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AirTies AP-301 User Manual

Repeater, bridge
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Wireless Access Point



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  Summary of Contents for AirTies AP-301

  • Page 1 Wireless Access Point Repeater Bridge USER MANUAL...
  • Page 3: Manual Overview

    The Warranty does not cover failure or damage as a result of not following the instructions in the manual. AirTies will not be held responsible in such circumstances. The User Manual is an important resource you can refer to for safe and proper use of your device.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    4.1. IP Settings...................8 4.2. Wireless Network................9 4.2.1. Wireless Settings...............9 4.3. Setting the Operating Mode...............10 4.3.1. Configuring the AP-301 as an Access Point........11 4.3.2. Configuring the AP-301 as a Repeater...........12 4.3.3. Configuring the AP-301 as a Bridge..........14 4.4. Wireless Security Settings..............15 4.1 WPA Security Settings..............15...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Wireless Access Point, Repeater, or Bridge. You can connect the AirTies AP-301 to a wired router through the Ethernet port to setup a wireless local network and enable your wireless computers to access the Internet.
  • Page 6: Main Features

    Minimum System Requirements 1.2. In order to configure the AirTies AP-301, a PC running any version of Windows, Unix, Linux, or Mac operating systems is required. The AP-301 does not need to be connected to a PC during normal operation.
  • Page 7: Top View

    Green flashing Data exchange over the LAN port No connection on the LAN port Connecting the Cables The correct way of connecting the AP-301 is shown in the figure below. Port Interface 10/100 Ethernet port (auto MDI/MDIX); connects to LAN Power 5V DC;...
  • Page 8: Preparing For Installation

    Preparing For Installation The installation settings of the AP-301 must be done from a PC that is directly, not wirelessly, connected to it. However, the AirTies AP-301 cannot assign an IP address to the PC connected to it for doing the installation settings since the DHCP feature is not enabled in the default factory settings.
  • Page 9: Assigning A Local Ip Address To A Computer That Is Running Windows98

    In the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties" window, enter in the "IP Address" field and in the "Subnet Mask" field. The IP address of the AP-301 is Therefore, the IP address of the computer should be in the 192.168.2.x range.
  • Page 10 In the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties" window, go to "IP Address" tab. Enter in the "IP Address" field and in the "Subnet Mask" field. The IP address of the AP-301 is Therefore, the IP address of the computer should be in the 192.168.2.x range.
  • Page 11: Assigning A Local Ip Address To A Computer That Is Running Windows2000

    Properties" window, enter in the "IP Address" field and in the "Subnet Mask" field. The IP address of the AP-301 is Therefore, the IP address of the computer should be in the 192.168.2.x range. Click "OK" to save the values you have entered.
  • Page 12: Ip Settings

    These values can be obtained from the administrator of the network the AP-301 is connected to. Note: If you change the IP address of the AP-301, you must use the new address to connect to the AP-301's web interface. AirTies AP-301 User Manual...
  • Page 13: Wireless Network

    As a wireless access point, the AP-301 enables mobile devices to access the local network. Clicking on the "WIRELESS " menu on the left menu bar of the AP-301 web interface displays all the wireless devices connected to the AP- 301.
  • Page 14: Setting The Operating Mode

    Setting the Operating Mode 4.3. The AP-301 is a 3-in-1 device: it can operate as either an access point or a repeater or a bridge. To set the operating mode, go to the "Operating Mode" submenu under the "WIRELESS " menu. The "Operating Mode Selection" window will appear.
  • Page 15: Configuring The Ap-301 As A Repeater

    "View Wireless Networks" window. Connect to the wireless network whose name (SSID) is "AIRTIES_AP-301", the default SSID of the wireless network set up by the AP-301. If you have assigned a different SSID to your wireless network during configuration, connect to that one.
  • Page 16 Using more than one AP-301 as a repeater, and taking advantage of the AirTies Mesh Technology®, you can extend and strengthen your wireless network. AirTies Mesh Technology® helps resolve problems such as weak or lost signal, and limited signal range that is commonly seen in concrete buildings.
  • Page 17 Check the box to the left of the access point / repeater you would like the AP-301 to connect to. The access point will appear in the list below, titled "Access Points to Connect to". Click "Save" to complete the Repeater Settings.
  • Page 18: Configuring The Ap-301 As A Bridge

    4.3.3. You can include a wired device (e.g. printer) to your wireless network by connecting the device to the LAN port of an AP-301 operating in Bridge mode. The diagram below is an example of the AP-301's use as a bridge (connected to a printer).
  • Page 19: Wireless Security Settings

    In this window, you will see a list of all the available wireless access points that the AP-301 bridge can connect to. Check the box next to the access point you would like to connect to and click "Save". Wireless Security Settings 4.4.
  • Page 20: Wpa2 Security Settings

    "password" field. Make sure you choose a key that is not easy to guess. Click "Save". • You must activate WPA and set the same network key in all the wireless devices that will communicate with the AP-301. WPA2 Security Settings 4.4.2.
  • Page 21: Wep Security Settings

    If any of the devices in your wireless network does not support WPA, it is recommended that you choose WEP encryption. If the AP-301 device is being used in a MESH Network, i.e. communicating with other devices that operate in repeater mode via the MESH protocol, then you can only use WEP encryption.
  • Page 22: Access Control

    4.5. To enable Access Control go to "Access Control" under the "WIRELESS" menu of the AP-301 web interface. In the window that appears, you can enter the MAC addresses of the devices that are permitted to access the AP-301. No other device but those permitted can connect to the AP-301.
  • Page 23: Management

    4.6. The default password for accessing the web-based user interface of the AP-301 is blank. It is recommended that you set a password to avoid unauthorized access to this interface. Enter the current password in the "Current Password" field. (Leave this field blank for the first use.)
  • Page 24: Tools

    "Firmware Update" click "Browse" and select the new downloaded firmware file. Then, click "Update". You can see the version of the firmware that is currently on your AP-301 on the "Welcome" screen that appears as soon as you login to the web interface.
  • Page 25: Technical Specifications

    Reset button to return the router to default factory settings Physical Specifications • Dimensions: 9cm x 7cm x 2.5cm • Weight: 150 g • Power: 5Volt DC • Operating Temperature: 0°C - 40°C • Storage Temperature: -25°C - 75°C • Humidity: %10 - %90 AirTies AP-301 User Manual...