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Package Contents .................. 2
Product Registration ............... 2
Setup .................................... 8
Rain Gauge Setup .................. 9
Display Setup .......................10
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Backlight Settings .................. 11
Placement Guidelines ............13
Programmable Alarms. ..........16
Troubleshooting ....................18
Care & Maintenance .............19
Calibration .......................... 20
Specifications ....................... 22
FCC Information .................. 22
Customer Support ................ 23
Warranty............................. 23
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Instruction Manual
Weather Station
models 01021 / 06047


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Instruction Manual Weather Station models 01021 / 06047 CONTENTS Unpacking Instructions ... 2 Backlight Settings ....11 Package Contents ....2 Placement Guidelines ....13 Product Registration ....2 Using the Weather Station ..15 Programmable Alarms...16 Features & Benefits: Lightning Sensor ..
  • Page 2: Unpacking Instructions

    Congratulations on your new AcuRite product. To ensure the best possible product performance, please read this manual in its entirety and retain it for future reference. Unpacking Instructions Remove the protective film that is applied to the LCD screen prior to using this product.
  • Page 3: Features & Benefits: Lightning Sensor

    Features & Benefits LIGHTNING SENSOR 1. Integrated Hanger For easy placement. 2. Wireless Signal Indicator Flashes when data is being sent to the companion unit. 3. Interference Indicator Flashes when interference is detected (see page 14). 4. A-B-C Switch ID code that must match display’s A-B-C switch to ensure units synchronize.
  • Page 4: Features & Benefits: Display

    Features & Benefits Features & Benefits FRONT OF DISPLAY FRONT OF DISPLAY 1718...
  • Page 5 FRONT OF DISPLAY 16. RECORDS Button Press to view historical records. 1. Current Outdoor Temperature Buttons Arrow indicates direction temperature SELECT SELECT For setup preferences and display is trending. navigation. 2. Outdoor Low Temperature Record Icon Lowest temperature recorded since Indicates display is in auto-dimming midnight.
  • Page 6 Features & Benefits BACK OF DISPLAY 1. Integrated Hang Hole 4. Power Adapter For easy wall mounting. 5. Battery Compartment Cover 2. RESET Button 6. Battery Compartment Press and release for full reset to 7. A-B-C Switch factory defaults. ID code that must match the lightning 3.
  • Page 7: Features & Benefits: Rain Gauge

    Features & Benefits SQUEEZE A B C RAIN GAUGE 1. Rain Gauge Cover 4. Rain Gauge Base 5. A-B-C Switch 2. Rain Gauge Tipping Cups ID code that must match display’s A-B-C Collects and empties rain for switch to ensure units synchronize. continuous rain measurement.
  • Page 8: Setup

    1. Slide off the battery units to synchronize. compartment cover. Install or Replace Batteries 2. Insert 4 x AA batteries into AcuRite recommends high quality the battery compartment, as alkaline or lithium batteries in shown. Follow the polarity the wireless sensor for the best (+/-) diagram in the battery product performance.
  • Page 9: Rain Gauge Setup

    Rain Gauge Setup Install or Replace Batteries AcuRite recommends high quality alkaline batteries for the best product performance. Heavy duty or rechargeable batteries are not recommended. SQUEEZE SQUEEZE LARGE LARGE SQUEEZE SQUEEZE TABS TO OPEN 1. Separate rain gauge cover from the base by gently squeezing tabs and pulling the cover upwards.
  • Page 10: Display Setup

    Display Setup Set the A-B-C Switch 2. Insert 3 x AA alkaline batteries into the battery Locate the A-B-C switch inside compartment, as shown. the battery compartment. It can Follow the polarity be set to A, B or C. However, (+/-) diagram in the you must select the same battery compartment.
  • Page 11: Set The Time, Date & Units

    Set the Time, Date & Units The display will automatically enter SET MODE after the unit has powered on. Once in set mode, the preference you are currently setting will blink on the display. To adjust the currently selected item, press and release the “ ”...
  • Page 12 Rain Gauge Installation • To ensure accurate rain measurement, the rain gauge MUST be placed on a flat, level surface. • Ensure the rain gauge is not placed in a low spot that could become flooded or in an area where there are obstructions above it. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT...
  • Page 13: Placement Guidelines

    Placement for Maximum Accuracy AcuRite sensors are sensitive to surrounding environmental conditions. Proper placement of the display, 5-in-1 sensor and lightning sensor is critical to the accuracy and performance of this product. Display Placement Place the display in a dry area free of dirt and dust. Display stands upright for tabletop use or is wall-mountable.
  • Page 14 Lightning Sensor Installation Guidelines False Detection This sensor features advanced technology to distinguish between lightning strikes and interference, however in rare cases the sensor may "false detect" lightning activity due to interference. In these situations, verify there is no lightning in the area and then relocate the sensor. If the false detections persist, identify and relocate the source of interference or relocate the sensor.
  • Page 15: Using The Weather Station

    Weather Forecast AcuRite’s patented Self-Calibrating Forecasting provides your personal forecast of weather conditions for the next 12 to 24 hours by collecting data from the sensor in your backyard. It generates a forecast with pinpoint accuracy - personalized for your exact location.
  • Page 16: Programmable Alarms

    Programmable Weather Alarms Each selectable weather category features an alarm option. When an alarm sounds, the display emits audible beeping and flashes the affected category, its alarm settings, and any other relevant data. Alarms can be customized to alert you when your programmed value is reached. Alarms include: OUTDOOR TEMPERATURE OUTDOOR HUMIDITY...
  • Page 17 High & Low Records Today’s high and low records are displayed for outdoor temperature and humidity. Today’s records automatically clear at 12:00am midnight every day. Historical records can also be viewed by accessing the records menu. Records include: OUTDOOR TEMPERATURE OUTDOOR HUMIDITY BAROMETRIC PRESSURE LIGHTNING STRIKES...
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem Possible Solution If the wireless signal indicator shows no bars: • Relocate the display and/or the lightning sensor. The units must be within 330 ft (100 m) of each other. • Relocate the display and/or the rain gauge. The units must be within 100 ft (30 m) of each other.
  • Page 19: Care & Maintenance

    Indicator is flashing 3 feet (.9 m) away from electronics that may cause interference (see page 14). If your AcuRite product does not operate properly after trying the troubleshooting steps, visit or call (877) 221-1252 for assistance. Care & Maintenance Display Care Clean with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Page 20: Calibration

    Calibration Calibrate Temperature, Humidity & Barometric Pressure The outdoor temperature and humidity readings, and barometric pressure can be calibrated on the display to improve accuracy. Calibration can improve accuracy when sensor placement or environmental factors impact the data accuracy. 1. To access calibration mode, press AND HOLD the “ ”, “...
  • Page 21 Tips • There should be nearly an equal number of water drops between cup tips. If not, then adjust the calibration screws beneath the tipping lever until an equal number of water drops are tipping the cups. Then, restart the calibration procedure.
  • Page 22: Specifications

    Specifications TEMPERATURE RANGE Outdoor: -40ºF to 158ºF; -40ºC to 70ºC HUMIDITY RANGE Outdoor: 1% to 99% LIGHTNING DETECTION 1 - 25 miles / 1.6 - 40km RANGE 0.01 inches (0.25 mm) and up RAINFALL MEASUREMENT WIRELESS RANGE Lightning Sensor: 330ft / 100m depending on home construction materials Rain Gauge: 100ft / 30m...
  • Page 23: Customer Support

    Customer Support AcuRite customer support is committed to providing you with best-in- class service. For assistance, please have the model number of this product available and contact us in any of the following ways: (877) 221-1252 AcuRite Visit us at www.
  • Page 24 Plan your day with confidence ™ ©Chaney Instrument Co. All rights reserved. AcuRite is a registered trademark of the Chaney Instrument Co., Lake Geneva, WI 53147. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. AcuRite uses patented technology.

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