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Bmi - wi-fi scale
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User Guide Copyright

This User Guide is protected by Intellectual Property laws and copyright. Any reproduction,
modification, representation, and/or publication without Nokia® prior approval is strictly
prohibited. You may print this User Guide for your personal use exclusively. For any
questions, please contact Withings at:

Legal Notice

By using your Nokia Body you expressly agree to the Nokia® Services Terms and
Conditions available on our website�
Identity data means the data which can directly identify you.
Body metrics data means data which correspond to an accurate
measurement of your physical features and your body activity.
Activity data means data which correspond to a measurement
of your physical/sports activities.
Cookies - technical features mean data, not directly identifying
you, which allows you to use our Products and Services and allow
us improve your personal experience.
Personal Data
Make sure you have read our privacy policy, which you can find on our website.
Make sure your Nokia® account password is secure enough to restrict access to
your account. It should be at least eight-character long, have mixed case, and use a
combination of alphanumeric and special characters.
Nokia Body
v1.0 | June, 2017
EN - 49

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Table of Contents

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