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Blade Selection; Operating Instructions - Bosch 1644-24 Operating/Safety Instructions Manual

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BM 2610917685 9-02
Your tool is equipped with a dual stroke-
length / lock-off switch located on the top of
the saw. This lever is designed for choosing
the stroke length and for locking the trigger in
the "OFF" position to help prevent accidental
starts and accidental battery discharge. The
tool should be at a complete stop before
changing stroke lengths. For the 3/4" (19 mm)
stroke, move the switch to the far left. For the
1-1/4" (32 mm) stroke, move the switch to the
far right. To activate the trigger lock, move the
switch to the center position (Fig 2).
The 1-1/4" (32 mm) stroke is useful for fast,
aggressive cutting, especially in wood.
The 3/4" (19 mm) stroke offers a wide
variety of benefits:
• Reduced vibration of workpiece when
cutting thin or fragile workpiece materials,
such as sheet metal, thin plywood, or
plaster-and-lath walls.
• Reduced depth-of-cut and blade projection
beyond the far edge of the workpiece, such
as when cutting into a wall or when cutting
a pipe that runs along a wall.
• Easier pocket/plunge cutting.
• Precise starts of cuts.
• Increased pulling power (like a drill has
more torque in low gear).*
• Less heat from lower blade travel speed,
thus longer blade life.*
*These characteristics are especially
beneficial when cutting metal.
When the trigger switch is released it
activates the brake to stop the saw quickly.
This is especially useful when making
repetitive cuts.


No one blade can be efficient on all cutting
jobs. Different materials require specially
designed blades. Since your reciprocating
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Operating Instructions

FIG. 2
Your tool is equipped with a variable speed
controlled trigger switch. The tool can be
turned "ON" or "OFF" by squeezing or
releasing the trigger. The blade plunger
stroke rate can be adjusted from the
minimum to maximum nameplate stroke rate
by the pressure you apply to the trigger.
Apply more pressure to increase the speed
and release pressure to decrease speed.
Higher speed settings are generally used for
fast cutting or when softer cutting materials
such as wood, composite materials, and
plastics. Slower speed settings are generally
used when precision is required or when
cutting harder materials. Materials typically
cut using slower speeds include sheet metal,
conduit, and pipe.
Preparing the Saw
saw can cut so many materials, many types
of BOSCH blades are available. Be sure to
use the proper blade to insure proper cutting



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