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Motorola Focus72 User Manual page 25

Wi-fi outdoor home video camera
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My Phone application
displays the following
message: "Unable to
connect to BMS server".
Setting Up
While I am adding a
new camera to my
account, I am not able to
find any Cameras to add.
What are the
supported browsers for
accessing from my PC/
I found interference
caused by my other web
cam devices.
1. Check the Wi-Fi ® network
2. Check if you are connected
to the internet by starting the
phone browser and going to a
website like
3. Try again if you are successful
connecting to the internet.
4. Plug the LAN wire into RJ45
socket directly and connect to
the internet in case the Wi-Fi ®
signal is not good.
If you are trying to add a Camera
which has previously been added
into your account or another
account, you will first have to reset
the Camera. This can be done
by pressing and holding the PAIR
button on one of the wire leads from
the Camera for 3 seconds.
On PC and Mac, we recommend to
use Google Chrome. However
the following browsers are also
supported: PC: Internet Explorer ® 9
and above. Mac: Safari ® 6.
Video streaming performance is
related to internet bandwidth,
especially if you have 2 or more
video streaming devices that are
working through the same router.

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