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Rfid reader
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Regulatory Guide
FX9500 Installation and Usage
Refer to the FX9500 User Guide, p/n 72E-150900-xx for more information on the
following installation and usage instructions:
• Mechanical Installation
Mounting the RFID Reader
Mounting the Antennas
• Electrical Installation
Connecting the Serial Port
Connecting the USB Ports
Connecting and Configuring the Ethernet Port
Connecting the Antennas
Connecting Digital Inputs/Outputs
Connecting the Power
• RFID Reader Operation with Web Console
• Configuring Web Console
Basic Configuration
Advanced Functions
• Configuring Digital Inputs/Outputs
Digital Inputs and Digital Outputs
Digital I/O Monitoring and Control Scripts
Digital Input Alarm Generation
Digital I/O Hardware Connection

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FX9500 User Guide, p/n 72E-150900-xx
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