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GE 45236 User Manual page 3

Wireless color surveillance system
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3.To use the camera power adapter, connect power jack to the rear of the tabletop base.
Make sure the Camera is within reach of an AC power outlet.
4.Select the camera operating channel on the slide switch by moving slide switches to
1, 2channels' position. Switch is preset to channel 1.
5. The Camera (Transmitter) installation is now complete.
Installing the LCD Monitor///
Main Operation
1.Plug AC power supplier of the LCD monitor into the power jack in the rear of the
LCD monitor base.
2.Turn on the LCD monitor by pressing the top POWER button.
3.The LCD monitor can be set on the tabletop.
Optimizing the Wireless Camera System///
The 900MHz signals pass easily through your home's interior walls, but the signal
may be reflected by power wires or plumbing inside the wall.
Multi-Camera Operation///
The Wireless Surveillance System is designed to work with up to two cameras.
Additional cameras and rechargeable lithium battery packs for camera are sold
When using more than one camera, make sure each camera is assigned to a specific
channel by adjusting the corresponding slide switch.
Accordingly the DIP switch located on the back of the LCD monitor should be
adjusted to reflect the channel in use.



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