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Pairing - Pioneer B29 User Manual

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1 Press and hold the power button on the wire of earbuds for 5 seconds to put the earbuds into pairing mode. You will hear the voice prompt "Pairing" and the LED
light on the remote will flash blue/red.
Note. Pairing mode will be active for about 2 mins, if you didn't pair the device within this period of time, turn off the earbud by holding the power button down
for 3 seconds and restart the step one.
2 Enable your Bluetooth device such as cell phones, tablets or other Bluetooth media and make sure it is in searching mode.
3 Select "Oricom" in the list shown on the Bluetooth device.
4 Once selected, you will hear a voice prompt "Connection successful. The Earphone could connect to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time.
IMPORTANT When you need to connect your headphone with another Bluetooth enabled audio device, hold the pairing button until the Bluetooth LED indicator
flashes quickly. This will put the headphone into pairing mode.


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