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Installation In A Vehicle: Mounting The Antenna; Installation In A Vehicle: Running The Antenna Cable - JVC KS-K6001 Installation Manual

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Installation in a Vehicle: Mounting the Antenna

• Best reception is achieved with the antenna mounted on the
1. Temporarily plug the antenna into the
roof or trunk for convertibles.
"1-Sat/Terr (Main)" connector on the
• If the vehicle has a roof rack or skid ribs, it may be necessary
back of the cradle until it is firmly
to mount the antenna off-center.
3. The antenna's powerful magnet will secure it to the metal
surface. Before routing the antenna cable, confirm that the
antenna is mounted in a good location:
4. Temporarily plug the cigarette lighter adapter into the
cigarette lighter.
5. Slide JVC PnP all the way into the cradle so that the
connector at the bottom of the unit makes proper contact in the
cradle. Press and hold the POWER button to turn JVC PnP on.
6. If your JVC PnP has been properly connected and the
antenna is receiving the SIRIUS signal you will hear audio. If
2. Find an antenna location on a metal
you do not hear audio, the display will read "Antenna Error".
surface of your vehicle at least 12" x
Reorient the antenna until you hear audio. (See Antenna
12", and at least 6" from a window. If
Signal, on page 27 to use the ANTENNA SIGNAL screen to aim
you use the included antenna mount
the antenna.)
, install the mount
• Make sure the vehicle is not in garage, or somewhere the
on the upper portion of your side-view
satellite signal could be blocked.
mirror bracket.
KS-K6001 &Ks-K6002 Installation Guide

Installation in a Vehicle: Running the Antenna Cable

1. Turn JVC PnP's power off and remove it from
the cradle; unplug the cigarette lighter adapter
from the cigarette lighter; unplug the antenna from
the cradle.
2. Route the cable from the antenna to the
vehicle's interior by tucking it underneath the
rubber molding around rear window, as shown
3. Route the cable from the lowest point of the
rear window into the trunk. Take advantage of any
existing cable channels or wiring conduits.
KS-K6001 &KS-K6002 Installation Guide
• For SUVs, minivans & 5-door vehicles, bring the
cable into the vehicle under the rubber molding for
the tailgate, and continue under the interior trim.
4. From the trunk, route the cable around the
passenger compartment and to the back of the
• Do not pull the wire across sharp edges that could
damage it.
• Keep the wire away from areas where it could
become tangled in driver's and passenger's feet.
5. Plug the antenna into the back of cradle where it
says "ANT".
6. Plug the cigarette lighter adapter into the cigarette



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