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Optional Cover Plate installation
NOTE: If Optional Cover Plate is not
required, see "UWP Mounting System
installation" below.
Use the Optional Cover Plate when:
• Mounting the thermostat to an
electrical junction box
• Or when you need to cover paint gap
from old thermostat.
1. Separate the Junction Box Adapter
from the Cover Plate. See Figure 1.
2. Mount the Junction Box Adapter to
the wall or an electrical box using
any of the eight screw holes. Insert
and tighten mounting screws
supplied with Cover Plate Kit. Do not
overtighten. See Figure 2. Make sure
the Adapter Plate is level.
3. Attach the UWP by hanging it on the
top hook of the Junction Box Adapter
and then snapping the bottom of the
UWP in place. See Figure 3.
4. Snap the Cover Plate onto the
Junction Box Adapter. See Figure 4.
UWP Mounting System installation
5. Before starting, turn the power off
at the breaker box or switch. Open
package to find the UWP. See Figure 5.
6. Position the UWP on wall. Level and
mark hole positions. See Figure 6.
Drill holes at marked positions, and
then lightly tap supplied wall anchors
into the wall using a hammer.
‒ Drill 7/32" holes for drywall.
7. Pull the door open and insert the wires
through wiring hole of the UWP. See
Figure 7.
8. Place the UWP over the wall anchors.
Insert and tighten mounting screws
supplied with the UWP. Do not
overtighten. Tighten until the UWP
no longer moves. Close the door. See
Figure 8.
Use 2x
screws #6
Use 3x supplied
screws #8 1-1/2"

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents