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Songpal Setup (songpal); Additional Information; Updating The Firmware; Precautions - Sony MEX-N5200BT Operating Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
AUTOPAIR (auto pairing)
Starts BLUETOOTH pairing automatically
when iOS device version 5.0 or later is
connected via USB: [ON], [OFF].
BT SIGNL (BLUETOOTH signal) (page 9)
Activates/deactivates the BLUETOOTH
BT INIT (BLUETOOTH initialize)
Initializes all the BLUETOOTH related
settings (pairing information, preset
number, device information, etc.): [YES],
When disposing the unit, initialize all the
(Available only while the source is off and
the clock is displayed.)

SongPal Setup (SONGPAL)

Activates the "SongPal" auto launch:
[ON], [OFF].
When [ON] is selected, "SongPal" will
automatically connect after the
BLUETOOTH connection is complete.
CONNECT (page 16)
Establish and terminate "SongPal"
function (connection).

Additional Information

Updating the Firmware

To update the firmware, visit the support site
on the back cover, then follow the online
• Using a USB device (not supplied) is required for
updating the firmware. Store the updater in the
USB device, and connect the device to the USB
port, then perform the update operation.
• Updating the firmware takes a few minutes to
complete. During the update, do not turn the
ignition to the OFF position, nor remove the USB


• Cool off the unit beforehand if your car has
been parked in direct sunlight.
• Do not leave the front panel or audio
devices brought in inside the car, or it may
cause malfunction due to high
temperature in direct sunlight.
• Power antenna (aerial) extends
Moisture condensation
Should moisture condensation occur inside
the unit, remove the disc and wait for about
an hour for it to dry out; otherwise the unit
will not operate properly.
To maintain high sound quality
Do not splash liquid onto the unit or discs.
Notes on discs
• Do not expose discs to direct sunlight or
heat sources such as hot air ducts, nor
leave it in a car parked in direct sunlight.
• Before playing, wipe
the discs with a
cleaning cloth from the
center out. Do not use
solvents such as
benzine, thinner,
commercially available



Table of Contents

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