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You can program the CD player to play up to any 20 tracks on the CDs in the tray.
1. While the CD player is stopped, press PROGRAM to enter program mode. The system displays the next
available program number: "- - P 01", prompts you for the fi rst track in the program list.
2. Press
to select a track.
3. Immediately press PROGRAM to assign the selected track to the program number. You are prompted for the
next track in the program list.
Playing a Program List
While in PROGRAM mode, press
Displaying the Program List
1. While the CD player is stopped, press PROGRAM to enter PROGRAM mode.
2. Press PROGRAM repeatedly to list each track assignment in the program list.
Press SOURCE or TUNER on the remote control to select TUNER.
Tuning to a Station
to select frequencies. Press and hold
Preset and Tune Modes
The tuner can be in either TUNER or PRESET mode.
Presetting Stations
Manually setting presets
1. Press
to access the desired frequency.
2. Press PROGRAM button. The most recently accessed program location will be displayed.
3. If a different program location is preferred, press
4. Press PROGRAM to store the selected frequency at that preset.
Auto Preset Programming (FM only)
Press and hold AUTO PROG for 2 seconds to scan stations in the FM band. The stations will then be stored as
preset channels. A maximum of 32 stations can be stored.
Beware of your preset channels being erased accidentally because the scanning and storing process is automatic
upon pressing and holding the button. You can stop the automatic scan by pressing TUNE+/TUNE- button, but the
erased stations cannot be recovered.
Using Presets
to access the previous or next preset station. The display fi rst shows the preset program
number and after a few seconds, the frequency will be displayed. (e.g. P:01 is preset 1)
Suppressing Stereo Signal
Press FM ST. to select between ST ON and ST OFF for stereo FM stations.
to start auto searching for the next available
to select the desired preset number (1-32) .

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