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Troubleshooting - Mitsubishi Electric FR-E700 Installation Manuallines

Fr-e740-016sc to 300sc-ene; fr-e720s-008sc to 110sc-ene.
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When a fault occurs in the inverter, the inverter output is shut off and the PU display automatically changes to one of the
following fault or alarm indications.
If the fault does not correspond to any of the following faults or if you have any other problem, please contact your sales
 Retention of fault output signal ...When the magnetic contactor (MC) provided on the input side of the inverter is opened
 Fault or alarm indication...........When a fault or alarm occurs, the operation panel display automatically switches to the fault
 Resetting method.....................When a fault occurs, the inverter output is kept stopped. Unless reset, therefore, the inverter
 When any fault occurs, take the appropriate corrective action, then reset the inverter, and resume operation.
Not doing so may lead to the inverter fault and damage.
Inverter fault or alarm indications are roughly categorized as below.
(1) Error message
A message regarding operational fault and setting fault by the operation panel and parameter unit (FR-PU04 /FR-PU07)
is displayed. The inverter output is not shut off.
(2) Warning
The inverter output is not shut off even when a warning is displayed. However, failure to take appropriate measures will
lead to a fault.
(3) Alarm
The inverter output is not shut off. You can also output an alarm signal by making parameter setting.
(4) Fault
When a fault occurs, the inverter output is shut off and a fault signal is output.
 For the details of fault displays and other malfunctions, also
 Past eight faults can be displayed using the setting dial. (
Reset method of protective function
(1) Resetting the inverter
The inverter can be reset by performing any of the following operations. Note that the internal accumulated heat value of the
electronic thermal relay function and the number of retries are cleared (erased) by resetting the inverter.
Inverter recovers about 1s after reset is released.
Operation 1: ....... Using the operation panel, press
(This may only be performed when a fault occurs.)
Operation 2: ....... Turn ON the reset signal (RES) for more than 0.1s. (If the RES signal
is kept ON, "Err." appears (blinks) to indicate that the inverter is in a
reset status.)
Operation 3: ....... Switch power OFF once. After the indicator of the operation panel
turns OFF, switch it ON again.
 OFF status of the start signal must be confirmed before resetting the inverter fault. Resetting inverter fault with the
start signal ON restarts the motor suddenly.
when a fault occurs, the inverter's control power will be lost and the fault output will not be
or alarm indication.
cannot restart.
to reset the inverter.
Reset method of protective function
refer to the FR-E700-EC Instruction Manual.
Refer to the FR-E700-EC Instruction Manual for the operation.)


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