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Fujitsu Presenter IV Air Operating Manual

Presenter, wireless game controller and air mouse functions.
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Operating Manual
Presenter IV Air


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   Summary of Contents for Fujitsu Presenter IV Air

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    Operating Manual Peripherals Presenter IV Air...

  • Page 2

    Please contact: ● our Service Desk your Sales Partner ● ● your Sales Outlet The latest information on our products, as well as tips, updates etc., can be found on the internet at Service Desk on the Internet:

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    Designations may be trademarks and/or copyrights of the respective manufacturer, the use of which by third parties for their own purposes may infringe the rights of such owner. For further information see Order-No. Fujitsu Technology Solutions: A26381-K440-Z200-1-7619, Edition 1...

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    Fujitsu Presenter Setting up the device Troubleshooting and tips Presenter IV Air Technical Data Operating Manual September 2009 edition...

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    All other product and service marks referred to in this publication are trademarks of the respective owners, whose legal protection is hereby recognised. Copyright © Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH 2009 All rights, including translation or reproduction (printing, copying or similar) of this manual in part or in whole, are reserved.

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Presenter Mode ............................ 8 Game Mode............................9 User information about Fujitsu Presenter ................... 10 Troubleshooting and tips......................... 11 Fujitsu Presenter cannot be used. Why? ................... 11 Fujitsu receiver LED is not on ....................11 Technical data........................... 12 Terms of responsibility........................13...

  • Page 8

    Contents Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

  • Page 9: Fujitsu Presenter

    Fujitsu Presenter... Fujitsu Presenter... Congratulations on your purchase of the Fujitsu Presenter for amazing user experience of presenter, wireless game controller and air mouse functions. Before use, please review the user manual carefully and follow the instructions. In addition, keep this manual in a safe location for future reference.

  • Page 10: Delivery Package

    Fujitsu Presenter... Mini Receiver Shows the status of the Fujitsu Presenter. LED is lit when the presenter is on. Connect Button Delivery package Make sure the following components are in the package or otherwise contact your dealer for assistance. ●...

  • Page 11: Notational Conventions

    EU regarding the return and recycling of waste equipment. To return your used device, please use the return and collection systems available to you. You will find further information on this at Transportation Transport the device only in its original packaging or other suitable packaging to protect it from knocks and jolts.

  • Page 12: Safety Notes

    Do not use damaged, deformed or leaking batteries. ● If battery leakage occurs in the device, stop usage immediately and send it to the Fujitsu maintenance center for inspection. ● The device uses AAA batteries or AAA rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries.

  • Page 13: Fcc Compliance Statement

    The use of shielded I/O cables is required when connecting this equipment to any and all optional peripheral or host devices. Failure to do so may violate FCC rules. Contact persons Applicant for this device: Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH Bürgermeister-Ulrich-Str. 100 86199 Augsburg Germany...

  • Page 14: Setting Up The Device

    Setting up the device Installing Batteries The device uses two AAA batteries. Fujitsu recommends high quality alkaline batteries for best performance and longevity of battery life. If you use rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safety and proper usage.

  • Page 15: Fujitsu Presenter Basic Operation

    Game mode (Standard Microsoft wireless game controller function is available) Presenter Mode Game Mode Power Off Mode Switch ► Use the switch to change modes you want or turn off the presenter. Presenter mode ► Change the switch to Presenter mode on the Fujitsu Presenter. Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

  • Page 16: Presenter Mode

    Power point volume down F5/ESC Power point F5 and ESC Laser Laser on / off button DOWN Power point page down LEFT Mouse left key Mouse Double click for turn on the cursor automatically. Press and hold for semi-automatically Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

  • Page 17: Game Mode

    Setting up the device Game Mode ► Change the switch to Game mode on the Fujitsu Presenter. The Fujitsu Presenter will only work on the PC in games that support “Microsoft Standard Game Controller” while switch to Game mode. Button 3 Left...

  • Page 18: User Information About Fujitsu Presenter

    Facing the computer screen, the distance between the receiver and the tip of the Fujitsu Presenter should be maintained at 1~5 meters. ► Make sure there are no people or objects at arms length between the Fujitsu Presenter and the receiver. ►...

  • Page 19: Troubleshooting And Tips

    Troubleshooting and tips Troubleshooting and tips If any of the following situations occur while using the Fujitsu Presenter, refer to the following Q&A list for help: Fujitsu Presenter cannot be used. Why? Cause Troubleshooting Is the Fujitsu Presenter power on? ►...

  • Page 20: Technical Data

    Sleep mode: approx. 1 uA ● Laser pointer active: approx. 23 mA Game mode ● Active mode: approx. 6.4 mA ● Sleep mode: approx. 1 uA Receiver ● Active mode: 25 mA ● USB suspend: 1 mA Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

  • Page 21: Terms Of Responsibility

    (such as expected profit loss and moral damage compensation) and punitive damages. In addition to other regulations, the liabilities of the company to users will require the company, at most, to replace the Fujitsu Presenter with the latest model. Fujitsu Technology Solutions...

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