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Clock And Timer - RCA RS2867B User Manual

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To install batteries
1. Open the battery cover.
Make sure to match the + and – on the batteries to the marks inside the battery compartment.
Battery Replacement
When the batteries become weak, the operating distance of the remote control is greatly reduced and you will
need to replace them.
CAUTION: Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type.
Display Brightness
1. Press and hold DIMMER for more than 3 seconds.
2. While "DIM" is displayed, press DIMMER repeatedly to select the desired level (DIM 1–3).
Setting the Clock
1. Press and hold CLOCK until the hour fl ashes on the display.
2. Press
to set the hour and then press CLOCK to shift to minute digits.
3. Press
to set the minute.
4. Press CLOCK to save settings.
Note: When system is ON, you can press CLOCK to display the current time for about 2 seconds.
Setting the Timer
• For RADIO timer, tune in to a desired station.
• For CD timer, insert a CD into the unit.
1. Press and hold TIMER until ON (timer on time) appears with the hour fl ashing.
2. For setting time, press
3. Press
to set the minute.
4. Press TIMER to change to OFF (timer off time) with hour fl ashing. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for timer off time setting.
5. Press TIMER to select the source. Press
6. Press TIMER to set the volume. Adjust the timer volume by
Note: To avoid startling you or other individuals in your home, this product will not turn on at a volume higher than 15.
7. Press TIMER to save settings.
Activating the Timer
Press and release TIMER to turn on/off the timer.
Sleep Mode
You can select the time interval in minutes before the unit turns off automatically.
1. Press SLEEP to select among OFF, 120 MIN, 90 MIN, 60 MIN, 45 MIN, 30 MIN, 15 MIN, 10 MIN and 5 MIN.
2. When sleep is activated, press SLEEP once to view remaining sleep time. Press SLEEP again when the
remaining sleep time is displayed to change the sleep time.
Note: Sleep is automatically deactivated when the unit is turned off.
2. Insert two AAA batteries.


to set the hour and then press TIMER to shift to the minute digits.
to select among TUNER, CD.
to select the desired volume level.

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