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JVC KS-K6001 Installation Manual page 3

Car docking kit
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Car Docking Kit Installation Guide for KS-K6001 or KS-K6002 Kit (sold seperately)
Note: Do not put JVC in the docking station until you have completed the installation.
Note: The SIR-STRVK1 Kit doesn't come with the shown cassette
KS-K6001 Contents:
adapter because it has a wireless FM Transmitter.
• Installation Guide.
• Car docking cradle
.Ciarette lighter power supply.
• Suction Cup Mount.
• Magnetic roof-mount SIRIUS
• Cassette adapter
• RCA cable
KS-K6002 Contents:
• Installation Guide.
• Car docking cradle w/ FM.
• Suction Cup Mount.
• Magnetic roof-mount SIRIUS
• Cigarette lighter power supply.
KS-K6001 & KS-K6002 Installation Guide
Installation in a Vehicle (continued)
JVC PnP in a location where the
1. Determine where you want to
base can be attached with the
mount JVC PnP.
provided screws or on the
• Do not install JVC PnP where
windshield with the provided
it may obstruct your view through
suction-cup mount.
the windshield or your view of
2. You can bend the leaves on
your vehicle's indicator displays.
the base to conform to curved
• Do not install JVC PnP where
mounting surfaces.
it will hinder your access to the
Peel the covering away from
vehicle's controls.
the adhesive on the bottom of
• Do not install JVC PnP where
the base and adhere it to the
it may hinder the function of
mounting surface. Use the
safety devices such as an
provided screws to securely
airbag. Doing so may prevent
attach the base to the surface.
the air-bag from functioning
• If using screws, be sure that
properly in the event of an
you do not damage wiring or
other systems on the other side
• Find a location that provides
good visibility of and access to
of the mounting surface.
JVC PnP's front panel.
4. Using the provided screws,
• The JVC strongly
assemble the docking station
recommends that you mount
KS-K6001 & KS-K6002 Installation Guide
cradle to the base or to the
suction cup mount.
5. Plug the cigarette lighter
adapter into the back of the cradle.
Don't plug the adapter into the
cigarette lighter until the
installation is completed.
6A. Plug the cassette adapter into
the back of the cradle (KS-K6002
kit only). For the KS-K6001 kit,
tune your radio to one of four FM
stations on the side of the vehicle
6B. If your car stereo has an aux
input, plug the supplied audio
cable into the back of the cradle
instead of the cassette adapter.
Plug the audio cable's white (L
ch,) and red (R ch.) connectors
into your car stereo.



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