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GE 45236 User Manual page 2

Wireless color surveillance system
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Thanks for your purchasing of the 45236 Wireless Color Surveillance System. The 45236 kit is a
combined wireless color camera & video monitor/receiver. An ideal combination for watching the
baby, monitoring the porch, pets, yard or the pool. It is also suited to many small business
*900MHz wireless technology
*2.5-inch LCD for good picture display
*Plug and play installation
* Sound trigger function
*Supports up to 2 cameras
*Monitor can work with 3 modes: Scan, Auto & Manual
*Adjustable cycle time between cameras in Auto mode
*Camera can be wall or table mounting and the monitor can be tabletop mounting
*The LCD Brightness, Color, Contrast, Alarm volume & Audio volume are all
System Contents
Identify all parts before proceeding with installation.
Things to Consider Before Installation///
For best performance, follow these simple guidelines:
*The camera should be aimed accordingly to optimize viewing area.
*For best transmission, avoid installations where there are thick walls or major
obstructions between the camera & LCD monitor.
Installing the Camera(Transmitter)///
1.Unpack the Camera.
2.Decide whether the Camera will be wall-mounted or sit on a desk/tabletop. If wall
mounting, use drilling template on the back cover of these instructions. If using the
tabletop base, attach the camera to the stand as shown. The Camera can be adjusted
for either mounting scenario by rotating the Camera head to the required position.



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