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    Operating Manual LCD Monitor...
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    Connecting cables to the monitor ......................6 Connecting cables to the computer ...................... 6 Operation of the monitor........................7 Adjusting rake............................7 Switching the monitor on/off ......................... 7 Troubleshooting............................ 8 Explanatory information about standard ISO 9241-3 ..............10 Lit or unlit pixels..........................10 Fujitsu Technology Solutions...
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  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction This manual contains important information for correct set-up of your LCD monitor. The LCD monitor is actuated from the PC. The screen controller/the associated driver software is responsible for setting the modes (resolution and refresh rate). When putting the monitor into operation for the first time, the screen display should be optimally adapted to the screen controller used and adjusted in accordance with your needs.
  • Page 6: Important Notes

    If you have any questions, contact your sales outlet or our Service desk. ● The display surface of the LCD monitor is sensitive to pressure and scratches. You should therefore be careful with the display surface so as to avoid lasting damage (Newton rings, scratches).
  • Page 7: Power Cable

    If necessary, replace the original power cable with a regular grounded 3-core mains lead. Transport ● Transport the monitor with care and only in its original packaging or another corresponding packaging fit to protect it against knocks and jolts. ● Never drop the LCD monitor (danger of glass breakage). Fujitsu Technology Solutions...
  • Page 8: Cleaning

    Ensure that the ventilation areas of the monitor are free. ● The display surface of the LCD monitor is sensitive to pressure and scratches. Clean it only using a soft, slightly moistened cloth. Wipe the monitor casing with a dry cloth. If the monitor is particularly dirty, use a cloth which has been moistened in mild domestic detergent and then carefully wrung out.
  • Page 9: Checking The Contents Of The Consignment

    Important notes Checking the contents of the consignment The display surface of the LCD monitor is sensitive to pressure and scratches. Always hold the device by the casing! ► Unpack all the individual parts. ► Check the delivery for damage incurred during transportation.
  • Page 10: Connecting The Monitor

    When you start working with your monitor for the first time you should install the appropriate graphics drivers for your application software. Details of how to do this are provided in the documentation on your screen controller/the associated driver software. Fujitsu Technology Solutions...
  • Page 11: Operation Of The Monitor

    The power indicator goes off when the monitor is switched off. When you switch the computer system on, you must proceed in the following order: ► First switch the LCD monitor on with the ON/OFF switch. ► Then switch on the computer.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    Picture position not correct The monitor recognises an undefined mode. ► Carry out the auto-adjustment of the monitor (with the AUTO button - if present - or via the OSD menu). ► Set the picture position with the OSD menu. Fujitsu Technology Solutions...
  • Page 13 Picture too light or too dark the AUTO button - if present - or via the OSD menu). ► Correctly set the contrast and brightness with the OSD menu if the auto-adjustment function does not supply satisfactory results. Fujitsu Technology Solutions...
  • Page 14: Explanatory Information About Standard Iso 9241-3

    The maximum permitted number of faulty pixels is stipulated in the international standard ISO 9241-3. In accordance with standard ISO 9241-3, LCD monitors by Fujitsu comply with Class II for low resolutions and Class I for resolutions of 1680 x 1050 (1764000 pixel) and higher.
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