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Sony STR-DH590 Operating Instructions Manual

Multi channel av receiver
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Multi Channel
AV Receiver
Operating Instructions
Connection and Preparation
Menu/Other Functions



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  • Page 1 Multi Channel Connection and Preparation AV Receiver Playback Menu/Other Functions Operating Instructions Troubleshooting/ Specifications STR-DH590...
  • Page 2 Refer to ÉTATS-UNIS. NON APPLICABLE AU these numbers whenever you call upon your CANADA, Y COMPRIS LA PROVINCE DE Sony dealer regarding this product. QUÉBEC. Model No. STR-DH590 For the customers in the USA Serial No.
  • Page 3 12) Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, CAUTION bracket, or table specified by the You are cautioned that any changes or manufacturer, or sold with the apparatus. modifications not expressly approved in this When a cart is used, use caution when manual could void your authority to operate moving the cart/apparatus combination to this equipment.
  • Page 4 Europe should be sent to the manufacturer’s authorized For the customers in Europe representative, Sony Belgium, bijkantoor van Sony Europe Limited, Da Vincilaan 7-D1, 1935 Disposal of waste batteries Zaventem, Belgium. and electrical and electronic equipment (applicable in the...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Troubleshooting/ Specifications Supplied Items .......... 6 Troubleshooting ........40 Main Features of the Receiver ....7 Precautions ..........47 Parts and Controls ........8 Specifications ......... 48 On Copyrights ......... 50 Connection and On BLUETOOTH Communication ... 50 Preparation Supported Playable Formats ....52 Index ............53...
  • Page 6: Supplied Items

    URL or use the QR code reader function to access the site. • Calibration microphone (1) • Startup Guide (1) For the customers in Europe Explains how to connect the 5.1-channel strdh59/h_eu/ speaker system, perform initial settings and listen to connected devices.
  • Page 7: Main Features Of The Receiver

    Main Features of the Receiver Compatible with digital audio formats DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD are supported (only when devices are connected via HDMI cables). Compatible with high quality 4K video formats* The receiver supports HDCP 2.2, Dolby Vision, HDR10 and Hybrid Log-Gamma, letting you enjoy high quality video images (page 18).
  • Page 8: Parts And Controls

    Parts and Controls Receiver front panel   (power)  SPEAKERS Turns the receiver on or sets it to the Turns on or off the speaker system. standby mode. •“SPK ON”: The speaker system is turned on.  Power indicator •“OFF SPEAKERS”*: The speaker •Green: The receiver is turned on.
  • Page 9: Night Mode

     NIGHT MODE  INPUT SELECTOR Activates the Night Mode function Selects the input channel connected to which allows you to retain a theater- the device you want to use. like environment at low volume levels.  CALIBRATION MIC jack (page 26) Note ...
  • Page 10: Indicators On The Display Panel

    Indicators on the display panel  Input indicator Lights up to indicate the current input. Preset station number (The number will change according to the preset station you select.) Digital signals are input through the OPTICAL jack.  D.RANGE Lights up when dynamic range COAX compression is activated.
  • Page 11: Receiver Rear Panel

    Receiver rear panel  POWER SUPPLY port For power supply only.  HDMI IN/OUT jacks (page 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23) All of the HDMI IN/OUT jacks on the receiver support HDCP 2.2. HDCP 2.2 is newly enhanced copyright protection technology that is used to protect content such as 4K movies.
  • Page 12: Input Buttons

     Input buttons Remote control BLUETOOTH, MEDIA BOX, BD/DVD, SAT/CATV, GAME, SA-CD/CD, TV, FM Selects the input channel connected to the device you want to use. When you press any of the input buttons, the receiver turns on. Note When you press BLUETOOTH, the receiver turns on only if “BT POWER”...
  • Page 13 DIMMER Note Adjusts the brightness of the display • The above explanation is intended to serve as panel. examples. • Depending on the model of your connected  DISPLAY device, some functions explained in this section Displays information on the display may not work with the supplied remote control.
  • Page 14: Connection And Preparation

    Connection and Preparation 1: Deciding on the Speaker System Decide on the speaker system you want to set up according to the number of speakers and subwoofers that you are using. The illustration and table below indicate the types of speakers that can be connected to the receiver and the general positions for placing the speakers.
  • Page 15: 2: Setting/Connecting Speakers

    2: Setting/Connecting Speakers Set up the speakers and subwoofers in a room using the layout you prefer for your speaker system and connect them to the receiver. The speaker layout drawings on page 16 and 17 provide the ideal layout examples. You do not have to set up the speakers and subwoofers in exactly the same way as the layout examples.
  • Page 16 5.1-channel speaker system To fully enjoy theater-like multi-channel surround sound, you need five speakers (two front speakers, a center speaker, and two surround speakers) and a subwoofer.  30˚  100˚ – 120˚ Speaker cable (not supplied) Monaural audio cable (not supplied)
  • Page 17 2.1-channel speaker system If you select [Front Surround] for the sound field setting, you can enjoy surround effects equivalent to that of a 5.1-channel speaker system using only the two front speakers. Place the speakers as shown below and change the direction of the front speakers little by little to find the direction that provides the best surround effect.
  • Page 18: 3: Connecting A Tv

    About HDMI features • Sony recommends that you use an HDMI cable made by Sony or another HDMI-authorized cable. Be sure to use a High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet. For video signals that require a high bandwidth such as 4K/60p 4:4:4, 4:2:2 and 4K/60p 4:2:0 10 bit etc., be sure to use a Premium High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet, which supports bandwidths up to 18 Gbps.
  • Page 19 • All of the digital audio jacks are compatible with 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, and 96 kHz sampling frequencies. • When connecting a TV to the receiver via the TV IN jacks of the receiver, set the sound output jack of the TV to “Fixed”...
  • Page 20 When the Audio Return Channel (ARC)-compatible HDMI jack on the 4K TV is not compatible with HDCP 2.2 4K content copyright is protected by HDCP 2.2. To enjoy 4K content, connect the HDMI jack on the receiver to the HDCP 2.2-compatible HDMI jack on the TV using an HDMI cable. In this case, the TV sound cannot be sent to the receiver using the Audio Return Channel (ARC) function of the TV.
  • Page 21 Connecting a TV not compatible with 4K When an HDMI jack on the TV is Audio Return Channel (ARC)-compatible The Audio Return Channel (ARC) is a function that sends TV digital sound to audio-visual devices through an HDMI cable. If “ARC” is indicated for the TV’s HDMI input jack, this TV is compatible with the Audio Return Channel (ARC) function.
  • Page 22 When an HDMI jack on the TV is not Audio Return Channel (ARC)-compatible The Audio Return Channel (ARC) is a function that sends TV digital sound to audio-visual devices through an HDMI cable. If “ARC” is not indicated for the TV’s HDMI input jack, this TV is not compatible with the Audio Return Channel (ARC) function.
  • Page 23: 4: Connecting Audio-Visual Devices

    4: Connecting Audio-Visual Devices For notes when connecting audio-visual devices to the HDMI jacks on the receiver, see “About HDMI features” (page 18). Connecting devices with HDMI jacks Ultra HD Blu-ray™ player, Blu-ray Disc™ player, DVD player Media box Audio/Video Audio/Video signals signals...
  • Page 24 Connecting devices with analog audio jacks and coaxial digital audio jack Audio Video Audio Video signals signals signals signals Ultra HD Cable box or Blu-ray™ player, satellite box Blu-ray Disc™ player, DVD player To the TV’s VIDEO To the TV’s input jack VIDEO input jack Recommended connection...
  • Page 25: 5: Connecting The Fm Antenna (Aerial)

    5: Connecting the FM 6: Turning on the Antenna (aerial) Receiver and Performing Easy Setup Turn on the receiver and a TV to perform the initial settings in accordance with the instructions on the Easy Setup screen displayed on the TV. ...
  • Page 26: Selecting The Language

    Turn the TV on, and then 2. Selecting the language switch the input of the TV to the input to which the You can select the language of messages receiver is connected. on the screen. Press / to select your Press ...
  • Page 27 Note • Insert the plug of the calibration Before you perform Auto microphone all the way into the Calibration CALIBRATION MIC jack. If the calibration microphone is not connected securely, Check the following items: measurements may not be made properly. •...
  • Page 28 • Press HOME, AMP MENU, or  (muting) Confirm the instructions on on the remote control. the screen, and then press • Press SPEAKERS on the receiver. • Change the volume level. The measurement starts in 5 seconds. • Connect the headphones. The measurement process takes approximately 30 seconds.
  • Page 29: 7: Setting For Hdmi

    Setting the HDMI Signal Format 7: Setting for HDMI Select the appropriate setting for the Perform this setting when the receiver is connected TV and audio-visual devices. connected to a TV or audio-visual devices using an HDMI cable. Press AMP MENU, then press / and to select “<HDMI>”...
  • Page 30: Playback

    Start playback on the Playback connected device. Playing Back Sound and To enjoy the sound and image of a connected device without turning on the Images on Connected TV receiver, set “STBY.THRU” to “ON” in the “<HDMI>” menu. and/or Audio-Visual ...
  • Page 31: Playing Back Sound On A Bluetooth Device

    The receiver is Select “STR-DH590” on the searching for a Flashes slowly BLUETOOTH device to BLUETOOTH device display. connect If “STR-DH590” is not displayed, BLUETOOTH pairing Flashes quickly repeat this process from step 1. BLUETOOTH When the BLUETOOTH connection is connection is...
  • Page 32 Adjust the volume. Adjust the volume. Adjust the volume of the BLUETOOTH Adjust the volume of the BLUETOOTH device first. If the volume level is still device first. If the volume level is still too low, press  +/– to adjust the too low, press ...
  • Page 33: Selecting Sound Effects

    2 Press and hold MUSIC and press Selecting Sound Effects  (power) on the receiver.  (power) MUSIC Selecting a sound field You can select a sound field according to your speaker configuration, the audio “S.F. CLEAR” appears on the display content, or your individual preferences.
  • Page 34 Plays back all audio signals without adding any Direct DIRECT surround effect. HD Digital Cinema Sound (HD-D.C.S.) is Sony’s new innovative home theater technology using the latest acoustic and digital signal processing technologies. It is based on the precise response measurement data of a mastering studio.
  • Page 35 Relations between sound fields and speaker outputs The list below shows which speaker outputs sound when a certain sound field is selected. 2-channel content Front Center Surround Button Sound field Display panel Subwoofer speakers speaker speakers 2ch Stereo 2CH ST. –...
  • Page 36 Multi-channel content Front Center Surround Button Sound field Display panel speakers Subwoofer speakers speaker 2ch Stereo 2CH ST. – – – 2CH/    Multi Ch Stereo MULTI ST. MULTI    Direct DIRECT    HD-D.C.S. HD-D.C.S.
  • Page 37: Menu/Other Functions

    Home menu items Menu/Other Functions Menu Description Select to display video from Watch Operating Menu on the the connected device. Select to listen to sound from TV Screen Listen the built-in FM tuner or the connected device. Select to re-run the [Easy You can display the menu on the TV screen Easy Setup Setup] to make the basic...
  • Page 38: Selecting The Speaker Pattern

    Selecting the speaker pattern You can select the speaker pattern you want according to your speaker installation. AMP MENU Press AMP MENU, then press / and to select “<SPKR>” – “PATTERN”. Press / to select the speaker pattern you want, and then press Speaker Front left/right Surround left/...
  • Page 39: Reverting To The Factory Default Settings

    Reverting to the Factory Default Settings You can clear all memorized settings and restore the receiver to the factory default settings by the following procedure. Be sure to use the buttons on the receiver to perform this operation. Press  (power) to turn off the receiver.
  • Page 40: Troubleshooting/Specifications

    TV. If the problem persists after doing all of the • If the TV does not have a System Audio above, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Control function, set “AUDIO.OUT” in the “<HDMI>” menu to: – “TV+AMP” if you want to listen to the...
  • Page 41 • If the TV is not compatible with the Audio • Check that the receiver and all devices Return Channel (ARC) function, connect are turned on. the receiver to the TV using an optical • Check that MASTER VOLUME on the digital audio cable (not supplied) or a receiver is not set to “VOL MIN”.
  • Page 42 • Adjust the speaker level. • Audio signals (format, sampling frequency, bit length, etc.) transmitted • Check that the speaker settings are from an HDMI jack may be suppressed by appropriate for the setup using “AUTO the connected device. Check the setup of CAL”...
  • Page 43 • Be sure to use a High Speed HDMI Cable • If connected to devices other than those with Ethernet. manufactured by Sony that support the No 4K content appears on the TV Control for HDMI function, set screen.
  • Page 44 • Be sure to connect the receiver to an FM radio HDMI input jack of a TV that is supporting 4K. You have to connect an HDMI cable to an HDMI jack that supports HDCP 2.2 The FM reception is poor. when you use a playback device for 4K •...
  • Page 45: Error Messages

    BLUETOOTH device. causing the protection error. After checking the above items and fixing any problems, plug in the AC power cord (mains lead) and turn on the receiver. If the problem persists, consult your nearest Sony dealer.
  • Page 46 “USB FAIL” appears on the display [Warning 41:], [Warning 42:] panel. The input signal from the calibration An over-current from the POWER SUPPLY microphone is too large. The microphone port was detected. Turn off the receiver, may be too close to the speakers. Please disconnect the USB device, and then turn place the calibration microphone at your on the receiver again.
  • Page 47: Precautions

    • Do not place the receiver near device Precautions such as a TV, VCR, or tape deck. (If the receiver is being used in combination with a TV, VCR, or tape deck, and is On safety placed too close to that device, noise may result, and picture quality may Should any solid object or liquid fall into suffer.
  • Page 48: Specifications

    Output (Analog) Specifications SUBWOOFER Voltage: 2 V/1 kilohm Equalizer Gain levels AUDIO POWER SPECIFICATIONS ±10 dB, 1 dB step POWER OUTPUT AND TOTAL INPUT SHORT (with sound field and equalizer bypassed) HARMONIC DISTORTION: Weighted network (USA models only) Input level With 6 ohm loads, both channels driven, from 20 Hz –...
  • Page 49 Compatible BLUETOOTH profiles Mass (Approx.) A2DP 1.2 (Advanced Audio Distribution 7.1 kg (15 lb 11 oz) Profile) Design and specifications are subject to AVRCP 1.6 (Audio Video Remote Control change without notice. Profile) Supported Codecs , AAC Transmission range (A2DP) 20 Hz –...
  • Page 50: On Copyrights

    Licensing Administrator, Inc. in the United become shorter under the following States and other countries. conditions. “BRAVIA” is a trademark of Sony Corporation. • When a person, metal object, wall or “PlayStation” is a registered trademark of other obstruction is between the devices Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
  • Page 51 BLUETOOTH technology. • Sony shall not be held liable in any way for damages or other loss resulting from information leaks during communication using BLUETOOTH technology.
  • Page 52: Supported Playable Formats

    Supported Playable Formats Supported digital audio formats The digital audio formats that this receiver can decode depend on the digital audio output jacks of the connected device. This receiver supports the following audio formats. Maximum number of Connection with the Digital audio format decoded channels receiver...
  • Page 53: Index

    Index FM radio 30 Format Numerics Audio 52 2.1-channel 17 Front Surround 17 2ch Stereo 34 4K 19 Hall 34 5.1-channel 16 HDCP 2.2 19 HD-D.C.S. 34 ARC 19 HDMI 18 Audio Enhancer 34 HDMI signal format 29 Audio format 52 HDR 18 Audio Return Channel 19 Headphone(2ch) 34...
  • Page 54 Receiver Display panel 10 Front panel 8 Rear panel 11 Remote control 12 Battery 13 Reset Receiver 39 Sound fields 33 Sound effects 33 Sound field 33 Speaker Cable 15 Pattern 38 Sports 34 Stadium 34 Subwoofer 14 Supplied items 6 Supported playable formats Audio 52 TV screen...
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