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The FX9500 RFID Reader is equipped with four status indicators located on the
top of the enclosure. These LEDs provide indication for the following:
Sense - Indicates RFID Reader has detected a tag in the RF field
Transmit - Indicates the RFID Reader's transmitter is operating (RF on)
Fault - Indicates a fault occurred
Power - Indicates that power is applied to the RFID Reader.
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Reader Software

The FX9500 is shipped with a software application called the Web Console that
can be used to configure and control the RFID Reader.The Web Console is an
embedded RFID Reader application that provides the ability to access RFID
Readers across the internet. Enter the IP address of the RFID Reader into a web
browser and the Web Console allows you to fully modify and operate the RFID
Reader. This application provides the ability to modify the RFID Reader's
communication, network, and operational parameters. Also, the ability to read
tags, review tag data, perform diagnostics, and upload new software. This
application is primarily intended for configuring and managing deployed RFID
Readers. For detailed information, refer to the FX9500 RFID Reader User Guide.
FX9500 RFID Reader Status Indicators
FX9500 RFID Reader


Table of Contents

Table of Contents