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Zanussi ZYB 992 User Manual

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ZYB 992



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  • Page 1 User manual Built-in oven ZYB 992...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    2 electrolux Contents Warnings and important safety information ..................3 Description of the appliance ......................4 Control panel..........................5 The oven safety devices ....................... 6 When the oven is first installed ....................... 7 Before the first use of the oven ...................... 9 Function symbols ........................
  • Page 3: Warnings And Important Safety Information

    electrolux 3 English Warnings and important safety information Always keep these user instructions with the appliance. Should the appliance be passed on to third persons or sold, or if you leave this appliance behind when you move house, it is very important that the new user has access to these user instructions and the accompanying information.
  • Page 4: Description Of The Appliance

    4 electrolux knowledge prevents them from using the The symbol on the product or its packaging appliance safely without supervision or instruction by a responsible person to ensure that they can indicates that this product is not to be treated as normal use the appliance safely.
  • Page 5: Control Panel

    electrolux 5 Control panel Cooking Duration Cooking Functions Time Temperature End Of Cooking Symbol Display Display Display Time Symbol Minute Minder Clock Symbol Symbol Thermometer Symbol The Oven Electronic Controls General Features of The Oven Electronic Control ON / OFF Touch control The touch controls Cooking Functions Touch Control All the oven functions are controlled by an...
  • Page 6: The Oven Safety Devices

    6 electrolux The oven safety devices Safety thermostat To prevent dangerous overheating (through incorrect use of the appliance or defective components), the oven is fitted with a safety thermostat, which interrupts the power supply. The oven switches back on again automatically, when the temperature drops.
  • Page 7: When The Oven Is First Installed

    electrolux 7 When the oven is first installed When the oven is first connected to the electrical supply, or when supply is restored after a long power failure, the upper section of the display shows this message: "WELCOME TO * KRONOS -3 * PYRO * DANSK * DEUTSCH * ENGLISH * ESPANOL * FRANCAIS * ÅËËÇÍÉÊÁ...
  • Page 8 8 electrolux To Select the Language You can choose the language to be used in the Oven Electronic Control display. The oven must be OFF when carrying out this operation. 1. Touch the "Cooking Function Control" the "Recipe Selection Control" at the same time and keep them pressed for 2 seconds at least.
  • Page 9: Before The First Use Of The Oven

    electrolux 9 Before the first use of the oven Remove all packaging, both inside and outside the oven, before using it. The oven will work only if the time of day has been set. To switch the oven on and off The oven must be switched on before setting any cooking function or programme.
  • Page 10 10 electrolux 6. Open a window for ventilation. This procedure should be repeated with the "Fan Cooking" function and the "Double Grill" function for approximately 5-10 minutes. Once this operation is carried out, let the oven cool down, then clean the oven cavity with a soft cloth soaked in warm water to which a little mild washing-up To open the oven door,...
  • Page 11 electrolux 11 5. When the required temperature is reached, an acoustic alarm will sound for a short time and the thermometer symbol will light permanently. To set the temperature and time Control “ “ and “ “ are used to adjust both the temperature and the time settings.
  • Page 12: Function Symbols

    12 electrolux Function symbols Defrost – The oven fan operates Fan Cooking - This setting allows without heat and circulates the air, at you to roast or roast and bake room temperature, inside the oven. simultaneously using any shelf, without This function is particularly suitable for flavour transference.
  • Page 13: Programming The Oven

    electrolux 13 Programming the oven How to set the minute minder 1. Touch the "Time Function" control . The symbol flashes near the "Minute Minder" symbol and the time display shows "0.00" (Fig. 10). 2. Symbol will flash for 5 seconds. Within this Fig.
  • Page 14 14 electrolux To programme the Oven to switch off 1. Switch the oven on, place food in the oven, select a cooking function and adjust the cooking temperature, if required. 2. Touch the "Time Function" control . The symbol flashes near the "Cooking Duration"...
  • Page 15 electrolux 15 To programme the Oven to switch on and off 1. Carry out the "Cooking Duration" setting as described at points 1 to 4 in the previous chapter. 2. Touch the "Time Function" control twice: the symbol flashes near the "End of Fig.
  • Page 16: Special Functions

    16 electrolux Special functions Automatic Switch-Off Function The oven will switch off automatically if any change of setting is made, according to the table below (Fig. 16). If temperature setting is: the oven will switch off: Fig. 16 250°C after 3 hours from 200 up to 245°C after 5,5 hours from 120 up to 195°C...
  • Page 17 electrolux 17 "Fast Heat Up" Function (Booster) After a cooking function has been selected and the temperature has been adjusted, the cavity will gradually heat up until the selected temperature is reached. This will take from 10 to 15 minutes, depending on selected function and temperature.
  • Page 18: Residual Heat Function

    18 electrolux Residual Heat Function When a Cooking Duration time is set, the heating elements of the oven will automatically go off a few minutes before the end of the programmed time, and the oven will use the residual heat to finish your dishes without energy consumption.
  • Page 19: Error Code

    electrolux 19 The Demo function remains saved in the programme in the event of a power failure. "Beep" Mode You can choose to make the electronic control beep each time that a control is touched. To enable this function, the oven must be off. 1.
  • Page 20: The "Recipe Selection" Function

    20 electrolux The "Recipe Selection" function Some recipes have been stored into the Oven Electronic Control memory to allow you to cook ten different dishes using pre-set cooking functions, temperatures and cooking times. The available recipes are listed at the bottom of this page.
  • Page 21 electrolux 21 5. When cooking time is over, the oven automatically switches off. You hear an acoustic alarm while symbol flashes and the time display shows "0.00". 6. To switch off the acoustic alarm, touch any control. You can interrupt the execution of the recipe at any time by touching control You cannot use the "Fast Heat Up"...
  • Page 22: Using The Oven

    22 electrolux Using the oven The oven is supplied with an exclusive system which produces a natural circulation of air and the constant recycling of steam. This system makes it possible to cook in a steamy environment and keep the dishes soft inside and crusty outside.
  • Page 23: Fan Cooking

    electrolux 23 Fan cooking Conventional Cooking The air inside the oven is heated by the element The middle shelf position allows for the best around the fan situated behind the back panel. heat distribution. To increase base browning The fan circulates hot air to maintain an even simply lower the shelf position.
  • Page 24: How To Use The Grill

    24 electrolux Bottom How to use the Grill This function is particularly useful when blind- The grill provides quick direct heat to the central baking pastry. It may also be used to finish off area of the grill pan. By using the grill for cooking quiches or flans to ensure the base pastry is cooked small quantities, it can help to save energy.
  • Page 25 electrolux 25 Pizza Hints and Tips The bottom element provides direct heat to the On baking: base of pizzas, quiches or pies, while the fan Cakes and pastries usually require a medium ensures air is circulated to cook the pizza toppings temperature (150°C-200°C) and therefore it is or pie fillings.
  • Page 26: Cooking Times

    26 electrolux If cooking meat directly on the oven shelf, insert the roasting pan in the shelf level below to catch the juices. Leave the joint to stand for at least 15 minutes, so that the meat juices do not run out. To reduce the build up of smoke in the oven, it is recommended to pour a little water in the roasting pan.
  • Page 27: Cooking Tables

    electrolux 27 Cooking tables Conventional and Fan Cooking Timings do not include pre-heating. The empty oven should always be pre-heated for 10 minutes. Cooking times in Conventional Cooking Fan Cooking minutes TYPE OF DISH NOTES temp temp °C °C CAKES Whisked recipies 2 (1and3)* 45-60...
  • Page 28: Thermal Grilling

    28 electrolux Timings do not include pre-heating. The empty oven should always be pre-heated for 10 minutes. Grilling Cooking time in Quantity Grilling minutes TYPE OF DISH 1st side Pieces temp.°C 2nd side Fillet steaks 12~15 12~14 Beef-steaks 10~12 Sausages 12~15 10~12 Pork chops...
  • Page 29: Cleaning And Maintenance

    electrolux 29 Cleaning and Maintenance Before cleaning always allow the Cleaning materials cooling fan to cool the oven down Before using any cleaning materials on your oven, before switching off at the electricity check that they are suitable and that their use is supply.
  • Page 30: Pyrolytic Cleaning

    30 electrolux Pyrolytic cleaning The oven cavity is coated with a special enamel After a significant number of cooking, the resistant to high temperatures. cleaning reminder suggests to activate a During the pyrolytic cleaning operation, the tem- pyrolytic cleaning cycle. perature inside the oven can reach about 500°C An acoustic signal will be emitted, a thus burning food residuals.
  • Page 31 electrolux 31 How to use the pyrolytic cleaning function Before activating the pyrolytic cleaning function, remove any excessive spillage and make sure that the oven is empty. Do not leave anything inside it (e.g. pans, grids, baking tray, dripping pan, etc.) as this could heavily damage them.
  • Page 32 32 electrolux 3. While symbol flashes, touch controls ' ' or ' ' to select the pyrolytic 1 (PYRO 1) or pyrolytic 2 (PYRO 2) function (Fig. 25). 4. Once you have chosen the desired pyrolytic function, the “Pyro” writing will flash on the display waiting for confirmation to start the Fig.
  • Page 33 electrolux 33 To programme the pyrolytic cleaning cycle (delayed start, automatic stop) If you desire, you can programme the starting and At the end of the pyrolytic cleaning process, the ending time of the pyrolytic cleaning cycle. display shows the time of day. The oven door is locked.
  • Page 34: The Oven Door

    34 electrolux The oven door The oven door consists of four panes of glass. The oven door can be disassembled and the internal panes can be removed to make cleaning easier. Important - Remove the oven door before cleaning it. The oven door could abruptly close if you try to remove the internal panes of glass when the door Fig.
  • Page 35 electrolux 35 7. Release the locking system to remove the internal panes of glass (Fig. 33). 8. Turn the 2 fasteners 90° and extract them from their seats (Fig. 34). 9. Gently lift and carefully take off the uppermost pane (Fig. 35). Fig.
  • Page 36 36 electrolux 10.Repeat the procedure described in point 9. for the middle pane marked by a decorative frame on 4 sides (Fig. 36). 11.Gently lift and carefully take off the innermost pane (Fig. 37). Clean the oven door with lukewarm water and a soft cloth.
  • Page 37: Replacing The Oven Light

    electrolux 37 b) the decorated middle pane with a frame on the 4 sides must be reassembled so that the screen-printing is facing outwards. The side of the pane of glass is correct if you do not feel any roughness near the screen printing when you pass your fingers over the surface.
  • Page 38: Something Not Working

    38 electrolux Something not working If the appliance is not working correctly, please check the following before contacting an authorised Service Centre. PROBLEM SOLUTION The oven is not heating up. Touch the control, then select a cooking function. Has the fuse in the domestic electrical installation been tripped? Is the child lock device or the automatic On/Off cut- off function switched on?
  • Page 39: Technical Data

    electrolux 39 Technical data Heating element ratings Bottom 1000 W 800 W Conventional cooking (top+bottom) 1800 W Grill 1650 W Double grill 2450 W Fan cooking 2000 W Pizza 1000/2000 W Thermal Grilling 1675 W Oven light 40 W Convection fan 25 W Cooling fan 25 W...
  • Page 40: Instructions For The Installer

    40 electrolux Instructions for the Installer Installation and connection must be The following types of mains cable are suitable, carried out in compliance with the taking the necessary rated cross section into regulations force. account: H07 RN-F, H05 RN-F, H05 RR-F, H05 interventions must be carried out VV-F, H05 V2V2-F (T90), H05 BB-F.
  • Page 41: Instructions Fo Building In

    electrolux 41 Instructions for Building In For problem-free functioning of the built-in appliance, the kitchen unit or the recess into which the appliance is built must have suitable dimensions. In accordance with the regulations in force, all parts which ensure the shock protection of live and insulated parts must be fastened in such a way that Fig.
  • Page 42: Service And Spare Parts

    42 electrolux Service and spare parts If after the checks listed in the chapter "What happens if something goes wrong", the appliance still does not work correctly, contact your local Service Centre, specifying the type of malfunctioning, the appliance model (Mod.), the product number (Prod.
  • Page 43 electrolux 43...
  • Page 44 44 electrolux 356978204-A-032009...