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Vesa-Ddc-Compatible Vga Interface; Preset Operating Modes - Fujitsu X23T-1 MHL Operating Manual

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Power supply
Power consumption (typical)
(excluding audio, USB)
Sound output (internal speakers)
Environmental conditions
Environment class 3K2, DIN IEC 721
Rated range of operation
Limit range of operation

VESA-DDC-compatible VGA interface

Your monitor is equipped with a VESA-DDC-compatible VGA interface. VESA-DDC (Video
Electronics Standard Association, Display Data Channel) is used as the communications
interface between the monitor and the computer. If the computer is equipped with a
VESA-DDC-compatible VGA interface, it can automatically read the data for ensuring
optimum operation from the monitor and select the appropriate settings.

Preset operating modes

The picture position and size have been set to optimum values at the factory for the
operating modes listed above. Depending on the display adapter used, it may be
necessary to adjust the display position and size. In this case, you can change and
save the settings (see chapter
For ergonomic reasons, a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels is recommended.
Because of the technology used (active matrix), an LCD monitor provides a
totally flicker-free picture, even with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.
Normal operation
ECO operating mode
Energy-saving mode
(0 W operating mode)
15 °C .... 35 °C
20 % .... 85 %
5 °C .... 35 °C
20 % .... 85 %
"Changing the monitor settings", Page
Technical specification
Switches automatically
100 V – 240 V~,
50 Hz/60 Hz
29 W
22.7 W
0.4 W
3 W left; 3 W right



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