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Lockout; Alternate Indicator; Hot Viewing Head Indication; Primary / Alternate Selection - Honeywell P531 Operating Manual

Flame monitor
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A Bar Graph will be displayed in the last digit of the
default display.
The graph is proportional to the analog output (20ma)
and is affected by the flame count and the analog gain
for the channel.


LKOUT will be displayed on the panel if a viewing
head error has occurred. (Flame relays will trip and
the channels will remain locked out until any button is
pressed on the front panel). Lockout will also occur
when an unexpected viewing head is detected. This
will occur when changing head types or attaching new
viewing heads to a system that has been defaulted.
LKOUT Cannot be cleared by a power reset (to clear
push any button)
Verification of all viewing head and channel pa-
rameters is required after a lockout has occurred.

Alternate Indicator

The middle pixel of the rightmost column will be illumi-
nated if the Alternate configuration for that channel is
currently in operation.

Hot Viewing Head Indication

A warning will be displayed for 1 second in each 4
seconds if a viewing head attached to Viewing Head
#1 or Viewing Head #2 terminals exceeds a tempera-
ture of 70° C (158° F).
Seeing that the viewing head may not be associated
with any particular channel the number of the offend-
ing viewing head will be displayed.
Except for this notification, no other action is taken
when a viewing head is hot.

Primary / Alternate selection

Two sets of configuration data can be stored and used
for each of the 3 channels.
Both the alternate and primary configurations can
be viewed and adjusted from the panel.

Using the Prim/Alt switch.

The Alternate configuration is used for operation if:
A voltage is applied across the associated alternate
select pins, OR
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The configuration is written to Modbus register
The Primary configuration will be used for operation if:
No voltage is present and Modbus is configured for
Primary (default)

To reset Modbus Prim/Alt register

Use the serial RS-422 communications port (see Mod-
bus register map)
Doing a system default (Options / Default) will set this
register to Primary for all channels.

Non-Advanced viewing heads

(S550 models with no following letter designation)
The processor treats non-advanced viewing heads as
a single sensor. The UV and IR cannot be separated
as with the advanced viewing heads.
To configure for UV only the IR gain should be set to
zero, conversely the IR only can be seen if the UV
gain is set to zero (note the appropriate color change
of flame count display).
These two configurations can be saved in primary and
alternate for a single channel and switched when
Individual sensors of advanced viewing heads (and
non-advanced viewing heads) can be assigned to
channel configurations Primary and Alternate.
A sensor CANNOT be assigned to more than one
channel and a primary and an alternate configura-
tion all at the same time.
A sensor can be assigned to both Primary and Alter-
nate configurations of the same channel (but not to
another channel)
A sensor can be assigned to more than one channel
(all either primary or alternate).
All channel parameters settings can be configured for
both Primary and Alternate usage.
The color of the words PRIM or ALT in the display
indicates if it is the current configuration in use.
RED selected.
Green not selected.



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