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Siemens 5-FSV-350 Installation Operation & Maintenance

Vacuum circuit breakers fsv series and msv series


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V a c u u m C i r c u i t B r e a
T y p e F S V a n d M S V
In s tr u c ti o n s
Ins tall atio n
k e r s
Ope rati on
M a in te n a n c e
SG -32 48- 01


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Siemens 5-FSV-350

  • Page 1 - --- S I E M E N S In s tr u c ti o n s Ins tall atio n k e r s Ope rati on V a c u u m C i r c u i t B r e a M a in te n a n c e SG -32 48- 01 T y p e F S V a n d M S V...
  • Page 2 , etc . , in accordance with es­ Field Service Operation tablished safety practices. Siemens Energy & Automation, I nc . can provide competent, Signal Words well-trai ned Field Service Representatives to provide technical guidance and advisory assi stance for the installation , over­...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents General Undervoltage Release ....20 Introduction ....1 .
  • Page 4 The instructions contained within this manual are necessary for the safe instal lation, maintenance and operation of this equi p­ ment. If this manual is misplaced or lost, replacement manuals are available throu g h the local Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.
  • Page 5 Table of Illustrations Figure Ci rcuit Breaker Handling I nstruct i ons ........2 Figure 2 .
  • Page 6: General

    Siemens cannot be held responsi­ Siemens c i rcuit breakers. For proper i nstallation and opera­ ble for shipping damage, either external o r i nternal , if the tion-resulting in better service and lower maintenance costs­...
  • Page 7: Figure Ci Rcuit Breaker Handling I Nstruct I Ons

    General Page 2 C i rcuit breakers are normally shipped from the factory com­ pletely assembled . Observe weight markings on the carton and ensure that capable handling equ ipment is used. Remove packagi ng carefully with the correct tools. Check each item with the shipping man ifest If any shortage or damage is found, immediately call it to the attention of the local freight agent handling the shipment.
  • Page 8: Storage

    General Page 3 Storage NOTE: The c i rcuit breaker should be instal led as soon as possible. I f storage i s necessary, 'As Found' tests a r e recommended prior to and after storage for comparison. For storage, the circuit Before testing the procedu res and safety precautions i n d i­...
  • Page 9: Figure 9. Vac Uum Breaker Mechanism - Cl Osed P Osit I On And Tripping Springs Charged

    General Page 4 Perform a careful visual inspection noting a n y damage SAFETY which may have occu rred in shi pment. C lean all d ust, d i rt and foreign materials acc u m u lated in shi pment. INSTRUCTIONS Using procedures desc ri bed i n the maintenance section of this manual, carry out a vacuum chec k , POO .
  • Page 10: Circuit Breaker Elevations

    General Page 5 Move breaker to fully connected position on a de-ener­ On FSV c i rcuit breakers examine aramid cords to ensure they are aligned over each of the guides ( refer to page g ized bus. Close and trip b reaker from main control 37 , Fig.
  • Page 11: Figure 2 . A. Msv Breaker Front And Side E Levation View

    General Page 6 Primary Contacts - � 1 1 - �f � , Close Control Cable Tri p " " _:_ :J Racking Release Hand le - • - B reaker Side Elevation Closing Spring Disc harge Roller ·' Shutter G u ide Secondary Disconnect G u i de Bar...
  • Page 12 General Page 7 Primary Studs Control Cable Te rminal B lock Side Elevation Closing Spring Close Discharge Roller Tri p Closing Spring Charged I n d icator Open-Close l n dicator-H,--+n Ope ration Counter Racking Release Handle Shutter G u 1de Secondary Disconnect G rounding...
  • Page 13: Technical Data

    Technical Data PageS Rating Plate Content Rating Plate Content Typ e Designated circuit breaker model Rated frequency is the si nusoidal period icity at which the circuit number and b roadly ident1f1es appl ication 1 n terms of b reaker is designed to operate. An elementary d iagram p roviding maximum voltage and Wiring Diag ram...
  • Page 14: Rating Summary

    Technical Data Pag e 9 Rating Summary SIEMENS Raleigh, NC A.C. High Voltage Circuit Breaker 1 . Breaker Type TYPE AMPS 2 . Rated Maxim u m Voltag e . kV RATED MAX VOLT RANGE 3 . Conti n uous C u rrent. AMP...
  • Page 15: Service Conditions

    Technical Data Page 10 Service Conditions General Performance Data The fol lowing parameters define the u sual service conditions Operating Times - Typical Values under which the ci rcuit breakers shall be considered su itable for operating at their standard ratings. Conditions of use be­ Characteristic Cycles (60 Hz) yond these l i mits m u st be g iven special consideration, con­...
  • Page 16: Interrupter/Operator-Description

    Interrupter/Operator Description Page 1 1 stored energy operating mechanism housin g . This s ub-as­ The type M SV and FSV vacuum circuit b reakers are of d rawout construction, and conform to the requirements of ANSI C37.20 sembly is shown i n figures 4 - 5. for breakers to be applied i n metal clad switchgear.
  • Page 17: Breaker Pole

    Interrupter/Operator Description Page 12 � w� • Typical Vacuum Tube and Operating Mechanism Mechanism Housing Subassembly Figure 5 15KV Vacuum Breaker The close-open indicator (55), closing spring charge indicator guide busing, (35) The metal bellows, (34), follows the travel (58), and the operation counter (59) are fitted on the front of of contact, (36), and seals the interrupter against the surround­...
  • Page 18: Figure 6 Section Through A Vacuum Breaker Pole

    Interrupter/Operator Description Page 1 3 31 2 16 1 28 1 63 7 36 3 29 1 48 9 48 6 Terminal Upper term1nal 29 2 Term1nal clamp Insulated coupler Fixing screw Upper Terminal Angle Vacuum interrupter 48.5 Lever 48 6 Evacuat1on n1pple Strut 31 2...
  • Page 19: Switching Operation

    Interrupter/Operator Description Page 14 The contacts are designed so that a self-generated field causes age only attain s values between 20-200 V. For this reason and the arc to travel around the contacts. This prevents local ov­ because of the short arcing times , the arc energy developed erheating while interrupting large mag nitudes of short ci rcuit in the break is very smal l .
  • Page 20: Construction

    Interrupter/Operator Description Page 15 55 2 62 5 2 50 2 50 3 50 3 1 62 3 62 5 62 5 1 50 1 Open1ng for handcrank 50 2 Charging mechanism 50 3 Charg1ng flange 50 3 1 Driver 50 4 Motor Close button...
  • Page 21: Closin G

    Interrupter/Operator Description Page 1 6 Close button Tnp button "Closing spring Charges" indicator Open-Close ind1cator 62 1 Operation counter 6 1 8 Shock Absorber Closmg Spring Charging Shaft 62 1 62. 2 Crank 62 3 62 5 Lever 62 5 1 Pawl roller 62 5 2 Pawl...
  • Page 22: Opening

    Interrupter/Operator Description Page 1 7 Insulated coupler 50 4 1 Limit switch Trip Button 62 8 Trip Free Coupling Rod Spnng Return Latch 62 8 1 62 8 2 Trip Free Coupling Link 62 8 3 Trip Free Coupling Lever 68 1 Breaker shaft 63 1...
  • Page 23: Figure 1 4 Operator Sequential Operation Diagram

    Interrupter/Operator Description Page 18 Closing Control voltage appl1ed Ant1- pumping feature (Dev1ce 52y) Care must be taken to see that a cont1nuously Undervoltage Spring Charg1ng applied closing command does not cause the Oev1ce 2r Motor Energ1zed breaker to reclose after has tr�pped out on a P1cks up fault.
  • Page 24: Manual Closing

    Interrupter/Operator Description Page 19 Elementary Diagram -SYMBOL LIST- Spring Charging Motor Spring Release Coil (Close) 52SRC Closing Relay (Anti-Pump) Shunt Trip Coil Spring Charged Switch � Aux. Sw-Open When Brk is Open Aux Sw-Ciosed When Brk i s Open Red lndicatong Light (Close) - J.
  • Page 25: Secondary Release

    Interrupter/Operator Description Page 20 Secondary Release Following every tripping operation the stri ker pin. ( 16-23). must be reset to its normal position by load ing the spring. ( 16-31) Shunt releases (two trip coi ls) are used for the automatic or This takes place automatically via the operating mechanism of manual tripping of the circuit breaker by su itable protective the circuit b reaker.
  • Page 26: Figure Undervoltage Bl Ocking Feature

    Interrupter/Operator Description Page 21 Position A : Locked Striker pin Screw Position U n locked (Operating Position) Cancel The Lock For U n d e rvoltage R e l ease By Shifting Locking Screw ( 1 5-29) From A To Figure 16b.
  • Page 27: Capacitor Trip Device

    Interrupter/Operator Description Page Capacitor Trip Device The capacitor trip device is an a u x i l i ary t r i p p i n g option p rovid­ tendant depression of the primary source voltag e , the capac­ ing a short term means of sto ring adeq u ate electrical energy itor trip device will provide short term tripping energy for breaker ope n i n g due to relay operation.
  • Page 28: Interrupter/Operator-Maintenance

    Interrupter/Operator Maintenance Pag e 23 General WARNING Thoroug h , per1odic 1 n s pection is Im portant to satisfactory op­ eration I n spection and mai ntenance frequency d e pends on i n stallation. site. weather and atmospheric cond 1t1ons. experi­ Hazardous voltages and h i g h speed me­...
  • Page 29: Minimum Maintenance Schedule

    See Vehicle L u b rication Section for Additional I nformation several times, and check that all screw connections are tight. *Perform lubrication at 3 , 000 operations and overhaul at 1 0, 000 operations for type 5-FSV-350 and 1 5-FSV- 1 000 c i rcuit breakers.
  • Page 30: Vacuum Interrupters

    *Perform l u brication at 3 , 000 operations and overhaul at 1 0 ,000 operations for type 5-FSV-350 and 1 5-FSV-1 000 c i rcuit breakers connector to the movab l e stem of the vac u u m t u be.
  • Page 31: Interrupter Vacuum Check-Mechanical

    I n terrupter vacu u m may be checke d by apply i ng the test volt­ <J) ages l i sted below across each i nterrupter with the breaker :::J Breaking Current (Amps) a - 5-MSV-250 5-FSV-350 d - 1 5-FSV-500 - 7 -FSV-500 e - 1 5-FSV-750 1 5-FSV-1 000 Figure 19...
  • Page 32: Vacuum Tube Replacement

    Interrupter/Operator Maintenance Page DANGER H i g h Potential Tests e m ploy extremely haz­ ardous voltages which will cause severe personal i nj u ry and death. Follow sate proced u r e , exc l u d e u n neces­ sary personnel, barrier test vehicle and keep we l l away from b reaker d u ri n g test voltage application.
  • Page 33: Figure Primary Contact Cl Osed - Free P Osit I On

    Interrupter/Operator Maintenance Page 28 • • • • • Fig. 21b Primary Contact Closed - Free Position Fig. 21c Primary Contact Forced Open by Manual Pressure 1 . 7 Remove bolt " B ' : lockwasher and large washer at WARNING stationary contact of the vac u u m i nterru pter.
  • Page 34: Figure 22 . Vac Uum Tube Replacement I L L Ustrat I On

    Interrupter/Operator Maintenance Page 29 29.1 36. 1 48.6 48. 5 36 . 3 Figure 22 Vacuum Tube Replacement Illustration...
  • Page 35: Figure 23 Illustration Showing Required Technique For Fastening Terminal Clamp Hardware

    Interrupter/Operator Maintenance Page 30 Position of To rque Wrench to Avo id Undue Stressing of Moving Te rminal 36. 1 Vac uum I nterrupter 30 . � Holding Wrench Te rminal 36. 1 Te rminal Clamp 29 . 2 To rque Wrench Di rection of Force Figure 23 Illustration Showing Required Technique For Fastening Terminal Clamp Hardware...
  • Page 36: Hydraulic Shock Absorber

    Interrupter ers 1 0 to 1 2m m ( 0 . 40 to 0 . 4 7 Inches) Type 5-FSV-350, 1 5-FSV- 1 000 and all 3000A break­ Al1gn pole su pport, 20. correctly and t1ghten bolt fas­...
  • Page 37: Vehicle-Description

    Siemens M e c h a n i c a l and e l e c t r i c a l i n t e r l o c ks are "...
  • Page 38: Breaker Racking Interlock (Screw Type)

    Vehicle/Description Page 33 Lever 64 3 Breaker Shaft 63 , Breaker Shaft 63 --""' Lever 64 3 (Clo sed Pos ition ) Lob es Om itt ed When Applied Lobes omitted With Screw when applied to ,/',0 �_: Levers Type Screw Type Racking - , �...
  • Page 39: Plunger Position Mechanical Interlock

    Vehicle Description Page 34 The breaker is closed whenever the p rimary circ u it is com­ Automatic Closing Spring Release • pleted through the vacuum interrupter contacts. This closed Reference Figures 24a, 25a and 24b condition is caused by rotation of the breaker shaft, 63 to the position shown in figure 24b.
  • Page 40: Figure Details Of The Breaker Racking I Nterl Ock - I Nternal T O Mechanism Enc L Os U Re

    Vehicle Description Page 35 Closing Spring � Release Cam Trip Pushrod Nocmal Opecatieg Pocitioe I nterlock Levers * Note Lobes on this l ever are omitted when applied with Screw Type Racking :::J Retain i ng Ring Figure 24b Details of Closed Breaker Racking Interlock Internal to Mechanism Enclosure...
  • Page 41: Figure 25. A. Details Of The A Ut Omatic Cl Osing Spring Dischrge System - Type Msv

    Vehicle Description Page 36 Lever 64.3 Open Position * Note: Lobes on this lever are omitted when applied with Screw Type Racking. Spring D u m p Tube ----------------- � -------------- - p Upper Collar U::: Front Detail Side View Figure 25a Details of Automatic Closing Spring Discharge System - Type MSV...
  • Page 42: Figure Details Of The Automatic Cl Osing S P Ring Discharge System - Type Fsv

    Vehicle Description Page 3 7 Note Lobes on this lever are • Lever 64.3 omitted when appl ied with Screw 1 200A 5kV Open Position Type Racking . "-.,_ � ! Spring Dump Tu be 1 200 A M P 1 5kV 2000 AMP 1 5kV Upper Collar...
  • Page 43: Continuous Current Interlock

    Vehicle Description Page 38 Continuous Current Interlock Control Cable And Connection Box Reference Figure 26 The continuous cu rrent i nterlock functions to ensure breakers The MSV and FSV type circuit b reakers em ploy a plug-1n cable which completes all standard c 1 rcu1t breaker electrical con­ and cubicles of l i ke continuous rating are applied, and that nections between the mechanism housing and the veh icles breakers with dissimilar continuous cu rrent ratings are ex­...
  • Page 44: Insulating Barrier-Type Fsv

    Vehicle Description Page 39 Insulating Barriers Hinged Front Panel Reference Figure 28 Insulating barriers are req u i red for use on type MSV and FSV circuit b reakers. I nterphase (with cutout) and exterior barriers on type FSV c i r­ cuit breakers are removed or inserted by sliding them in the vertical channels.
  • Page 45: Cubicle Interface Barrier For Type Msv & Fsv Circuit Breakers

    Vehicle Description Page 40 Cubicle Interface Barrier For Type MSV & FSV Circuit Breakers The type 5-MSV-250 c i rcuit breaker to " D " cubicle interface req u i res a two piece metal barrier be mounted in the " D " cu­ bicle, above and adjacent to the u pper front of the breakers, to isolate the high voltage area above the breaker, (Figure 2a and 30).
  • Page 46: Vehicle-Maintenance

    ( strips and fingers) are to be wiped clean and a film of Siemens contact l u bricant applied, 1 5- 1 7 1 -370-002 Sliding su rfaces such as shutte r cam , rail plunger, etc. may be wi ped clean and treated with "...
  • Page 47: Warranty

    Warranty Page 42 WARRANTY - Company warrants that on the date of shi pment to Pu rchaser the goods will be of the kind and qual ity de­ scribed herei n , merchantable, and free of defects in workman­ ship and material . If within one year from date of initial operation, but not more than eig hteen months from date of shi pment by Com pany, of any item of the goods, Pu rchaser d i scovers that such item was...
  • Page 48 Siemens Energy S I E M E N S & Automation Inc. P.O. Box 29503 · · · ��,# ' 27626 (91 9) 365-6660 1 2/94 SG3248-01 PRINTED IN U . S.A. Printed by Theo Davis Sons Inc.

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