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AirTies Air 4410 Quick Installation Manual

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Three years warranty
24/7 people support
0845 557 5782
+90 212 444 0239
(from United Kingdom)
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  Summary of Contents for AirTies Air 4410

  • Page 1 AirTouch Three years warranty 24/7 people support 0845 557 5782 (from United Kingdom) +90 212 444 0239 (International) Visit for full list of technical support telephone numbers.
  • Page 2: Quick Installation

    Wireless life Quick Installation Guide Wireless Access Point Air 4410...
  • Page 3 2. Turn on the Air 4410 by switching the On/Off button to position “1”. Connect the Ethernet cable inside the box to the Air 4410’s Ethernet port and connect the other end to an ADSL modem or switch’s Ethernet port. After completing the cabling process, insert the Easy Installation CD to your computer (Windows XP, Vista or 7).
  • Page 4 Cabling...
  • Page 5 Network Name (SSID). If you do not change anything in these setings, the AirTies service software automatically configures your wireless security settings and creates a password at the highest security level. After clicking the Next button, the program will automatically save these settings to the Air 4410 and create a wireless profile to allow you to wirelessly connect your computer to...
  • Page 6 b) Windows 7 users: If your operating system is Windows 7, you can configure your wireless settings automatically by using the AirTouch features. After pressing the “AirTouch” button on your device for two seconds, click on “AirTouch” as shown on the following screen.
  • Page 7 With AirTouch, your wireless network will be automatically secured. Click the Next button. Step 4 You have the option to register your product with AirTies. To register with AirTies, enter your name, e-mail address and phone number. Click the “Finish” button.
  • Page 8 Congratulations! You successfully configured your device as a wireless Access Point.
  • Page 9 • AirTies Air 5452 The device provides access to the Internet using ADSL2+ and has a Wi-Fi Access Point onboard. • AirTies Air 4410 is used as a repeater for the Air 5452 to increase the range of the wireless signal.
  • Page 10 The Air 5452 is configured using the Easy Installation process and should be powered on, connected to the Internet and have wireless security configured. 2. AirTies Air 4410 Settings The Air 4410 is placed at a location between the Access Point and an area that may be suffering from weak wireless coverage. Power on the device. 3. AirTouch Settings...
  • Page 11 B.Immediately after pressing AirTouch on the Air 5452 (maximum two minutes) on the Air 4410 press and hold the AirTouch button for 3 seconds. It should start blinking. Air 4410 After approximately 30 seconds the lights should stop blinking, turn off for a few seconds and then turn on to be solid. The Mesh is now created and the Air 4410 is repeating your wireless signal.
  • Page 12: Wireless Network

    For a network that has Mesh configured using AirTouch, any changes that are made to the wireless settings are automatically copied and applied to every other AirTies device in the network. For example, if a network contains three AirTies repeaters then changing the wireless password on one of the devices will update the wireless password for all devices.

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