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First Use - Motorola MDC400 User Manual

Dashboard camera
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• When using the dashboard camera device in your
car, we recommend that you always use the
cigarette charger in order to maintain the battery
level. The unit is not designed to run on battery
power alone, the battery is there for backup
purposes only.

First Use

• Insert a SD card (not provided) in the SD card slot.
Your dashboard camera accepts SD cards of up to
32GB capacity (class 10). It is recommended that
you format the SD card. Please refer to the settings
described in this manual.
• Your dashboard camera will always power up and
begin recording automatically as soon as it is
connected to a power source.
Simply connect your dashboard camera to a power
source that comes on when you start the engine of
your vehicle, and the dashboard camera will start
recording automatically without you having to
remember to press on a button.
• You can also power it ON or OFF manually by
pressing the OK button.
• The power LED (Red) will turn ON when the power
is plugged in. Whenever the device is turned ON or
OFF, you will see a splash screen showing the
Motorola logo.
Getting Started

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