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Fcc Warning - JVC KS-K6001 Installation Manual

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88.1 MHz
88.3 MHz
88.5 MHz
88.7 MHz
6. Sirius Program Listening Options
The Shuttle and Cradle provide an audio output
signal in three manners:
1. When using K6001 or K6002 cradle, the audio signal
can be routed through an audio cable which is
applied to the auxiliary inputs of a radio or
entertainment system.
2. When using the K6002 cradle, the audio signal can
be transmitted to a car radio on one of four
selectable FM frequencies. The audio signal can
then be played through your car radio when the
car radio is tuned to one of these frequencies.
3. Some listeners prefer to use a hard-wired FM
transmitter. In this instance, when using the K6002
cradle, an optional FM Switching Box assembly
(Part No. 112C3159) is available and provides a
hard-wired FM output when connected to the FM OUT
connector on the left side of the cradle; the other end
of the switching box plugs into the antenna jack of your
radio. By using this assembly, and selecting the
appropriate FM output frequency (88.1MHz, 88.3MHz,
88.5MHz or 88.7MHz) with the slide switch, the Sirius
signal received at the SAT (MAIN) or TERR. cradle
antenna input can be played through your car radio
when tuned to one of these frequencies.
KS-K6001 &Ks-K6002 Installation Guide

FCC Warning

This equipment may generate or use radio
frequency energy. Changes or modifications to this
equipment may cause harmful interference unless
the modifications are expressly approved in this
User Guide. The user could lose the authority to
operate this equipment if an unauthorized
change or modification is made.
KS-K6001 &KS-K6002 Installation Guide



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