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Motorola MOTO500id User Manual

Digital cordless telephone
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User Guide
Digital Cordless Telephone
Please read entirely this manual
before operating your telephone.



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  Summary of Contents for Motorola MOTO500id

  • Page 1 User Guide Digital Cordless Telephone Models: MOTO500id MOTO500id-E MOTO500id-2 MOTO500id-3 Please read entirely this manual before operating your telephone.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of content 1. Because we care of you ..............3 r t s o i t ......
  • Page 3: Because We Care Of You

    Because we care of you Thank you for purchasing this product. This product has been designed and assembled with utmost care for you and the environment. This is why we supply this product reducing the amount of paper (pages) and therefor save trees to be cut for making this paper.
  • Page 4: General Information

    800-201-4442 ECUADOR 1-800-10-2020 PARAGUAY 009-800-542-0030 URUGUAY 0004-0178-7011 COSTA RICA 0800-016-1031 ARGENTINA 0800-666-8876 Package content Quantity Package content MOTO500id MOTO500id-2 MOTO500id-3 MOTO500-E Handset Main base Charging base with attached power supply Power supply Telephone line cable Battery User guide General information...
  • Page 5: Getting To Know Your Telephone

    Getting to know your telephone Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 5 Getting to know your telephone...
  • Page 6: The Handset (Fig. 1)

    Getting to know your telephone The handset (see Fig. 1 in page 5) Meaning Up arrow In stand by: press to enter the call log In menu mode: press to scroll up the menu items In phonebook list / redial list / call list: press to scroll up the list During a call: press to increase the earpiece volume During ringing: press to increase the ringer volume...
  • Page 7: Display Icons And Symbols (Fig. 2)

    Redial list key In idle mode, press to access the redial list. Down key (redial / down) In idle mode: press to access the redial list In menu mode: press to scroll down the menu items In phonebook list / redial list / call list: press to scroll down the list During a call: press to decrease the earpiece volume During ringing: press to decrease the ringer volume...
  • Page 8 Steady when an alarm is set. Flashes when the alarm is sounding. Indicates that the keypad is locked. Indicates when you have a new Voice Mail message. (This is a caller display service from the network operator.) Indicates when the battery is fully charged. Whole icon flashes when the battery is charging.
  • Page 9: Telephone Base (Fig. 3)

    Base station (see Fig. 3 in page 5) Meaning Find Press to page your registered handset(s). Press and hold to start the registration process. Installation Connecting the base station (see Fig. 4 in page 5) Plug the power supply and line cord into the base station. Plug the power adapter into an electrical wall outlet and the telephone line cord into your telephone line socket.
  • Page 10: Telephone Operation

    Telephone operation Making a call Predialing to make a call Enter the phone number and press to connect to the line and dial the number. > When entering the number, if you make a mistake, press delete digits. Direct dialing Press to connect to the line and then enter the phone number.
  • Page 11: Ending A Call

    NOTE: If AUTO ANSWER will answer the call automatically and no keys need to be pressed. Ending a call During a call, press to hang up and end the call, or Place the handset on the base cradle and the call will be ended. Adjusting the volume There are 5 levels, VOLUME 1 to VOLUME 5, to choose from for each of the earpiece and speaker volumes.
  • Page 12: Redialing The Last Number

    Redialing the last number You can redial any of the 5 last numbers called. If you have stored a name in phonebook to go with the number, the name will be displayed instead. The most recent last number will display at the top of the redial list. Redialing a number from the redial list In idle mode, press to access the redial list.
  • Page 13: Adding A New Phonebook Entry

    Adding a new phonebook entry In idle: Press to select PHONEBOOK and then press OK or press to access the phonebook. Press OK to show ADD. Press OK and then enter the name. Press OK and then enter the number. Press OK and to select the desired ringtone for your phonebook entry.
  • Page 14: Viewing The Call List

    This feature is available if you have subscribed to the call line identification service with your network service provider. Your phone can store up to 10 received calls with date/time information in the call list. The number will be shown on the handset display when the phone is ringing. If the number matches with one of the entries in your private phonebook, the caller‘s name stored in the private phonebook will be displayed alternately with the number, and the handset will ring with the ringtone associated with that phonebook...
  • Page 15: Phone Setting

    Press OK to display CONFIRM? Press OK All entries will be deleted and the display will show EMPTY. > Phone settings Your phone comes with a selection of settings that you can change to personalise your phone the way you like it to work. Setting the handset language Press to select HS SETTINGS.
  • Page 16: Handset Registration

    Handset registration IMPORTANT: When you purchase your phone, all handsets are already registered to your base, so you do not need to register them.Handset registration is only necessary when you buy extra handsets or if a handset has become faulty. You can register additional handsets to have up to five handsets per base unit, with each handset‘s number (1 to 5) shown on its display.
  • Page 17: Technical Details

    What does this warranty cover? Subject to the exclusions contained below, MDX ELECTRONICS LLC warrants that this Motorola branded product or certi ed accessory sold for use with this product that it manufactured to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal consumer usage for the period outlined below.
  • Page 18 (c) use of the products or accessories for commercial purposes or subjecting the product or accessory to abnormal usage or conditions; or (d) other acts which are not the fault of MOTOROLA or MDX ELECTRONICS LLC., are excluded from coverage.
  • Page 19 Use of non-Motorola branded products and accessories Defects or damage that result from the use of non-Motorola branded or certi ed products or accessories or other peripheral equipment are excluded from coverage. Unauthorized service or modi cation Defects or damages resulting from service, testing, adjustment, installation, maintenance, alteration, or modi cation in any way by someone other than Motorola, MDX Electronics or its authorized service centers, are excluded from coverage.
  • Page 20: Mexico Warranty Terms

    Mexico warranty terms warrants this product for a period of ElectronicsMDX, S. De R.L. De C.V. one year against any defect of manufacture and operation from the date of delivery to the nal consumer. BRAND: ______________________ MODEL:_________________________ SERIES: ______________________ DATE OF SALE: ___________________ COMMERCIAL STAMP To make this warranty, the customer must present this policy, duly stamped by the establishment that sold it, along with the product in the store where...
  • Page 21 Manufactured, distributed or sold by licensee for this product. MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC. and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.