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Emi/rfi - Pride Hurricane PMV User Manual

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E M I / R F I
WARNING! Radio waves may interfere with the control of your Hurricane PMV.
Radio waves can cause unintended motion of Hurricane PMVs. Radio waves are a form of electromagnetic
energy (EM). When this energy unintentionally affects the operation of an electronic device, it is called Electromag-
netic Interference (EMI) or Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).
The following FAQs summarize what you should know about EMI/RFI. You may use this information to minimize
the risk that EMI/RFI will affect your Hurricane PMV.
Where do radio waves come from?
Radio waves are emitted from the antennas of cellular phones, mobile two-way radios (like walkie-talkies), radio
stations, TV stations, amateur radio (HAM) transmitters, wireless computer links, microwave sources, and paging
transmitters. Radio waves are a form of electromagnetic energy. Because EM is more intense closer to the trans-
mitting antenna (source of emission), the EM fields from two-way radios are of special concern.
If my Hurricane PMV is affected by EMI/RFI, what kind of motion should I expect?
This is difficult to predict. It would depend on a number of factors, including:
! Strength of the radio waves.
! Construction of the Hurricane PMV.
! Position of the Hurricane PMV (whether it is on level ground or on a slope).
! Whether or not the Hurricane PMV is in motion.
An affected Hurricane PMV's movement can be erratic. It may move by itself or come to a sudden stop. Further-
more, it is possible for EMI/RFI to unexpectedly release the brakes on a Hurricane PMV. Some intense sources
of EMI/RFI can even damage the control system.
Is there any way to know for sure whether radio waves are responsible for the unintended motion of my
Hurricane PMV?
Unfortunately, interference from radio wave sources may be difficult to recognize, since the signals from these
sources are invisible and may be intermittent. However, you should report all incidents of unintended motion or
brake release to the Hurricane PMV manufacturer and, if possible, note whether there was a radio wave source
nearby at the time of the incident.
Has anyone been hurt from erratic, unintended motion of personal mobility vehicles?
There are reports of injuries that resulted from the uncontrolled motion of PMVs. However, it is unclear how many
of these incidents were actually caused by radio wave interference.
Are all personal mobility vehicles susceptible to EMI/RFI?
Each make and model differs in its ability to resist electromagnetic interference. That is, each has a particular level
of "immunity" to interference, measured in volts per meter (V/m). A higher immunity level offers greater protection.
In other words, a PMV with a high immunity level is less likely to be affected by a strong radio source than one with
a low immunity level.
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Table of Contents

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