Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave Professional Install Manual

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T6 Pro Z-Wave

Programmable Thermostat

Professional Install
Package Includes:
• T6 PRO Z-Wave Thermostat
• UWP™ Mounting System
• Honeywell Standard Installation
Adapter (J-box adapter)
• Honeywell Decorative Cover Plate –
Small; Size 4-49/64 in = 121mm.
• Screws and anchors
• 3 AA batteries
• Professional Install Guide
• Getting Started Guide
• Designed for battery operation (3 x AA batteries) or for 24 VAC power operation
(via a "C" or common wire).
• Compatible with most single and multi-stage conventional and heat pump
• Designed to work with any Z-Wave compliant controller or gateway; however,
a security enabled Z-Wave Plus Controller is recommended to fully utilize all
thermostat features.
• Works with millivolt systems.
• Does not work with electric baseboard heat (120-240V).

User Guide

Visit for a complete user guide.

Customer assistance

For assistance with this product, please visit
Or call Honeywell Customer Care toll-free at
*TH6320ZW2003 depicted. Other models may vary.
Actual size 4.09'' x 4.09'' x 1.06''



  Summary of Contents for Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave

  • Page 1: Programmable Thermostat

    • Works with millivolt systems. • Does not work with electric baseboard heat (120-240V). User Guide Visit for a complete user guide. Customer assistance For assistance with this product, please visit Or call Honeywell Customer Care toll-free at 1-800-468-1502.
  • Page 2 Introduction The Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat is a Z-Wave Plus certi- fied thermostat capable of controlling up to three heat and two cool stages of heat pump, (incl. dual fuel heat pump systems) and up to two heat and two cool stages of conventional system (3H/2C HP, 2H/2C Conv.) It also measures, displays and...
  • Page 3 UWP Mounting System installation 1. Open package to find the UWP. See Figure 1. 2. Position the UWP on the wall. Level and mark hole positions. See Figure 2. Drill holes at marked positions, and then lightly tap supplied wall anchors into wall using a hammer.
  • Page 4: Power Options

    NOTES: • The T6 Pro Z-Wave thermostat works in battery mode or normal power mode based on its power source. The Z-Wave power mode can only be changed when the thermostat is NOT included in a Z-Wave network. You can check the power mode in the thermostat menu under MENU/DEVICE INFO.
  • Page 5 Setting Slider Tabs Set R Slider Tab. UWP Mounting System • Use built-in jumper (R Slider Tab) to differentiate between one or two transformer systems. • If there is only one R wire, and it is connected to the R, Rc, or RH terminal, set the slider to the up position (1 wire).
  • Page 6 Wiring conventional systems: forced air and hydronics 1H/1C System (1 transformer) 1H/1C System (2 transformers) Power [1] Power (heating transformer) [1] [R+Rc joined by Slider Tab] [2] Power (cooling transformer) [1] Compressor contactor Compressor contactor 24 VAC common [3] 24 VAC common [3, 4] Heat relay Heat relay Fan relay...
  • Page 7 Wiring heat pump systems 1H/1C Heat Pump System 3H/2C Heat Pump System [10] Power [1] Power [1] [R+Rc joined by Slider Tab] [2] [R+Rc joined by Slider Tab] [2] Compressor contactor Compressor contactor (stage 1) 24 VAC common [3] 24 VAC common [3] O/B Changeover valve [7] O/B Changeover valve [7] Fan relay...
  • Page 8: Mounting Thermostat

    If needed, gently pull to remove the thermostat from the UWP. Turn the power on at the breaker box or switch. Initial installer setup • After the T6 Pro Z-Wave thermostat has powered up, touch START SETUP on the thermostat. • Touch to toggle between Installer Set Up (ISU) options.
  • Page 9: Z-Wave Setup

    Z-Wave setup After you finish the installer setup and set the date and time, you will be asked to set up a Z-Wave to include the thermostat into Z-Wave network. • Touch Yes to include the thermostat in to Z-Wave network, or touch No if you want this to Back Select be done later.
  • Page 10: Z-Wave Connection Status

    Advanced Z-Wave temperature reporting This thermostat may be configured to report the actual room temperature in a higher resolution than can be shown on the thermostat display. The default temperature reporting resolution is 1 °F or 0.5 °C. When configured to ADVANCED, the temperature reporting resolution will be 0.5 °F or 0.25 °C.
  • Page 11 System operation setting Press the Mode button to cycle to the next available Following Schedule System mode. Cycle through the modes until the required System Mode Heat Auto mode is displayed and leave it to activate. Away Home Sleep System modes: Mode Menu •...
  • Page 12: Scheduling Options

    (optional): Z-Wave controllers from various manufacturers may or may not support the Z-Wave Thermostat General V2 Device class used by the Honeywell T6 pro Z-Wave Thermostat. If your controller does not support full thermostat device class functions, it may still be able to control basic Home/ Away (Energy Saving) modes of the thermostat through BASIC_SET commands (ON/OFF) used by the controller for other Z-Wave devices (eg.
  • Page 13 Program schedule on the thermostat when not included in Z-Wave network (not operated by Z-Wave controller): The Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave thermostat will function as fully programmable thermostat when not operated by your controller. Each day can be programmed for different heating and cooling setpoints in 4 unique periods (Wake, Away, Home, Sleep) in the thermostat MENU/SCHEDULE.
  • Page 14: Key Features

    Key features System status Z-Wave connection Time, ISU #, or information status Alert # Cool On, Heat On Shows Z-Wave Auxiliary Heat On, connection status. Recovery, or Auto Messaging Changeover On. Shows device setup Schedule information options, menu options, Heat On Recovery Following Schedule Auto Chg.
  • Page 15 Installer setup options (ISU) – advanced menu Table 1.
  • Page 16 Installer setup options (ISU) – advanced menu Table 2.
  • Page 17 Installer setup options (ISU) – advanced menu Table 3.
  • Page 18 Installer setup options (ISU) – advanced menu Table 4.
  • Page 19 Installer setup options (ISU) – advanced menu Table 5.
  • Page 20: Z-Wave Configuration Parameters

    If your gateway/hub/controller supports configuration function, you may remotely configure or change the default thermostat configuration parameters. For detailed table with all available Z-Wave configuration parameters go to or search for T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat in the Z-Wave certified products section on Performing a system test You can test the system setup in ADVANCED MENU under SYSTEM TEST option.
  • Page 21: Alerts And Reminders

    Alerts and reminders Alerts and reminders are displayed via the alert symbol and alert number in the clock area on the home screen. You can read more information about active alerts, snooze or dismiss non-critical alerts in Menu/Alerts. Number Alert/Reminder Definition Thermostat The sensor of the thermostat has encountered Humidity...
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    Alerts and reminders Number Alert/Reminder Definition AC Power Lost If batteries used as backup power it would drain batteries quickly so Z-Wave communication needs to be turned off. The working power mode can only be changed when thermostat is NOT included in a Z-Wave network.
  • Page 23: Specifications

    Specifications Model Number: TH6320ZW2003 Z-Wave Radio: Frequency (USA and Canada): 908.42 MHz Model Name: T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat Certified: Z-Wave Plus Generic Device Type: Thermostat Model Description: Programmable Z-Wave Node type (C-wire): Always On Slave (AOS) thermostat with touchscreen Node type (Battery): Listening Sleeping Slave (LSS)
  • Page 24: Regulatory Information

    Check for the nearest authorized collection centers or authorized recyclers. 5-year limited warranty For Warranty information go to Regulatory information FCC REGULATIONS FCC Warning (Part 15.21) (USA only) §...