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Pre-Installation Checklist - GE JP3030D Installation Instructions Manual

30 and 36” electric cooktop - radiant, excludes down-draft
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The electrical power to the
cooktop supply line must be shut off while
connections are being made. Failure to do so
could result in serious injury or death.
A When preparing cooktop opening, make sure
the inside of the cabinet and the cooktop do
not interfere with each other. (See section on
preparing the opening.)
B Remove packaging materials and literature
package from the cooktop before beginning
C Be sure to place all literature, Owner's Manual,
Installations, etc. in a safe place for future
D Make sure you have all the tools and materials
you need before starting the installation of the
E Your home must provide the adequate electrical
service needed to safely and properly use
your cooktop. (Refer to section on electrical
F When installing your cooktop in your home, make
sure all local codes and ordinances are followed
exactly as stated.
G Make sure the wall coverings, countertop and
cabinets around the cooktop can withstand heat
(up to 200°F) generated by the cooktop.
Installation Instructions
Literature Package
(Located under unit)
Installing cooktop in combination
with other products.
Both products must be installed according to
their specific product installation instructions.
Consideration must be given the separate
electrical requirements and locations:
Over one or two wall ovens:
• Only certain models may be installed over wall
ovens. The wall oven and cooktop will both
have a label stating which models are approved
in combination.
Over a Microwave:
• See microwave installation instructions for how
to install a microwave under a cooktop. For
vertical dimension of cooktop, see Approximate
Cooktop Dimensions section.
In combination with telescopic downdraft vent:
• See telescopic downdraft vent instructions for
how to install a vent behind a cooktop.
• The countertop must have a deep flat surface
to accommodate the combined installation of
the cooktop and vent.
Over a warming drawer:
• See warming drawer instructions for how to
install a warming drawer under a cooktop. For
vertical dimension of cooktop, see Approximate
Cooktop Dimensions section.

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