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Tips For Best Performance - AirTies Air 4920 Quick Installation Manual

1600 mbps smart mesh access point
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Turn off wireless service on your modem.
Keep units away from:
- Potential sources of electrical interference. Equipment that potentially cause interference
include ceiling fans, home security systems, microwaves, PCs, and cordless phones
(handset and base).
- Large metal surfaces and objects. Large objects and wide surfaces such as glass, insulated
walls, fish tanks, mirrors, brick, and concrete walls can also weaken wireless signals.
- Sources and areas of heat such as ovens and sun rooms as well as direct sun light even if
there is good air conditioning.
Also, it is highly recommended that uninterruptable power supplies (UPSes) (or, at least,
surge protectors) are used to protect Air 4920s and other electrical devices (VDSL
modems, routers/gateways, set-top boxes, TVs, etc.) from electrical dangers. Electrical
storms, voltage surges and other risks associated with the electrical power grid can cause
significant damage to electrical devices. In additional, even a 1-second disruption in
electrical power is likely to cause all modems, wireless clients, TVs, set-top boxes, etc. to be
powered off or to be reset. Even if the equipment starts up automatically, it will be several
minutes before all systems come back online and allow you to enjoy your Internet-based

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