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Motorola MDC50 User Manual

Motorola MDC50 User Manual

Dashboard camera


Dashboard Camera
Model: MDC50
The features described in this user's guide are subject to
modifications without prior notice.


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  • Page 1 USER’S GUIDE Dashboard Camera Model: MDC50 The features described in this user’s guide are subject to modifications without prior notice.
  • Page 2 Thank you for purchasing the Dashboard Camera. Please keep your original dated sales receipt for your records. For warranty service of your Motorola product, you will need to provide a copy of your dated sales receipt to confirm warranty status. Registration is not required for warranty coverage.
  • Page 3 10.Power On/Off Button Press while recording to protect Press and hold for 3 seconds to the current file in the event of an turn MDC50 On / Off. emergency situation. 11. Mounting Nut 3. Menu/Back Button Screw up the supplied Windshield Press to open the menu in current Mount here.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Safety Instructions............5 2. Getting Started ............. 6 Installing your Device ..........6 First Use ............... 7 3. Using your Dashboard Camera ......... 8 Recording and Saving ..........8 Switching Modes ............9 3.2.1 Mass Storage Mode ........9 3.2.2 Video Mode ..........9 3.2.3...
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    1. Safety Instructions WARNING • Do not install the device within the driver’s or passenger airbag operation range. Please refer to your car’s service manual for details about the operation range of your car’s airbags. • Never modify modes, settings, or program your device while your car is in motion.
  • Page 6: Getting Started

    2. Getting Started Installing your Device Best Installation Location The above illustration refers to a left-hand drive car. For right-hand drive cars, please flip the position of the cable installation accordingly. • Install your device within the rear-view mirror area and within the wiper cleaning area to get the clearest possible view.
  • Page 7: First Use

    • You can also power it ON or OFF manually by pressing the On / Off button. • Whenever the device is turned ON or OFF, you will see a splash screen showing the Motorola logo. Getting Started...
  • Page 8: Using Your Dashboard Camera

    3. Using your Dashboard Camera Recording and Saving The purpose of your dashboard camera is to continuously record the road ahead, and to automatically record and save any incidents or accidents you might be involved in. The status LED (Blue) will flash when it is recording. Your device records video by clusters of 1 minute.
  • Page 9: Switching Modes

    SD card. 3.2.2 Video Mode The table below explains the various information displayed on the screen when your MDC50 is in Video mode. Some icons will only be displayed once the relevant function is selected within the Video menu, as described below.
  • Page 10 1. Mode Indicates the dashboard camera is in Video mode. 2. Protected Appears on screen when a video file has been protected by activation of the G Sensor or by the pressing of the file protect button. 3. Microphone Appears on screen when Audio Recording is active.
  • Page 11 8. Resolution Displays the current resolution. 9. Memory Indicates whether a memory card Card is present. 10. Date Current date 11. Time Current time 12. Battery Indicates whether MDC50 is running on battery or external power. Using your Dashboard Camera...
  • Page 12: Playback Mode

    While in video recording mode, press the OK button to stop video recording, then press the MODE button to switch to Playback mode. MDC50 will display the last recorded file. Depending on the type of file, the on-screen information and playback functions differ 1.
  • Page 13: Parking Mode

    Parking Mode Your dashboard camera can record footages of events occurring when your car is parked with its engine off. The built-in battery will keep the sensor of your device in stand-by mode, and will start recording automatically for 30 seconds if it detects vibration or a shock.
  • Page 14: Settings

    4. Settings Settings While in video recording mode, press the OK button to stop video recording, then press the Menu/Back button to enter Settings. For each sub-menu, press Up or Down to navigate, OK to confirm, and Menu/Back to go back or cancel. Menu Description Language...
  • Page 15 G-Sensor G Sensor detects forces which will automatically protect the current recording in the event of a collision. You can change the sensitivity of the sensor. It is set to Low by default, but can be set to Off/High/Medium/Low. If you turn the sensor off, your dashboard camera will not be able to permanently save any footage.
  • Page 16 Resolution Card Recording time Capacity (minutes) 720P 1280*720 16GB 32GB IMPORTANT! The above information is for your reference only. Different memory cards have slightly different total capacity and the maximum recording time is different. Settings...
  • Page 17: Playback Settings

    Playback Settings To access Playback Settings, press the Mode button while in Playback mode. For each sub-menu, press Up or Down to navigate, OK to confirm, and Menu/Back to go back or cancel. Menu Description Delete Use this option to delete videos stored in your SD card.
  • Page 18: Disposal Of The Device (Environment)

    5. Disposal of the Device (Environment) At the end of the product life cycle, you should not dispose of this product with normal household waste. Take this product to a collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. The symbol on the product, user's guide and/or box indicates this.
  • Page 19: General Information

    US and Canada 1-888-331-3383 E-mail: Consumer Products and Accessories Limited Warranty ("Warranty") Thank you for purchasing this Motorola branded product manufactured under license by Binatone Electronics International Ltd ("BINATONE"). What Does this Warranty Cover? Subject to the exclusions contained below, BINATONE warrants that this Motorola branded product ("Product") or certified accessory ("Accessory") sold...
  • Page 21 DAMAGES MAY BE DISCLAIMED BY LAW. Some jurisdictions do not allow the limitation or exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, or limitation on the length of an implied warranty, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from one jurisdiction to another.
  • Page 22 MOTOROLA or BINATONE, are excluded from coverage. Use of Non-Motorola branded Products and Accessories. Defects or damage that result from the use of Non-Motorola branded or certified Products or Accessories or other peripheral equipment are excluded from coverage. Unauthorized Service or Modification. Defects or...
  • Page 23 How to Obtain Warranty Service or Other Information? To obtain service or information, please call: US and Canada 1-888-331-3383 E-mail: You will receive instructions on how to ship the Products or Accessories at your expense and risk, to a BINATONE Authorized Repair Center.
  • Page 24 interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.
  • Page 25 product has been tested and found to comply with the FCC criteria. This Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003. CAN ICES-3(B)/NMB-3(B) WARNING Changes or modifications, to this equipment not expressively approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 26: Technical Specifications

    7. Technical Specifications LCD screen 2.0-inch Video resolution 720P Lens 130° wide angle Video format Micro SD card Up to 32G capacity, Class 10 LED lights Supported Mic and Speaker Built-in Power 5V DC Battery Li-polymer battery Device dimensions 81.6x51x31mm Device weight Mount dimensions 55x55x50mm...
  • Page 27 Manufactured, distributed or sold by Binatone Electronics International LTD., official licensee for this product. MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC. and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2017 Motorola Mobility LLC.

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