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Some functions do not work.
 Check if the connecting device supports
the functions in question.
A call is answered unintentionally.
 The connecting phone is set to answer a
call automatically.
Pairing failed due to a timeout.
 Depending on the connecting device, the
time limit for pairing may be short.
– Try completing the pairing within the
BLUETOOTH function cannot operate.
 Turn off the unit by pressing OFF for more
than 2 seconds, then turn the unit on
No sound is output from the car speakers
during handsfree call.
 If the sound is output from the cellular
phone, set the cellular phone to output
the sound from the car speakers.
Siri Eyes Free is not activated.
 Perform the handsfree registration for an
iPhone that supports Siri Eyes Free.
 Set the Siri function on the iPhone to on.
 Cancel the BLUETOOTH connection with
the iPhone and the unit, and reconnect.
SongPal operation
Application name is mismatched with the
actual application in "SongPal".
 Launch the application again from the
"SongPal" application.
While running the "SongPal" application
via BLUETOOTH, the display automatically
switches to [BT AUDIO].
 The "SongPal" application or BLUETOOTH
function has failed.
 Run the application again.
The "SongPal" application is automatically
disconnected when the display switches
to [IPD].
 The "SongPal" application on iPhone/iPod
does not support iPod playback.
– Change the source of the unit to other
than [IPD], then establish the "SongPal"
connection (page 16).


The following messages may appear or flash
during operation.
CD ERROR: The disc cannot be played. The
disc will be ejected automatically.
 Clean or insert the disc correctly, or make
sure the disc is not blank or defective.
CD NO MUSIC: There is no playable file. The
disc will be ejected automatically.
 Insert a disc containing playable files
(page 24).
CD PUSH EJT: The disc could not be ejected
 Press  (eject).
HUB NO SUPRT: USB hubs are not
 The selected operation could be invalid.
 [USB MODE] cannot be changed during
iPod playback.
IPD STOP: iPod playback has finished.
 Operate your iPod/iPhone to start
 A USB device not supporting AOA
(Android Open Accessory) 2.0 is
connected to the unit while [USB MODE] is
set to [ANDROID].
– Set [USB MODE] to [MSC/MTP] (page 19).
OVERLOAD: The USB device is overloaded.
 Disconnect the USB device, then press SRC
to select another source.
 The USB device has a fault, or an
unsupported device is connected.
READ: Now reading information.
 Wait until reading is complete and
playback starts automatically. This may
take some time depending on the file



Table of Contents

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