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Motorola XT801 User Manual

With bluetooth
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Table of Contents
User's Guide
Cordless Phone with Bluetooth
Models: XT801 / XT802 / XT811 / XT831


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 User’s Guide Cordless Phone with Bluetooth Models: XT801 / XT802 / XT811 / XT831...
  • Page 2 Welcome... to your new Motorola Phone! Please retain your original IMPORTANT dated sales receipt for Only use the adapter your records. For warranty and telephone line cord service of your Motorola This User’s Guide provided in the box. product, you will need to...
  • Page 3 Got everything? • directory. • Caller ID shows you who service for these features chargers with power is calling and includes details of the last 50 callers in the caller ID Got everything? log.** • Handset • • transfer external calls, •...
  • Page 4 • Never install telephone wiring Warning • Do not place your phone in the • Never touch non-insulated unless the telephone line has consider: been disconnected at the • Avoid sources of noise • direct sunlight. • • • Avoid other cordless telephones or personal...
  • Page 5: Handset Range

    Handset range Important there are no other electrical Do not connect the telephone between the base and handset line cord to the telephone wall will also reduce the range charged. Only use the adapter Signal strength and telephone line cord supplied with the product.
  • Page 6 • • Note •...
  • Page 7: The Handset

    1. Press the nail pin into the hole the handset be turned on. the nail pin for future use. 3. Put t Notes • •...
  • Page 8 Note press CID/ or / to edit • language The LCD language is preset to CID/ or / to toggle AM/PM English. You can select English, MENU French, or Spanish to be used in *364# 5. Press SELECT to save the all screen displays.
  • Page 9 phone 2. LCD display 3. MENU/SELECT • • Bluetooth 4. / • Review the directory when the handset is not in use. • during a call.
  • Page 10 • in the directory, caller ID log, • or redial list. • Move the cursor to the right REDIAL/PAUSE • Press repeatedly to review CID/ the redial list. • Review the caller ID log • Press and hold to insert a when the handset is not in dialing pause while entering use.
  • Page 11 • Press to return to the 9. MUTE/DELETE CELL • • press and hold to return to a call. • changes. • Silence the ringer alert. 6. 0 handset is ringing. 13. HOME/FLASH • Press to add a space when •...
  • Page 12 Cordless handset LCD On when the display • While you have set the dial cell line is in use or there is an call, press to switch to tone Display icons call. • Press to toggle between Flashes when upper and lower case of the there is an SPEAKER There are...
  • Page 13 The ECO Flashes when Flashes when there is a call low and needs reduce power charging. On when the when the use or there handset is within charging. telephone base. There are The answering Bluetooth devices displayed. connected on the In Caller ID cell devices list.
  • Page 14 CELL 1 and CELL 2 charger • Press to connect to the paired cell Bluetooth device. • Press and hold to add or replace a Bluetooth device. (Find handset) • handsets. 5. IN USE light CELL 1 and CELL 2 lights •...
  • Page 15 (a Only one cell phone can be Motorola Mobility Holdings Keep connected cell phones • your cell phone plan while phone next to the telephone base while using the XT801/ XT802/XT811/XT831 cell line. • your cell phone.
  • Page 16: Bluetooth Setup

    XT811/XT831 to ensure Bluetooth wireless technology strong Bluetooth signal how to operate your Bluetooth operates within a short range (15 devices with your new XT801/ no physical obstacles between XT802/XT811/XT831 the XT801/XT802/XT811/ cell phone to the telephone base, XT831 and the cell phone, wireless technology.
  • Page 17: Add A Bluetooth Enabled Cell Phone

    Add a Bluetooth enabled • cell phone you to enter the PIN of the telephone base. The default To pair and connect a cell phone: PIN of the telephone base is 0000. 1. Choose a slot to pair the cell phone.
  • Page 18 Bluetooth feature on your cell Add a Bluetooth enabled 4. Set your headset to phone and on the XT801/ headset XT802/XT811/XT831 by To pair and connect a headset: pressing headset on the Bluetooth Then repeat the steps above to 1. Press MENU on the phone when it is not in use.
  • Page 19 If you disconnect the cell device Bluetooth feature on your reconnect unless your cell device headset and on the XT801/ XT802/XT811/XT831 by in range again. pressing . Then repeat Note the steps above to pair and base when: •...
  • Page 20 See contacts telephone base, you hear two You can download directory beeps. The corresponding entries to your XT801/XT802/ status icon ( how to pair and connect a new XT811/XT831 telephone The corresponding device light cell phone or headset.
  • Page 21 3. Press CID/ or / to choose • , and then press . The handset displays display 5. When the downloading • If there is no cell phone handset displays XT801/XT802/ displays and then returns to the XT811/XT831 Then the handset returns to...
  • Page 22: Using The Phone

    Using the phone Making a home call Predial • then press HOME SPEAKER to dial the phone Volume control Mute • The handset displays if the telephone line is in use. Direct dialing line • Press HOME SPEAKER to get a line and •...
  • Page 23 Dialing from the directory 2. Press HOME Direct dialing SPEAKER to dial the 1. Press / . 1. Press CELL. The handset displays 2. Press CID/ or / to scroll and select the entry you want Making a cell call •...
  • Page 24 2. Press CID/ or / To transfer a call from a handset to scroll Notes and select the entry you want to a Bluetooth headset: • to dial. 3. Press CELL to dial the or a cell call on a handset, you can transfer the call to your headset.
  • Page 25: Volume Control

    Notes To join a call: • • 1. When a handset is already on a call, press HOME Mute SPEAKER on another handset to join the call. Speakerphone hear the other party but the 2. Press CANCEL or place other party cannot hear you. the handset in the telephone When the handset is on a call, base or handset charger to exit...
  • Page 26: Chain Dialing

    2. Press SELECT to. • Press HOME on the handset • Press CELL on the handset to put your current call on hold 3. Press CID/ or / to scroll to forth between calls. the desired entry. 4. Press SELECT to dial the •...
  • Page 27: Find Handset

    To access a number from the To stop the paging tone: 1. Press INT when idle. redial list while on a call: -OR- • Press HOME , CELL, Press MENU when idle. Press OFF/CANCEL, SPEAKER 1. Press REDIAL to enter the CID/ or / to scroll to 0-9,...
  • Page 28 Notes Ansering an incoming call during Call transfer using intercom an intercom call • While on an outside call, you CANCEL to another. will hear an alert tone. Handsets and display the caller ID. 1. Press INT during a call. •...
  • Page 29: Redial List

    4. To transfer the call, press OFF MUTE Dial a redial list entry • 1. Press REDIAL to enter the redial list. 2. Press CID/ , / or REDIAL charger. • desired entry displays. either handset, one party Redial list presses OFF or places the 3.
  • Page 30 Delete a redial list entry directory exceeds 15 digits, a list by pressing REDIAL. Then • Press REDIAL to enter the press CID/ , / or REDIAL redial list. • Press CID/ , / or REDIAL are shown beginning with a dash SELECT to copy alternately.
  • Page 31 4. Press SELECT to save. You redial list by pressing REDIAL. Enter name Then press CID/ , / then the handset returns to the REDIAL SELECT While entering names and numbers, you can: • Press CID/ or / 2. Press SELECT 7.
  • Page 32 1. Press MENU when the phone Note is not in use. • 2. Press SELECT to select Directory. Enter name 3. Press / or CID/ or / choose Review, and then press SELECT. 1. Follow the steps in Review to enter Directory entries appear 1.
  • Page 33 5. Press SELECT to save the 2. When the desired entry appears, press ETE. The screen displays Delete entry?. order appears. If necessary, tone. The handset displays the press CID/ or / to browse. revised entry. Delete entry? Delete a directory entry Edit a directory entry 1.
  • Page 34 2. Press HOME SPEAKER to dial using the characters are shown and saved dial using the cell line. in the caller ID log. Entries appear in reverse Caller ID chronological order. When the If you subscribe to caller ID caller ID log is full, the oldest out who called, to return the call, second ring.
  • Page 35 to Caller ID log, and then if this is how you entered it into XX missed calls press SELECT twice to choose your directory. Review. The handset displays Note log. • 3. Press CID/ or / to browse. 10:15pm 12/25 Note •...
  • Page 36 HOME, If you do not want to review displays, press for local and long distance CELL or SPEAKER to dial. press and hold CANCEL on the handset when not in use to clear directory. directory entries are then considered old Press 1 repeatedly if you need to 1.
  • Page 37 6. Press SELECT when done and Note 4. When the screen shows the screen shows Saved. Delete all? Press SELECT to • While entering names and Deleting... and then you hear a Number numbers, you can: repeated • Press CID/ or / Delete the caller ID log entries Delete all •...
  • Page 38: Call Block

    Call block -OR- 2. Press CID/ or / to choose Press MENU when the handset , and then press If you have subscribed to caller is not in use. Press CID/ or ID service, you can set the to choose , and 3.
  • Page 39 6. When displays, • Press 0 to add a space (for CID/ or / to browse. You hear a double beep when you reach the beginning or end of • Press to change lower case. Note • 7. Press to save. You 1.
  • Page 40 4. Press 5. Press Note • List empty 7. Press when done. 6. Press to save the Note Your telephone rings once for tone. • Number call block list calls, so that there will be no ring repeated 1. Search for the desired caller ID log entry (see Delete a call block list entry 2.
  • Page 41 Note 4. Press CID/ or / to choose 4. Press CID/ or / each ringer tone. Key tone:On or Key tone:Off. • 5. Press SELECT to save your 5. Press SELECT to save your Note Ringer tone Key tone • ringer tones for each handset.
  • Page 42 2. Press CID/ or / to choose Temporary ringer silencing Quiet mode Ringers, and then press When the telephone is ringing, SELECT. 3. Press SELECT to select Ringer During this period, all tones ringer of the handset without volume. 1. Press and hold QUIET when 4.
  • Page 43 3. Press CID/ or / to choose Dial mode Note Home area code, and then press • SELECT. tone dialing. If you have pulse before using the telephone to 5. Press SELECT to save your 1. Press MENU when the phone Home area code is not in use.
  • Page 44 Temporary tone dialing To retrieve, you typically dial your telephone service provider, and then enter a security code. Contact your telephone service during a call. This is useful if you need to send touch-tone signals or long distance services. 1. During a call, press the handset displays on each handset for easy access 3.
  • Page 45 3. Press CID/ or / to choose 1. Press MENU when the handset Settings, and then press is not in use. SELECT. 2. Press CID/ or / to choose Settings, and then press SELECT. 5. Press to save. 3. Press CID/ or / to choose Clr voicemail, and then press SELECT.
  • Page 46 My telephone does not work at all. installed and charged correctly. return the handset to the The display shows Low battery. Place the handset in the telephone base or charger for charging.
  • Page 47 I cannot dial out. The display shows No line. The display shows To register HS... I cannot hear the dial tone. and ...see manual alternately. The • handset does not work at all. • Disconnect the telephone and connect it to another the telephone base.
  • Page 48 • coverage and the Bluetooth placed in the telephone base or my house is poor and I cannot charger correctly. connect it to my XT801/XT802/ or headset is turned on. See • XT811/XT831. use. you can leave your cell phone at •...
  • Page 49 My handset beeps and is not There is interference during a • Appliances or other cordless performing normally. telephones plugged into the calls fade out when I am using Move the handset closer to the the cordless handset. base can cause interference. range.
  • Page 50 The display shows Out of range or caller ID or the telephone does no pwr at base. not show caller ID during call my computer to establish • range. Move it closer to the doesn’t work. • telephone base. • •...
  • Page 51 • service. Contact your service I accidentally set my LCD language to Spanish or French, and I don’t know how to change it back to English. While the handset is not in use or is on a call, press MENU and then enter *364# to change the English.
  • Page 52: Product Care

    If your product is not Product care working properly... Your XT801/XT802/XT811/ XT831 handset is waterproof 1. Read this User’s Guide. but your base is not. Follow 2. Visit our website: US and Canada: 1-888-331-3383 • • • Do not expose the device to visit our website.
  • Page 53: Important Safety

    Important safety • • If the device has been using wet hands, when the clearly during a call. Ensure that when using your phone to reduce • is clean and dry by wiping it injury to persons or property: device while it is underwater. with a dry cloth.
  • Page 54 3. Do not allow anything to rest 8. Avoid using during an electrical Unplug this cordless phone immediately from on the power cord. Place the an outlet if: power cord so that it will not • The power cord or plug is 9.
  • Page 55 6. Adjust only those controls that 10. To avoid interference to nearby appliances, do not place the base of the phone 2. Follow all warnings and oven, or VCR. to restore the product to product. CAUTION 3. Do not install this product FCC’s RF exposure guidelines, 7.
  • Page 56 Warranty • Motorola branded product • CAUTION Subject to the exclusions contained below, BINATONE warrants that this Motorola SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS sold for use with this product • • outlined below. This Warranty is your exclusive warranty and is not...
  • Page 58 Exclusions Products Length of coverage covered Normal Wear and Tear. One (1) year ONSUMER the date of the RODUCTS products original of the product. Ninety (90) days Accessories fully charged capacity falls below accessories original 80% of their rated capacity and of the product.
  • Page 59 Abuse & Misuse. Defects or Altered Products. Products acts which are not the fault of MOTOROLA or BINATONE., are Use of Non-Motorola branded Products and Accessories. non-Motorola branded housings, caused by incorrectly securing the Accessories or other peripheral coverage. of Products or Accessories due to or use with the Products or coverage.
  • Page 60 FCC, ACTA and IC you and BINATONE. regarding FCC Part 15 how to ship the Products or the Products or Accessories Accessories at your expense and purchased by you, and Repair Center. digital device under Part 15 of includes the date, place and seller card was included in your box, a with the said purchase.
  • Page 61 is no guarantee that interference according to the intended usage of the product. This product approved by the party responsible has been tested and found to user’s authority to operate the against the ear of the user. The telephone base shall be installed the user is encouraged to try to and used such that parts of the correct the interference by one or...
  • Page 62 FCC Part 68 and ACTA are provided with this product. It is designed to be connected telephone service provider. Part 68 of the FCC rules and used with Party Lines. If you your telephone line, ensure the US:AAAEQ##TXXXX. This your telephone service provider telephone service provider or a called.
  • Page 63 repair procedures, follow the or late evening. product. The telephone service if such changes are planned. the telephone service provider corded or cordless handset, it is your telephone service. The telephone service provider is You will be given the opportunity please: telephone service provider is explain the reason for the call...
  • Page 64 DECT channel: 5 15 characters Bluetooth channel: 79 Handset caller ID log: are used under license. All other Nominal allowed by FCC and IC. up to 24 digits and range 15 characters Motorola Mobility LLC. All rights reserved. US_EN Version of use.

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