

  • Page 14: Rules

    PAC-ZC Zone Controller.) Programme your system to automatically turn On/Off at specific times, change settings, develop temperature rules, When connected to a compatible Mitsubishi Electric Ducted and open/close different areas/zones* to ensure superior, system, functionality and interaction are expanded to levels energy efficient comfort day after day.

  • Page 15

    How to Add/Edit a Rule Set To assign a ‘Rule Set’ you must first create one or select from one of our templates. To add a new rule set. 1. Select the heat pump you wish to control. 2. Select ‘Edit’ to enter the edit unit screen. Here you will see a heading ‘Which rule to use’.

  • Page 16

    7 Day Timer 1. Select ‘7 Day Timer’ under ‘Add a Rule’. 2. Choose a time that you would like to set one of the following 6 available modes 3. Select a mode from the drop down list. - Power Off Select “Add”...

  • Page 17

    Heat if Room Drops Below Set Minimum Temperature 1. Select ‘Heat if room drops below set minimum temperature’ under ‘Add a rule’ 2. Choose what time period you would like the rule to run. By default it is set at 9pm to 7am. Note that the 7am is the following day.

  • Page 18

    Cool if Room Rises Above Set Maximum Temperature 1. Select ‘Cool if room rises above set maximum temperature’ under ‘Add a rule’ 2. Choose what time period you would like the rule to run. By default it is set at 9pm to 7am. Note that the 7am is the following day.

  • Page 19: Buildings

    10. BUILDINGS Adding or Editing a Group/Building (Only available when controlling multiple units) When controlling multiple units, groups/buildings can be set up and maintained collectively. To access these functions use the menu navigation. To edit a group/building - click on the group/building name.

  • Page 20: External Control

    11. EXTERNAL CONTROL Wi-Fi Control has the ability to be controlled via another app or control system. URL Scheme You can control the Wi-Fi Control App via another app by using our URL Scheme. For more information about this please email us on Echonet Lite (MAC-568IF-E Only) Echonet Lite is an international home automation control communication protocol standard.

  • Page 21: Your Account

    12. YOUR ACCOUNT To access your account functions use the menu navigation. Edit User Change your personal details; name, address, phone numbers, email, password, and country in which the unit is installed (used to provide the correct time zone for rules and scheduling information of the unit).

  • Page 22: Support

    Mitsubishi Electric for technical support. Version At the bottom of the menu navigation you will see the version number of the software.

  • Page 23: Supported Hardware / Software

    HARDWARE / SOFTWARE Heat Pump Models Compatible Devices and Browsers Operating Systems The following Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump/Air Conditioner indoor models can be connected to the Wi-Fi Heat Pump Android versions 4.1+ Control service via the Wi-Fi Interface: Apple iOS 8.0+...

  • Page 24: Safety Precautions

    15. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS • If the Wi-Fi Interface is close to a cordless phone or • If you leave your heat pump/air conditioner on for device emitting radio waves such as a microwave a long period of time at high temperatures whilst oven, data communication speed may be reduced or leaving windows and doors open, condensation may communication may be lost.

  • Page 25: Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

    Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control service? Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control service. If you are using the Timer A. If you have a MAC-568 you do not require a router with a function in the Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control service please delete WPS button.

  • Page 26

    A. MAC-568: If a mistake is made during the set-up of the Is it possible to connect using my existing router? Wi-Fi Control pairing process simply hold down the RESET button for 15 seconds to restart the process.

  • Page 27

    I have chosen a different secondary router and I am still having problems? Q. Do I have to use a compatible Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Interface, or can I use a third party Interface to connect to Mitsubishi Electric is unable to provide technical support...

  • Page 28

    Multi Room Wi-Fi Control Q. I have a Multi Room system with 6 indoors. How many Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Interfaces do I need to buy? A. For MXZ systems you will need a Wi-Fi Interface for each indoor unit that you wish to control via the Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control service.

  • Page 29: Mac-568 Troubleshooting

    17. MAC-568 TROUBLESHOOTING Your Wi-Fi Interface is not connected to any router Please start setup again. Your Wi-Fi Interface is not communicating to your router Your router is not communicating to the internet...

  • Page 30: Terms & Conditions, Privacy

    18. TERMS & CONDITIONS, PRIVACY For the latest Terms & Conditions, Privacy Notes Policy. Please refer to our website; For New Zealand: For Australia: Or access under Support via the main menu navigation.

  • Page 31

    Mitsubishi Electric New Zealand Mitsubishi Electric Australia WELLINGTON SYDNEY // HEAD OFFICE // HEAD OFFICE 1 Parliament Street 384 Victoria Road PO Box 30772 Rydalmere Lower Hutt 5040 NSW 2116 Phone 0800 639 434 Phone 1300 728 119...

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