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Electrical Installation; Electrical Requirements; Connect Electrical Supply; Check The Installation - Bosch NET8068SUC Installation Manual

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Table of Contents

Electrical Installation

Electrical requirements

You can find the identification plate with the electrical
specifications on the underside of the appliance. The
junction box must be located within 3 feet of the cooktop
connection. It should be easily accessible for service
Refer to data plate for more information. See "Data Plate"
under "Service" for data plate location.
Power supply
240 V AC, 60 Hz
system: circuit
NET8068SUC 40 Amp
40 Amp
NET8668SUC 50 Amp
50 Amp
NETP068SUC 40 Amp
NETP668SUC 40 Amp
30 Amp
40 Amp

Connect Electrical Supply

The electrical power supply system should be a 1-phase,
3-wire system with ground connection. Install suitable
junction box (not furnished). An appropriately-sized, UL-
listed conduit connector must be used to correctly attach
the conduit to the junction box.
The branch-circuit breakers ampacity, the wire sizes and
the connections must conform to the requirements of the
National Electrical Code or Canadian Electrical Code and
all local codes and ordinances.
Attach flexible conduit to the junction box.
Metal conduit and leads are factory installed.
208 V AC, 60 Hz
Connect the cooktop lead wires to the junction box
system: circuit
supply wires in proper phase:
black (L1) to black
30 Amp
red (L2) to red
30 Amp
green or blank copper wire to ground
40 Amp

Check the Installation

40 Amp
40 Amp
40 Amp
30 Amp
40 Amp
Remove everything from the cooktop surface including
stickers. Clean cooktop surface with cooktop cleaning
Switch on the circuit breaker.
Verify that elements function properly.
Before installing, turn off at the service panel. Lock
service panel to prevent power from being turned
on accidentally.
To reduce the risk of electrical shock and fire, do
not use a flexible power-supply cord with this
appliance. Connect only to a 3 wire, 120/240-volt
power supply; the neutral conductor is not required
for the operation of the appliance. The potential at
the power supply electrical connections shall be
150-volts-to-ground or less.
Before you turn on power supply, make sure all
controls are in the OFF position.

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Table of Contents

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